Baltimore Ravens Uniform History

The Baltimore Ravens uniform hasn’t seen change in recent years, but it doesn’t mean the look wasn’t drastically different once upon a time. Just check out the image here and you’ll see for yourself when the team entered the league, it featured a unique look.


The Ravens were the first team to regularly wear darker complected pants with their dark jerseys, something rarely seen in the NFL to that point, though the trend would popularize itself in the 2000s.

So, let’s get started with my little timeline here featuring the uniforms of the Baltimore Ravens.



When the team entered the league in 1996 the home look consisted of a purple jersey, white numbering with a gold outline, shoulder numbers, a black collar, white nameplates, a raven at the sleeves, black pants with a large, white stripe down the center, a secondary logo on the right-hand side, and socks with a black-purple-black striping pattern, black helmet shells, and a logo depicting a gold shield with the letter ‘B’ in the center, and black raven wings.

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The road look featured white jerseys, purple numbers with black outlines, shoulder numbers, a raven logo at the sleeves, the same pants as the home look, the same helmet, and a black-white-black sock pattern.



The Ravens changed their numbering font which now featured gold outlines and black drop shadow on both the home and road look. New black pants for the road uniform, which now consisted of a single purple stripe along with the secondary logo. White pants went with the home, with black-purple-black trim and the same logo.



The Ravens used the same pants and socks for the road look as depicted on the home look.

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Due to a lawsuit, the Ravens were forced to drop the original helmet logo and adopt the purple bird’s-head logo, which remains to this day.



The team added a Super Bowl XXXV patch during the game. Also in 2000, the team replaced the secondary raven in flight logo on the sleeves with the shield logo featuring elements from the Maryland flag formerly on the pants. The new logo on the pants now depicted an italicized gold ‘B’.



As with much of the NFL during the era, the Ravens introduced black alternate jerseys, featuring a purple collar, gold and purple outlines on the number, and purple sleeve bases. Also, introduced were plain, black pants which included the ‘B’ logo seen on the white. Solid black socks were also introduced.



The Ravens added a 10th-anniversary patch to commemorate their controversial founding. The team started wearing solid black socks full-time.



The team switched from white to black shoes.



The Ravens switched to wearing black pants full-time with their white jerseys, only donning white-on-white in preseason. They also paired alternate black jerseys with white pants for the first time.



The Ravens reverted to wearing white-on-white on a part-time basis.

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The purple jersey on black pants appeared for the first time since 1996. The team also began wearing six different uniform combinations.



The team wore a patch honoring former controversial owner, Art Modell due to his death beginning in Week 2. Minor changes were made to the uniform’s collar due to the NFL switching over to Nike as the permanent manufacturer. The team also donned a Super Bowl XLVII patch in the Super Bowl.



The team wore a 20th season patch to commemorate Modell’s hijacking of the Cleveland Browns franchise to Baltimore.

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The team also busted out infamous gold pants for the game, which featured the same markings as the team’s white pants. The pants were retired after the game.



With the advent of the NFL Color Rush, the Ravens busted out an all-purple combination, featuring a purple jersey, gold numbers, white outlines, and black drop shadow. The purple pants consisted of a white-gold-white stripe combination along with the stylized ‘B’ logo. Purple socks also came with the uniform.



The Ravens donned ten uniform combinations, introducing another set of purple pants featuring a black-white-black striping pattern with the stylized ‘B’ logo, worn with both home and road uniforms.

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Ravens’ home uniform in 2006.


2006 road uniforms.


Ravens wearing their white on black combo in 2010.


Purple on black combo in 2012.


Black on black combo, 2014.




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  1. How are you even able to keep in touch with so many details on the uniform so much so that you can tell the type of shoes they wore and how they have changed it year in year out. That’s glorious i must say. I enjoyed following this timeline of how the Baltimore ravens have changed in their uniform. Gracias

    1. Lots of photo research, Henderson, and I’m sure even with that I’ve missed things. I usually update these articles periodically when I do find something I missed or in the rare instance I report an inaccuracy. 

  2. The Ravens have been one team whose jersey I love to some extent because of its purple which happen to be my favorite color for a long time. The changes that haage occurred in this jersey are quite nice I must admit, even if the are not some very noticeable ones. However the 2016 jersey have been my best so far and Lamar Jackson and Ray Lewis have been my favorite player.

    1. Purple is one of my favorites too, but I actually prefer the black alternate, given the true color of the raven being black. The changes in this jersey for the most part are for the better, but I loved the flying raven alternate logo. I’ve always been a fan of Lewis, despite the fact I’m a Cleveland fan through and through. I like Lamar but he’s the kind of quarterback known to flame out early (more of the run first type). Kind of reminds me of an Andrew Luck, who just retired prematurely, and Robert Griffin III hybrid. I like his class, however. 

  3. I used to be a very good young player in American football. I loved the NFL a lot but I stopped following because i had some other troubling issues then. I have to say that for the Baltimore Ravens, the combination of black and purple was the best for me. I didn’t notice those changes in shoes. Thank you for bringing this over here. I will keep following your posts.

    1. I love the purple and black color scheme. For me, if the team used more black as the primary and modified the logo, they’d have one of the better looks in the NFL. 

  4. This is a good one. I must first commend the time and energy that you have put into making this website with nice templates and finding time to write an article on the history of baltimore raven uniform. the ravens are one of my favorite teams and i am glad to have learnt about their wears today

  5. I could imagine he amount of research that has gone into this post for you to even be able to add the extra details that made each of iteration yearly well detailed. This is great and to say he least, I am very impressed. Where I got really attached to this was taking note of the details in the shoes and thats massive to see. The Baltimore ravens have quite an history in the NFL

    1. Yes, I use several sources as research. I’ll look at sites who provide the concepts and make sure it matches correctly with the year for each uniform – usually a simple Google Image search. 

  6. Hi Todd! Yeah, the Ravens haven’t changed things in their uniform for quite a while. But I was impressed on how dramatic was the change in their uniform comparing the year they entered the NFL and now. I ten times prefer their uniform now. The purple color has always been one of my favorites.

    1. Very dramatic in those early days. Anymore, the Ravens have been one of the more consistent teams from a uniform standpoint. 

  7. finding a good article does not come by easily so i must commend your effort in creating such a beautiful website and bringing up an article to help others with good information like this. it is exciting, getting to learn about the uniforms that your hometown club wore from decades back. thank you for this post

    1. It’s definitely a fun yet time-consuming experience. More fun than anything else, and seeing visitors from all over the country and the world makes this more than rewarding. 

  8. I had no idea so much thought goes into a NFL uniform. It seems like a major item was changed every couple of years. Your article is very interesting. Next season when i watch a game I will think of the differences in the uniforms. Good read and thank you for sharing.


    1. Lots of thought – anymore, they spend roughly a two-season process with uniform changes. Major ones, anyway. Teams will make minor changes throughout, as the Titans did a year after unveiling their alternate jerseys. 

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