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Baltimore Ravens Jersey History

The Baltimore Ravens jersey has seen little change throughout the years since the team’s controversial founding in 1996, however, they have had several jersey combinations in their 24-season history.

Many may believe the team’s jerseys are exactly the same since their 1996 founding, but there are subtle differences in the form of sleeve logos, number outlines, and slight variations in color here during the present day.

This article notes those differences.


1996-1999: The Beginnings

While the Ravens’ jerseys have remained essentially the same throughout most of their existence, their original jerseys consisted of the same purple at home for the primaries and white for the away look. The home jersey bore white numbers with a double outline of purple and gold and the whites had purple numbers with an outline of white and purple.

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In 1997, the team slightly upgraded their font, granting the team a more classic look than what was previously seen.

The sleeve logo for both jerseys consisted of a raven taking flight.

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2000-Present: Super Bowl Era

Baltimore Ravens Color Rush Jersey
The Baltimore Ravens’ Color Rush Jersey

In 2000, the Ravens upgraded their jersey to fit the look we’re familiar with today. These jerseys contain purple primaries with white numbers, a gold outline with black drop shadow.

The white jersey contains the same outline and drop shadow surrounding a purple number.

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The team also introduced a black alternate jersey in 2004, wearing the look for the first time in team history along with black pants in a prime time game against the Cleveland Browns.

When the NFL introduced its color rush, the Ravens look consisted of a purple jersey but with gold numbers instead of white with an identical drop shadow accompanying the look.

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My Take

Baltimore Ravens Black Alternate Jersey
Baltimore Ravens Alternate Jersey in Use Since 2004

I’m a traditionalist in a uniform sense and the Ravens really haven’t been traditional in their history, even when they opted for the more classic look in 1997 when they added white pants to accompany the jerseys and changed their numbering style.

However, purple and black are good color combos, which have always kept the Ravens out of the basement in my jersey rankings, where they currently stand at 26th.

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The team is an ideal candidate for a redesign, but knowing that Nike likes to add strange accessories to uniforms when given free rein (a la Tennessee Titans), a new look would either be hit or miss.


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Current Road Jersey

Baltimore Ravens Road Jersey

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  1. Wow some great background information on the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns. I forget that the Ravens haven’t been around before 1996 as they are always pretty solid especially on defense and it creates the illusion I suppose of them being around a long time. That they almost didn’t exist by way of remaining in Cleveland is almost inconceivable as well. It’s amazing how history plays out and that is evident in team jersey’s too. With the Ravens’ jersey I do like the royal purple color. I think they should consider an Edgar Allen Poe face with a raven across the front, now that would be a cool symbol, haha. Another great post on an NFL franchise’s jersey, well done!

    1. Definitely wish the Ravens would’ve been founded in a different manner and it’s my hope no other fan base has to go through what the Browns fan base did. But I’m not exactly unbiased, typing this very reply in a Browns’ tank top. Other than the controversy over the team’s founding, there’s really nothing not to like about the Ravens from a looks standpoint. I like royal purple, but to a lesser extent; I’d love to see more black from this team.  

  2. Although your website is primarily focused on NFL football helmets and jerseys, I have been learning so much about professional football history from your website. 

    For example, I was not familiar with the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens connection.  Or maybe controversy is a better  word.   I think I was living in Germany in the late 1990’s.  Maybe that is why I missed it.  

    The newness of the Baltimore Raven’s certainly explains the lack of a variety of jerseys like the other teams have.   Yet, I must admit.  I like their current jersey’s.  I hope they do not change it anytime soon.  After all, why mess up a good thing?  


    1. Big controversy there, Sondra. If I ever get around to a History of the Browns niche site, it’ll be a hot topic. It was a mess and sadly the Ravens have won two Super Bowls since while it took the Browns two decades just to field a decent team here in 2019. The jerseys are good, especially the black alternates. If they tweak the helmet logo, they’ll be looking sharp. 

  3. Baltimore Ravens Jersey logo was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s poem entitled, “The Raven”, hence the reason for the original color of deep purple paired with black helmet. There were several changes in color after, for example changing pants from black to white, and like what you said going black as the primary. I think redesigning is needed to be done to exude bigger impact . When Nike became the official provider of NFL uniforms, almost all uniforms gradually received a modern touch ups. I think it’s necessary for these guys to flaunt new uniforms to comply with latest sports fashion. Not that classics are underrated but new style gives a fresh vibe.

    1. I really think a redesign needs to be done. I’d root for the Ravens if I wasn’t a Browns fan because I love the purple and black color scheme, and the name Ravens is majestic. If only they started off in a better way than relocating the original Browns. 

      Anyway, back to the uniform. I’d love to see the team utilize more black, but I think the jerseys themselves are okay; the helmet, however, and logo should feature a more realistic raven, plus perhaps a more ominous color scheme, like a dark gray to go along with the black. 

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