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Hi, my name’s Todd Matthews, that’s me below.

I’ve been a fanatic of NFL uniforms since birth, so creating this blog was easy. When I was three, I identified each NFL team by its helmet. When the Jacksonville Jaguars, Carolina Panthers, Baltimore Ravens, and Houston Texans came along, I continued my obsession.


My Mission

So, what’s the reason behind creating this site? My reason?

To share the history of pro football helmets and jerseys with my reading audience. To be detailed and well-versed in relaying historical data onto you.


From Yesterday to Today

Here, we’ll discuss helmets and jerseys of yesterday and today, profiling popular player jerseys from both the past and present.

I’m going deep here at Just Helmets and Jerseys, looking for some of the most obscure helmets, jerseys, and logs in NFL history, from the unused Jacksonville Jaguars logo to the San Francisco 49ers’ one-day logo.

Are you ready to go on a journey into the obsessive study of pro football aesthetics?


Let’s see what we uncover.

I hope you enjoy our journey here at Just Helmets and Jerseys – Todd Matthews



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  1. Hi, i would just like to thank you for such a informative website, I live in the uk but can now keep tabs on what is happening in the world of pro football.

    1. That’s great! Pro Football’s getting popular over in the UK as well, to the point there’s always talk of potentially adding an NFL franchise in London. While I don’t think it’ll happen due to travel concerns, I can see teams in the future playing one regular season over in the UK. Being from the States, I love it because I can wake up and catch a game at 9:30 am EST! Full 12 hours of football!

  2. Hi Todd! What an awesome site you have here. You definitely know how to make football fans happy. I like the way you combine product reviews with predictions and results.

    I’m not a football fan but have a couple of friends who are fanatics, so I’m always lost when they are talking about NFL and all these teams, maybe now I can surprise them with the little knowledge I got here 😉!

    1. Thanks, Jenny! I definitely had to add in my predictions and reviews to the overall niche on the site. I found early that the only way I’d talk about apparel, in general, was to add affiliate links all over the place, which Google isn’t a huge fan of. I tested the prediction posts early and found there was more interest than just the overall reviews. I’m calling it Phase II of Get Pro Football Apparel since Phase I was practically made up of reviews.

  3. Hi!
    Well done Get Pro Football Apparel! Your website will save football fans tons of time and money. It’s great to have the hottest deals in pro football merchandise in one place.
    Best regards & wishes,

  4. Hi Todd, I really enjoyed working my way around your content.
    Thank you for so much knowledge.
    I believe that so many people will benefit not only from being able to purchase helmets and jerseys but also from all the information that you provided on the long list of teams that you have put together.
    I am from South Africa and we don’t have football, so we do not know much of it although we do follow the games on television where unfortunately we only get to watch a few games.
    Nice to finally be able to see such a well compiled and detailed list of teams.
    I can see the value in the jerseys and helmets, not only for their representation but also because they are just so darn nice.
    Kind regards

    1. Thank you, Shaun! And yes, I would say there are tons of football fans out there wishing to collect the helmets of today’s teams and even those logos and colors of yesterday, which I hope to feature as well. As for the jerseys, they’ll always remain a popular buy no matter what, hence my player profiles. I’ll be building the content of this site in a hardcore manner from here on out, now that I’ve down-niched from simply apparel to focusing only on helmets and jerseys.

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