Helmet Designs and History of the 1999 NFL Season

The 1999 NFL Season brought about the return of the historic NFL franchise, the Cleveland Browns, who were previously inactive over the last three seasons. It also marked the first time since 1966 season that the NFL saw an odd number of teams.

For this reason, the AFC Central sported six teams between 1999 and 2001 before the NFL’s realignment in 2002, which I’ll cover in the next article.

In addition to the Browns, there’s another franchise adopting a NEW identity, that being the Tennessee Titans, so they’ll be making their debut here, too.


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AFC East

1999 Colts

Indianapolis Colts: 13-3


1999 Bills

Buffalo Bills: 11-5


1999 Dolphins

Miami Dolphins: 9-7


1999 Jets

New York Jets: 8-8


1999 Patriots

New England Patriots: 8-8


AFC Central

Okay, so as noted earlier, the Browns have returned, wearing the same exact helmet they wore previously while the Titans adopted navy into their color scheme with a new helmet, logo, and name. The Ravens also busted out a new helmet logo. Each team’s logo has remained the same throughout the next two decades.

1999 Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars: 14-2


1999 Titans

Tennessee Titans: 13-3


1999 Ravens

Baltimore Ravens: 8-8


1999 Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers: 6-10


1999 Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals: 4-12


1999 Browns

Cleveland Browns: 2-14


AFC West

1999 Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks: 9-7


1998 Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs: 9-7


San Diego Chargers 1988-2006

San Diego Chargers: 8-8


1999 Raiders

Oakland Raiders: 8-8


1999 Broncos

Denver Broncos: 6-10


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NFC East

1999 Redskins

Washington Redskins: 10-6


1999 Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys: 8-8


New York Giants 1981-1999

New York Giants: 7-9


Arizona Cardinals 1960-2004

Arizona Cardinals: 6-10


1999 Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles: 5-11


NFC Central

1999 Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 11-5


Minnesota Vikings 1983-2005

Minnesota Vikings: 10-6


Detroit Lions 1983-2002

Detroit Lions: 8-8


1999 Packers

Green Bay Packers: 8-8


1999 Bears

Chicago Bears: 6-10


NFC West

1999 Rams

St. Louis Rams: 13-3


1999 Panthers

Carolina Panthers: 8-8


1999 Falcons

Atlanta Falcons: 5-11


1999 49ers

San Francisco 49ers: 4-12


1999 Saints

New Orleans Saints: 3-13


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NFC Championship Game

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 6

St. Louis Rams: 11

The St. Louis Rams may have been the Greatest Show on Turf, but the Buccaneers’ defense was up to the challenge, holding the NFL’s highest-scoring offense to just 5 points by halftime. In the third quarter, the Bucs managed to creep ahead of the Rams by one, leading 6-5 as the two teams headed into the fourth quarter in what was a touchdown-free game over the first three.

1999 Rams

Finally, with 4:44 seconds left in regulation, the game’s only touchdown was scored on a Kurt Warner touchdown pass to receiver Ricky Proehl, giving the Rams a five-point lead after a failed two-point conversion. The Bucs managed to drive deep into enemy territory, looking to score in the game’s final minutes. However, a sack, a controversially overturned catch, and two incompletions sealed the deal, allowing the Rams to punch their ticket into the Super Bowl just five seasons into their tenure in St. Louis.


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AFC Championship Game

Tennessee Titans: 33

Jacksonville Jaguars: 14

1999 Titans

The Titans were lucky to be here in the AFC Championship Game following a last-second heroic known as the Music City Miracle just two weeks prior before holding off the Colts. Meanwhile, the Jaguars went a perfect 14-0 against everyone not named the Titans, by whom they were swept during the regular season.

The Jaguars led 14-10 at the half before the Titans went on a 16-point scoring expedition in the third quarter, taking a 26-14 lead. The Titans’ defense held the Jaguars scoreless, allowing them to earn a trip to the Super Bowl during their first season in Nashville. Add to the fact the Jaguars were in their fifth season of existence as a franchise, this AFC Championship Game is notable in that neither team either existed in its current form (Titans), or existed at all (Jaguars), during the early part of the wild 1990s.

Hey, I told you the 1990s was a decade of change in the NFL landscape.


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Super Bowl XXXIV

St. Louis Rams: 23

Tennessee Titans: 16

1999 Rams

Decade of change, I said?

Of course, being that the same concept applied here at Super Bowl XXXIV, where both the Los Angeles Rams and Houston Oilers existed in 1994 and prior, but here in 1999, we have two franchises in two new cities taking up arms to see who would hoist the Lombardi Trophy on January 30th, 2000.

1999 Titans

The Rams led 9-0 at halftime, a continuation of their offensive struggles from the NFC Championship Game, but found the end zone in the third quarter, giving them a 16-0 lead with 7:20 remaining in the third.

However, the Titans mounted a comeback, with running back Eddie George scoring the team’s first touchdown, bringing the Titans within 10 points. After another touchdown midway through the fourth, the Titans cut the lead to three before a 43-yard field goal from longtime kicker Al Del Greco knotted the game up at 16-16.

However, MVP quarterback Kurt Warner went deep to Isaac Bruce, and took a 23-16 lead with 4:05 left in regulation.

This Super Bowl would come down to the final play. The Titans managed to put together one final drive and found themselves at the Rams’ 10-yard-line with six seconds left. The final play went to Kevin Dyson. Titans’ tight-end Frank Wycheck was to act as a decoy to lure linebacker Mike Jones away from Dyson, who’d be running a slant.

While quarterback Steve McNair delivered a strike, Jones noticed Dyson was wide open and sprinted his way. Meeting at the two-yard-line, Jones managed to bring Dyson down just inches from Dyson stretching the ball over the goal line, which would’ve brought the Titans within one, a tie and a trip into overtime if an extra point was hit, or an outright win if the Titans went for two and converted.


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  1. I like the rendition of football helmets, but not just from modern day, more from back in the day which brings back memories and times of different helmet designs. It’s important to see how the designs changed according to the appeal of the audience or even what the team felt was more fitting at the time. You can see some have stayed the same, while others have changed a bit. I know there’s a lot, but what was your favorite and how has it changed over time?

    1. I like that too, Adam. Some of our modern-day helmets (Bucs and Titans) are freaking horrendous. And I mean horrendous. My favorite era is probably anything between 1960 and 1997; I can go with anything there, even Bucco Bruce. 

  2. Being a die hard fan of the NFL since I was a kid, a lot of happenings, changes and surely progress have been made to the outlook of the NFL teams but definitely, each year always come with special designs and kits. You have taken me back in time to the 1999season. Yes! I could still remember the drama of the championship game. That was one heck of a game between the Rams and the Bucs. Though I tipped the Bucs for the win in the games but then, mistakes happened and they lost. I was pained by the game till now

    1. Defensive struggle, too. It’s definitely a game that the Bucs could’ve easily won, especially with as strong as that defense was for the next few seasons. 

  3. Hi, Todd!  Wow!  You are certainly more knowledgeable about your niche than I ever could aspire to be!  You’ve presented some very great research and it’s clear you’ve spent time getting it all in one place.  For the NFL enthusiast, your site is perfect!  Keep creating great content here.  You’re doing great!  Quick question – how often and why might a team change logos?  I know some have been around for what seems like forever!  Thanks for sharing your passion!

    1. It depends on the team. Some change logos every few seasons while others tend to go with the same thing for decades. Just depends on the brand. 

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