Five NFL Uniforms in Need of a Makeover

We already know the Browns, Falcons, and Rams will don new looks for the 2020 season but there is a lot of bad in a league full of mixed uniforms. So, who should change their look next? I’ve labeled these five teams who should strongly consider changing their uniforms for 2021.


Cincinnati Bengals

The current threads (road look) are a dated product of Reebok that has long since fallen to the wayside. Teams like the Bills, Seahawks, Falcons (2020), and Vikings have long since gotten rid of the strange panels, piping, and accents that came with the Reebok era which deserve to remain frozen in the 2000s and early-2010s. The Bengals, being one of two holdovers, have yet to do so.

What should they do? I’d like to see them return to either the 1981-1996 or 1997-2003 look, which holds subtle differences. It was a unique, solid look, and with a few modern upgrades this team may take the same traditional path with a modern twist teams like the Vikings, Jaguars, and Bills have taken.


Denver Broncos

In 1997, the Broncos ditched sky blue for navy and darkened their shade of orange. It was a solid look (orange alternates) for the late-1990s but has since become outdated with many teams opting to return to something more traditional. The Broncos ironically have the perfect palette in place to bring about tradition with innovation with their Color Rush uniform. A traditional look that keeps the darker shades along with the older logo bleeds out in the Color Rush thread. The only change I ask is to switch the orange pants to white while keeping the orange as an alternate look.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs had one of the best uniform combos from 1997-2013 (road look) – then they had to go and mess it up with digital alarm clock numbering with a strange glow in the dark seam within the numbering. They darkened their shade of pewter and added strange accents and shoulder panels, giving it the look of an arena football team. Another annoyance is they switched their facemask to chrome. I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing that better defines a uniform than adopting a look that matches a toilet handle, as is the case with the facemask. The only positive with this uniform is the helmet logo, where the team added a bit more pop to an already solid look.

What needs to happen? Go back to the 1997-2013 look and admit your mistake.



Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals’ uniform really isn’t abysmal, but it’s outdated and in need of a refresher. The team has never boasted a solid look in its existence with the exception of its pre-2005 base home look. Plain? Of course. But edible. There was way too much going on with the road look prior to 2005, so perhaps a Plain Jane uniform might work wonders for this team. Keep it simple and keep the on-field expectations big.


Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks are another team to have owned an iconic look prior to 2002 (here’s a look at the road uniform), when they switched conferences to make room for the expansion Texans. Upon the move to the NFC, the team adopted the infamous gunmetal blue, (road look) which lasted until 2011. Come 2012, the team whose league apparel headquarters resides in their backyard, decided to make another change, this time going with something between a college and arena football look. While the look is an upgrade over the infamous 2002-2011 design (what isn’t?), a better uniform exists and it’s a historical one at that.

But I get it – the Hawks wanted to distinguish themselves from their old AFC days. The solution? Why not take the royal blue on the old AFC design and keep the navy? Return the action green to emerald and instead of silver, go with wolf gray. This will create an NFC-exclusive design with the old uniform base that’ll also provide a solid link to the team’s past.

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