Arizona Cardinals Uniform History

The Arizona Cardinals uniform history begins in Chicago but for the visual purposes of this article we’ll begin in 1960 with the St. Louis Cardinals, the team’s first season in the Gateway to the West.


The team’s debut season in St. Louis saw the Cardinals adopt a helmet logo, featuring a red cardinal head with black around the eyes and gray facemasks.

The jerseys were plain cardinal red with white numbering while the white road jerseys featured red numbers.

The pants for the home uniform were white with red striping and the road red pants had white striping.

The socks on both uniforms were red while the shoes were black.


The red pants were dropped.


TV numbers added to the sleeve.


The road jerseys added a black-white-red-white-black sleeve striping combo and tweaked their road pants, adding black-white-red-white-black striping to the look.


TV numbers migrated to the shoulder for the road uniforms. Road pants were now used for the home uniform.


NOB plates added.


Black outlines added to the numbering.


The team switched to white shoes.


Memorial armband commemorating J.V. Cain.


Helmet logo added to the jersey sleeves on the road jersey.


Chest patch to commemorate the team’s 25th anniversary in St. Louis.


The Flag of Arizona was added over the striping on the team’s road jerseys.


Red pants added to the road uniform; the striping consisted of black-white-red-white-black trim. White socks were also added to the look, utilizing the same striping pattern.


Chicago Cardinals throwbacks worn during select weekends during the NFL’s 75th anniversary.


The striping on the road jersey was shortened and migrated to the base of the sleeve. Also striping changes were made to the pants. The road red pants consisted of two white stripes and the home white pants included two red stripes.


100th-anniversary patches.


The team paired white pants on white jerseys and red pants on red jerseys for select games.


New logo, featuring a fiercer-looking cardinal head.

The new red jersey consisted of black piping at the midseam, which led into the sleeve. White panels appeared at the upper end of the side of the jerseys. New numbering font featuring white numbers with black outlines. The pants were white with a single red stripe along with black outlines.TV numbers were added to the shoulders.

The road jersey was an exact inverse of the home, except it contained red shoulder panels and white TV numbers at the shoulders. Full red side panels also appeared.

Red pants also appeared, featuring white stripes with black outlines.


Black shoes replaced the white.


Black alternate uniforms were introduced, featuring red piping at the midseam, white at the panels, white numbering including red outlines. White pants with black striping with red outlines were featured along with black socks.


White shoes and white socks appeared for a Color Rush game against San Francisco.


Color Rush Uniform debuts, featuring black on black. Black jerseys featured red numbering, white outlines, red panels, and red piping. The pants were black with red striping, as were the socks and shoes.

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