Atlanta Falcons Uniform History

The Atlanta Falcons uniform has kept an identical color palette but has seen three distinct changes over the course of its history, with the first beginning not long after the team’s founding and the last occurring in 2003. This article will depict both the small and large changes seen with the Falcons’ uniform.


Upon the team’s founding in 1966, the Falcons donned a red helmet with a black falcon in flight, gray facemasks, and a gold-white-black-white-gold helmet stripe, with the gold stripe representing Georgia Tech university while the red shell represented the University of Georgia.

The home jersey was black with white numbering and red outlines, along with shoulder TV numbers. The helmet logo also appeared on the sleeves. The white pants consisted of black-red-black trim, and the black socks consisted of white-black-red-black-white trim. The team also used black shoes.

The socks, shoes, and pants were the same on the team’s white road jersey look. The only exception is that the numbers were black with red outlines, with everything else on the jersey being equal.


On the black jersey, the falcon sleeve logo was changed to white.


The Falcons added stripes to the sleeves and did away with the sleeve logo. The team adopted a white-black-red-black-white sleeve pattern for the home black jerseys and a black-white-red-white-black sleeve pattern on the road white jerseys. Another version of the jersey featured thinner striping.


The Falcons made their first major change in team history, abandoning the gold on the helmet stripe, instead opting for white-black-white.

Red became the primary color for the home jersey and the TV numbers migrated to the sleeves. Also, the striping pattern on the home jersey was white-red-black-red-white. The numbers were white with black outlines.

On both the home and road jerseys, red socks replaced black, with a white-red-black-red-white pattern.


The Falcons adopted white shoes.


As with many teams, the Falcons adopted a different facemask color, going with white.


The team adopted a unique collar pattern for both the home and road looks. Numbers migrated back to the shoulders and the helmet logo again appeared on the sleeves for both the home and road jerseys.

For the home red jersey, the numbering was now silver with black outlines and the sleeve striping was changed to silver-red-black-red-silver. The pants were now silver with a red-white-black-white-red stripe, along with solid red socks.

The road uniform now bore red numbers, black outlines, and the same pants, socks, and shoes.


The Falcons adopted a black facemask.


The helmet logo on the sleeves migrated to the middle of the sleeve striping.


The team wore a chest patch commemorating the late David Crudip.


The Falcons wore two more chest patches, these honoring tight-end Brad Beckmann and tackle Ralph Norwood.


1990 saw a major uniform redesign. Black helmet shells with the same helmet logo became the norm and the helmet stripes were eliminated. The home jersey was now black with white numbering and red outlines. The team’s helmet logo graced the sleeves while TV numbers remained at the shoulders.

The road jersey was white with red numbering and black outlines, later replaced with black numbering and red outlines.

The silver pants now had a black-white-red-white-black outline for both uniforms and solid black socks along with white shoes rounded out the uniform change.

To commemorate their 25th season, the team adopted a 25th Season patch.


The Falcons adopted a new chest patch for the season to honor equipment manager Whitney Zimmerman. They also adopted a 1970s throwback as part of the NFL’s 75th Season.


The team reverted to red nameplates and numbering with black outlines for the white jerseys. Also, a chest patch honoring owner Rankin Smith joined the look. The team also adopted red socks worn with the white jerseys. The silver pants received a minor striping change with a red-white-black-white-red striping pattern.


The team’s most recent major uniform overhaul.

The black helmets now bore a fiercer-looking falcon closely resembling the letter ‘F,’ with red accents inside the black logo.

The black jerseys had white numbering with red shadow drop and a new numbering font. A red and white pattern graced the sleeves and the helmet logo remained within the pattern. A vertical red stripe also crossed the midseam and the collar was now red and black.

The red alternates were an inverse of the black primaries, except the sleeve pattern remained the same.

The whites also had the same sleeve pattern, along with red numbers and black shadow drop.

White pants returned with a red stripe and black finish for the black and white jerseys. The red alternates had a black stripe and red ending. Also, for the first time in team history, the Falcons introduced black pants bearing a red stripe and a white finish.

Socks were either red or black. With the black pants, white socks with a thick, black stripe was unveiled. Black shoes also returned.

They also went with this alternate combination.

And also this.


Red became the primary jersey for the first time since 1989, relegating black to alternate status.


As an alternate look, the Falcons paired the red jersey with black pants.


The team disbanded the black alternates and brought back their 1966 throwbacks to be used as an alternate in its stead.


Due to the NFL outlawing multiple colored helmets to be worn in the same season, the Falcons were forced to abandon their throwbacks.


The team unveiled a 50th Season Patch.


The throwbacks returned, but with black helmets.


The Falcons wore red pants for the first time in team history when they unveiled their Color Rush uniform. The red pants possessed black-white-black trim, along with red socks and a red jersey with black numbering and white outlining. The Falcon logo graced the sleeves. These jerseys were practically a spin-off of the 1966 throwbacks with an identical design with different colors and numbering.

The Falcons also adopted a chest patch to commemorate their first season in their new stadium.

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