Green Bay Packers Uniform History

The early part of the Green Bay Packers uniform history was tumultuous, much different from the stability seen to this day with the familiar green and gold look reaching an iconic status. But, little is known that since 1960 the team’s uniform actually has seen over a dozen subtle changes and this article depicts such changes for the Packers.


The Packers held a familiar ring to their look with some subtle differences. The helmet shells were gold and logoless, only depicting a green-white-green helmet stripe and either green or gold facemask. The home jersey was green with white numbering with TV numbers at the sides. The sleeve striping consisted of gold and white Northwestern stripes, identical to that of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The pants were gold with green-white-green striping on the pants. The green socks depicted the same Northwestern striping as the jersey sleeves and the shoes were black.

The road uniform depicted the same exact look except the jersey was white with green numbering, including a green-gold-green-gold-green sleeve striping pattern.


The familiar G-logo was added. This version of the logo was football-shaped, one that would become rounder throughout the years. Facemasks were also permanently gray.


NOB plates added. The helmet logo also became more oval-shaped.


The team adopts white shoes.


The team switched to green facemasks.


The Packers switched to solid green socks.


The sleeve striping migrated to the base of the sleeves.


The team’s helmet logo was added to the sleeve striping, which again traveled to the middle of the sleeves. TV numbers migrated to the shoulders, and team numbers were added to the top of the pants striping. The pants striping itself switched to a green-white-yellow-white-green trim.


The helmet logo migrated toward the back of the helmet. The pants striping returned to its familiar green-white-green trim, and a thin, yellow line was added to the socks.


The helmet logo disappeared from the sleeves.


Helmet logo returns to the center of the helmet.


Solid green socks return.


75th-season anniversary patches to celebrate the franchise’s 75th anniversary.


Throwbacks for designated weekends to celebrate the NFL’s 75th-anniversary. Here’s a look at the road throwback.


Sleeve stripes reduced from five stripes to three stripes (green-gold-green on the road, gold-white-gold on the home).


Throwbacks worn for a Week 11 matchup with Detroit.


Chest patches for a game to commemorate a remodeled Lambeau Field plus throwbacks worn against the Lions.


60th-anniversary chest patch to commemorate 60 seasons at Lambeau Field. Worn on home uniform only.


Black shoes reappear.


Throwbacks appear as a third uniform.


New set of throwbacks.


Color Rush uniform debuts, featuring white pants with a green-gold-green trim.


100th-anniversary chest patch.

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