14 NFL Uniform Combinations from 2019 that Must Return for 2020

NFL uniform combinations are aplenty here in 2020 and while a lot of teams like to get too cute with their combos and unveil things that never should be seen again like the Seattle Seahawks lime green jerseys, there are some exotic combos that look okay.

Many of what you’re about to see are throwbacks and good-looking Color Rush uniforms that need to stick around. Other combos involve exotic looks at were surprisingly aesthetically pleasing on the field.

Here are 14 of those combinations that we should all expect to return in 2020 and for good reason.

1 – Atlanta Falcons 1966 Throwbacks

The Atlanta Falcons new uniforms are weak and they look so college-like. To their defense, they weren’t the worst uniforms in the world and their black on white primary home actually looks alright. But the other combos, especially the gradient (Color Rush?) uniform plus the red pants are a train wreck.

Thankfully, the Falcons retained their 1966 throwback which is by far their best uniform combination over the past 18 seasons. Look for this combo to reveal itself at least once in 2020. It depends whether Atlanta looks to force the gradient eyesores on their fan base, but you can expect to see them roll out the throwbacks.

Hopefully, by 2021 the team will either retire the gradient look or rear its ugly face just once.

2 – Buffalo Bills 1960s Throwbacks

The Buffalo Bills have retained their road look for the 1960s throwbacks and it’s one of the better combinations out there. While there’s nothing wrong with the Bills current look save for the mono-blue and mono-red, busting out the throwbacks give the team one of the best alternate uniform combinations in football.

The old standing bison helmets were first brought back in 2005 and since then have seen the field at least once a year. If the Bills should do one thing, it’s to retire the color rush combination for good and bring back the home combo of the 1960s throwbacks to wear with the roadies.

3 – Carolina Panthers Blue on Black

The Carolina Panthers are the Oregon Ducks of the NFL, which means some combos are really good while others shouldn’t come back out. Regardless, two combos I love involve black pants. The first is the white on black and the second is the Carolina blue on black.

The significance behind these uniforms is that they resemble the team’s 1990s prototypes shortly after they were rechristened as the Panthers. If I had it my way, the Carolina blues would serve as the primary jersey and the black jersey would demote to alternate status.

This combination should be used at least once a year but it can show itself more often if the Panthers make what should be an obvious switch to Carolina blue primaries instead of busting them out on a limited basis.

4 – Chicago Bears Orange Alternates

I’m in the minority, but the Chicago Bears orange alternates when paired with white pants are their best uniform combination. Sure, the navy on blue reigns supreme in Chicago but I love color contrast. Further the colors contrast, the better, and the orange alternates are jerseys that give the Bears far more variety than the navies.

I know this claim won’t sit well with Bears fans but don’t worry. If I ever owned or worked for the team I wouldn’t change anything if the Chicago faithful didn’t want them changed. I’m not Kevin Demoff.

5 – Cleveland Browns Color Rush

The Cleveland Browns retained their color rush for 2020 with a few differences. Gone are the TV numbers and all markings, which is a nod to their past jerseys when players used to roll the sleeves under their shoulder pads, creating a stripeless illusion. The pants also bear no markings and the socks are solid brown.

I wasn’t sure if the Browns intended to keep the color rush until they unveiled their new uniforms last month. But I’m glad they decided to.

6 – Detroit Lions Throwbacks

If one team can get away with wearing uniforms with zero markings, it’s the Detroit Lions. The Honolulu blue and silver combination is one of the most aesthetically-pleasing in the game and it’s light years ahead of their dishwater or dirty laundry colored Color Rush uniforms.

If the Lions were smart and ditched the uniforms no one wants to see, then we can see the Plain Jane but iconic throwbacks more often. And it’s something every fan in the Motor City should appreciate.

7 – Houston Texans Red Alternates

Like the Bears, the Houston Texans should wear these as a primary given the color contrast. While the navies look good, the red jersey provides the same variety that the orange jersey presents on the Bears uniform.

8 – Jacksonville Jaguars Black and White on Teal

I wasn’t sold on the Jacksonville Jaguars when they unveiled teal pants. Okay, so a teal on teal color rush which at the writing of this article they have yet to bust out in. Yeah, it’s good, not great, I’ve seen worse. Little did I know how good the teal pants looked on the field with the black and white jerseys. They’re keepers. Take a look at the black on teal and white on teal.

While I do believe the team would overdo the look if they broke out in the teal pants on a normal basis, they make for a better look than the black on black or even white on black combo. I’ve never seen a Florida team that plays outdoors so obsessed with the color black.

Who? The Miami Marlins? You mean the New York Yankees glorified farm system wears black? Hmm…never knew they existed, given their obscurity. Even if they managed to win two World Series Championships thanks to Jose Mesa and Steve Bartman.

9 – Miami Dolphins 1966 Throwbacks

Can we just christen these as the Miami Dolphins primaries already? My goodness you got the 1966 home combos and road combos out and about. The fans love them. The current uniforms are okay but they look like cheap knockoffs of the real thing that you buy at your local Wal-Mart.

And the team looks far better in them than they do their primary kind of sort of duds. Sort of duds. I mean, they ain’t bad. But they ain’t good. They’re bland.

10 – Las Vegas Raiders White Alternate

The Las Vegas Raiders have arguably the most badass uniform combination in football but man, their 1963 throwback alternate is one of the best in the game. While initially their color rush jersey, the Raiders have since worn the look annually with their helmet and silver pants, officially making the throwback-resembling jersey an alternate.

11 – New Orleans Saints Color Rush

Like the Raiders, the New Orleans Saints color rush jersey resembles their 1967 throwbacks and it’s the better of the white jerseys. The only difference is that I’d love to see this jersey paired with the team’s gold pants and see the gold revert back to its original shade.

But hey, I’ll take what the NFL gives me and give me three appearances of this uniform each season. And if you feel compelled, feel free to turn it into the primary look for Nola.

12 – New York Giants Color Rush

And like the Raiders and Saints above them, the New York Giants color rush is also a throwback uniform, one that tosses the team back to the 1980s and 1990s. From the helmet to the jersey to the pants, this uniform throws back to the team’s first Super Bowl championships.

This uniform should be worn at least three times per season and like Nola, feel free to turn it into the primary.

13 – Pittsburgh Steelers Color Rush

I never would’ve thought in a million years that the Pittsburgh Steelers sporting uniforms other than their standard home or away would garner so much support. Excluding throwbacks, of course. Ironically, Steeler Nation embraced the team’s color rush, which the Steelers now often wear during prime time outings.

And I never thought in a million years that seeing the Steelers wearing anything other than their standard home or away would meet my approval, but here I am, praising the look. I think the team’s color rush will be here for a while.

14 – San Francisco 49ers Color Rush

The San Francisco 49ers initial color rush was abysmal, being all black. A color that is and should’ve remained an accent color. However, the Niners have since swapped color rush uniforms and brought back something that strongly resembles the team’s road uniforms from 1994. These uniforms are technically a throwback with all the modern upgrades and the 49ers couldn’t have done a better job emulating them.

Alright, so tell me what you think. Do you like the looks laid out here? Do you think there should be other uniforms brought back in 2020 and beyond?

Let me know in the comments.

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