Dallas Cowboys Uniform History

The Dallas Cowboys uniform is one of the most iconic in NFL history, but the truth is the team has had a few different uniform combinations throughout the years.


The Cowboys debuted with white helmet shells, a blue star with zero outlines, along with two blue helmet stripes with white in the center. The white jerseys consisted of blue numbering, blue shoulder panels that extended to the sleeve, TV numbers on the sleeve, and a white star on the shoulders. The white pants featured blue and white trim running down the sides. The socks were blue with two horizontal stripes along with black shoes. The blue jerseys were an inverse of the whites.


The team unveiled silver helmets with a white outline on the blue star and a blue and white crown stripe. The blue jersey was now a solid navy along with three horizontal white sleeve stripes. The numbers were white, along with TV numbers at the shoulders. The pants were now silver with navy and white trim.

The white jerseys resemble the current jersey along with three horizontal sleeve stripes.


The Cowboys white jersey now featured two blue horizontal stripes. The blue socks now had two white stripes.


The helmet now featured a double-outline, which is the now-iconic logo. The navy jerseys also switched to two sleeve stripes.


The Cowboys wore white jerseys for every single regular season game.


The stripes on the socks migrated toward the bottom. The Cowboys also switched to white shoes. The TV numbers also moved to the shoulders on the home jerseys.


The horizontal stripes on the socks now returned to their original spot.


A red stripe was added to the helmet stripe pattern to commemorate America’s 200th birthday.


The silver pants became more metallic.


The TV numbers on the blue jersey moved to the shoulders. The collar on the blue jersey became white.


The Cowboys experimented with the blue jersey and pants. The now darker blue jersey now contained a blue collar, silver numbers, and stripes White trimmed the numbers in one version and a double outline (blue and white) was featured on another. The pants also became the same shade of silver as the numbers, duller than the metallic featured with the white pants. The striping on the blue socks also became silver. The pants also featured a number encircled in a navy oval atop the blue and white striping pattern.


The pants also received the number encircled in a blue oval for the white uniform.


The Cowboys adopted a 25th anniversary patch on the jersey.


The Cowboys did away with the pants numbers.


The Cowboys unveiled the ‘double star’ jerseys, a modified throwback to commemorate the NFL’s 75th anniversary.


A blue version of the double-star jersey was worn during the regular season while the white double-stars and regular blues were only seen in preseason. The team also switched to solid blue socks.


New blue jerseys, this time featuring white numbers along with a blue and white outline. A new striping pattern took hold, now featuring white-silver-white, along with the helmet logo in the center of the striping


The Cowboys wore a jersey patch to commemorate legendary coach Tom Landry.


The team revived the 1995 blue double-star jerseys for Thanksgiving Day, which also continued in 2002 and 2003.


The Cowboys unveiled a more accurate depiction of the 1960 throwbacks and double-star jersey as an alternate.


A jersey patch was worn to commemorate the final game at Texas Stadium. A similar patch was worn in 2009 to recognize the first game at Cowboys Stadium.


The Cowboys unveiled a 50th anniversary patch and only wore the 1960 throwback as their ‘dark’ colored jersey, seen on Thanksgiving Day.


The Cowboys unveiled their Color Rush, which is a modernized version of the double-star jersey along with their current helmet.


The team paired white pants with the blue jersey.


The Cowboys wore their navy alternates eight times (slated to wear two more times) more than their primary whites for the first time. The team will wear their navy jerseys eight times, their primary whites six times, and their double-star Color Rush uniforms twice.

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