Color on Color, White at Home, and Third Jerseys, Coming to You!

I hope everyone’s had a good week and I have some overly exciting news for my NFL uniform enthusiast fans out there. I’m currently working on three outstanding projects here, which involve a history of color on color jerseys, white at home, and third jerseys.

However, with this history, I want to give my readers a little bit of background information before I release these articles to everyone just so you know where I’m coming from.

Each history will be based on the 1960 season to the present day. In other words, the AFL’s founding to the present will be covered. One reason is that it wasn’t required for teams to wear white jerseys until the latter part of the 1950s when TV was just starting to gain traction.

Another reason is lack of actual photo evidence – even in the early 1960s it’s tough for me to locate actual photos of decent quality, so by starting this thing in 1960, photo evidence is much more abundant and easier to get my hands on. Links, I should say, rather than photos due to copyright rules and regulations – understandable!

So, what constitutes color on color?

For me, color on color is dark on dark, so you’re not going to see the Seattle Seahawks’ wolf-gray jerseys or the New England Patriots’ silver jerseys on this list since they’re far too light to be considered actual colored jerseys. However, teams like the Rams in their Color Rush uniforms or the Saints’ 2002 gold jerseys will be included.

Now, let’s move onto white at home. The teams who normally wear white at home, like the Cowboys, won’t have every single one of their games documented – it’d take an entirely new blog for me to manage it. Instead, white at home is going to be for any team that doesn’t normally wear white at home. In other words, teams rarely do so. For this reason, I’ll be leaving the Browns, Rams, Dolphins, Redskins, and similar teams off the list since white at home is common or was common. Instead, I’ll just document the years these teams wore/wear white at home. Teams like say, the Steelers, who even as the home team decided to wear white in Super Bowl XL, will have links directing readers to a few images.

And finally, onto third jerseys/uniforms. These third jerseys/uniforms will be documented if the jersey/uniform is part of the team’s up to date look. In other words, throwbacks won’t be included here – such as the Buffalo Bills, who wear their throwback uniform on a regular basis. Instead, teams whose third jerseys make up part of their current uniform like the Panthers’ Carolina blue jersey, will be on display here. Also, Color Rush uniforms WILL be part of this article as well.

And that leads me to throwbacks, where I’ll document in recent years teams deciding to go with a throwback look. I’m going to start this one in 1994 when throwbacks started becoming a thing with the NFL’s 75h Anniversary, all the way to the present day. Of course, 1994 saw a wide array of throwbacks with varying accuracy – some throwbacks were spot on while others were, well, spotty at best. Upon more teams deciding to adopt throwbacks, especially when it gained more of a mainstream feel in 2009 when the eight original AFL teams adopted throwbacks, there’s room for at least two articles in this category, depicting the AFC, NFC, and of course, the original AFL teams and their throwback looks.

Going to be a challenging but fun next couple of weeks and I’m glad to say all I need to add are links to the article regarding NFL third jerseys, which I’m hoping to have available within the next twenty-four hours so definitely stay tuned for that.

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