Buffalo Bills Uniform History

The Buffalo Bills uniform has seen a variety of overhauls since their inception in 1960, starting with uniforms that resembled the Detroit Lions all the way until the 2011 threads that resemble the team’s classic look.


The team’s first uniforms bore silver helmets and blue numbering on the sides. The home jerseys were blue with silver numbering, TV numbers at the sleeves, silver pants with no markings, blue socks and black shoes.

The road look consisted of white jerseys, blue numbering, silver pants, and white socks featuring blue Northwestern stripes.


The team underwent a major uniform overhaul.

The helmet shells were now white with the iconic red standing bison logo coupled with a single red crown stripe.

The blue jerseys consisted of white-red-white shoulder trim, sleeved TV numbers, white numbers, and red outlines. The pants were white with a blue, vertical stripe and thin red trim. The socks were blue with white-red-white striping.

The white jerseys included blue-red-blue shoulder trim, blue numbers, white pants with a thin blue striping and trim. The socks were white with a blue-red-blue trim.

The links attached aren’t the best, but they will give you a solid look into what the uniforms looked like in 1962.


The Bills wore white shoes for the home finale.


Changes to the sleeve striping, which consisted of four thin, white striping on the home look and thin blue striping on the road whites.

The pants striping remained laden with thin red and blue trim, while the socks were blue with white striping on the home look and white with blue striping on the road.


The crown striping changed to red-blue-red. The road uniforms now featured blue socks and white striping.

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The striping on the socks was modified, now consisting of red in addition to white.


Changes to the road uniform, which now included red sleeve striping. The road pants were now blue with white-red-white striping, red socks with blue and white striping.

The shoes on both uniforms were now white.


The helmet logo changed to a blue, leaping buffalo with a red streak in the center. This is the same logo the team uses to this day.


New striping pattern on the sleeves which also appeared on the socks.


The Bills introduced blue facemasks.

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The team switched to red socks.


The Bills adopted red helmets and a 25th anniversary chest patch. Also seen were slight changes to the helmet striping, which now possessed a white-red-blue-red-white combo.


The sleeve stripes were now truncated.


The Bills switched to white pants with their road uniforms after the preseason.


The facemasks were now white.


The team adopted a 35th-anniversary chest patch along with throwback uniforms featuring a red helmet and white standing bison. This would be the only year the team bore such a uniform.

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Major overhaul. The helmet striping now contained a white-blue-nickel-navy-nickel-blue-white combo. The jerseys were now navy with red side panels and royal blue was relegated to an accent color only; seen at the jersey’s chest base and into the shoulder area. Numbers were white with both navy and white outlines. Both royal blue and white striping appeared at the sleeve base. The primary pants for the home uniform were navy blue (though white was worn early on) with a nickel-red-nickel striping pattern. The socks were red with a thin navy blue stripe at the base.

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The white jerseys featured royal blue numbers and navy outlines, navy shoulder panels separated with a red line at the chest and shoulder regions, red side panels, royal and navy sleeve striping, and either blue or white pants, with white becoming the primary pants color featuring a navy-red-navy striping pattern.

Many have regarded this combo to be the worst in Bills history.


The Bills revived their standing bison helmet 1960s throwback uniform as an alternate.


The team switched to black shoes.


The Bills introduced a Toronto Series chest patch for all games that were played at the Rodgers Centre in Toronto, Ontario.


The team unveiled a 50th anniversary logo and wore both home and road 1960s throwbacks as alternates.


The Bills revived a modernized version of classic uniforms. The white helmets returned for good along with the charging buffalo and gray facemasks. Royal blue returned as the primary jersey with white numbers and red outlines along with navy, which now was used strictly as an accent. White shoulder stripes outlined in red and navy appeared, along with white pants featuring blue and white trim and the helmet logo in the middle of the striping. Blue socks with white striping and navy and red accents returned.

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The road uniforms featured white jerseys with blue numbering and red outlines, and the white socks contained three blue stripes with red outlining.

The team’s helmet logo also appeared just above the nameplate.


Royal blue pants returned with white-red-white striping. The home socks were now featured with the road uniform. Also, the standing bison alternate returned, this time with white jerseys.


The team paired blue on blue for the first time and added a patch to commemorate former owner Ralph Wilson.


The Bills unveiled their Color Rush uniform consisting of red jerseys, white numbering, white striping with blue outlining, white numbers and blue outlines, red pants featuring blue and white trim, and red socks with blue and white striping.


The Bills returned to wearing white shoes.


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