Carolina Panthers Uniform History

The Carolina Panthers uniform debuted in 1995. But unlike their expansion brethren Jacksonville Jaguars, they feature a look that it remains close to those original threads even today, but with some minor changes over the past twenty-five seasons.

With that said, let’s take a look at the timeline featuring the team’s uniforms from 1995 to today.



The helmets were gray with a black, snarling panther, and a double black helmet stripe that veered off in different directions at the crown along with black facemasks. The primary jersey was white with black numbering and Carolina blue outlines, along with the shoulder numbers. The vertical shoulder stripes at the mid seam also bore Carolina blue with black outlines. The team’s helmet logo graced the sleeves. The pants were white with a unique striping pattern featuring Carolina blue with black outlines and the helmet logo located inside the stripe along with Carolina blue belts and socks, as well as white shoes.

The black alternates featured white numbers with Carolina blue outlines, Carolina blue mid seam shoulder strips with white outlines, the helmet logo on the sleeves, silver pants, Carolina blue striping with a black outline, plus the helmet logo located inside the stripe. They also wore Carolina blue socks and white shoes.

An inaugural season patch was located at the chest.



The Panthers introduced black socks to be worn with the alternate.



The Panthers paired their silver alternate pants with their primary white jerseys. The team also wore black for more games than they did white in 1998. Note that I use the term ‘alternate’ loosely here, as the black jerseys aren’t true limited alternates, unlike the Carolina blues that would debut a few seasons later. But the Panthers, like many in the warm climates, generally wear white at home in September and October.



The Panthers debuted an alternate Carolina blue jersey. This jersey resembled the team’s early primary prototype that was scrapped before their inaugural season and consisted of white numbering, black outlines, black vertical striping at the mid seam, silver outlines, and the helmet logo at the sleeves. They paired the uniform with silver pants and black socks.



The team switched to black shoes.



The Panthers added a 10th Season patch to commemorate their tenth season.



The Panthers updated their helmet logo, featuring a bolder, more 3D-looking panther with added Carolina blue in the logo. The team also debuted black pants to be paired with the black jersey. These pants bore a Carolina blue stripe with silver outlines with the Panther logo located within the stripe. The black pants were actually part of the team’s original prototype uniforms that were scrapped before starting play in 1995. Also in 2012, the Panthers added the phrase ‘Keep Pounding‘ inside their shoulder collar to honor the late Sam Mills, who used the phrase during his battle with cancer in the early 2000s.



The Panthers added a 20th Season patch to their jerseys.



With the rest of the NFL following suit a year later, the Panthers introduced the Color Rush look, featuring their Carolina blue jerseys with Carolina blue pants and socks. The pants had a black stripe, silver outlines, and the helmet logo located within.



The Panthers wore nine different uniform combinations, including pairing Carolina blue jerseys with the black pants, which resembled the team’s original home prototype uniform prior to their debut in 1995. Also, worn was a white jersey on black pants combo, which also resembled the team’s prototypes. Finally, the team paired the Carolina blues with white pants.


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