1. The new logo is cool. It makes the team look like it is more from LA then San Diego. I am not a fan of the Chargers but I think it will help remind me that they are in LA as opposed to San Diego. Doe some reason, I always forget that. The logo does remind me of the Dodgers so I think that was a good marketing move for the organization. 

    1. I’m the same way – I’ve never supported the Chargers but their uniforms were among the best in the league when they were in powder blue. The logo I linked only lasted two days – the Dodgers-like logo, before the team scrapped it. But yes, they finally look like a team based out of SoCal with those bright colors. 

  2. This is a interesting Article. Football, love it. and love your Article. Your lay-out is on point. Have to get use to the new yellow helmet. Don’t know to much about football but I like what you say about it. Could have use another topic, but its good the way it is keep up the good work

    1. Actually, it’s just the facemask that’ll be yellow as well as the logo. The helmet, to my knowledge, will remain white. 

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