Helmet Designs and History of the 2002 NFL Season

The 2002 NFL Season kicked off with some serious changes revolving around the NFL landscape. You may recall a previous article on the NFL’s 2002 Division Realignment, so if you haven’t had the opportunity to check that article out, feel free to click on the link above.

So, now that we expanded to 32 teams, 2002 kicked off an era of vast uniform changes, which I’ll explain in other articles regarding the following:

  1. Monochromatic Uniforms
  2. Third Jerseys
  3. Throwbacks
  4. NFL Color Rush

Yes, the Helmet and Jersey Stop is always hard at work here, and today, I’m putting it into overdrive covering all thirty-two NFL teams for the first time in this helmet design series.

Ready for this?

Okay, let’s go.


AFC East

Couple changes here. The Patriots, if you notice, have adopted a darker version of Flying Elvis and darkened the shade of red slightly. The Bills have a slightly different helmet, adding nickel and navy into the helmet stripe. I specifically located one that’s turned in slightly for the next few posts so the reader can get a decent visual here.

2002 Jets

New York Jets: 9-7


2002 Patriots

New England Patriots: 9-7


2002 Dolphins

Miami Dolphins: 9-7


Buffalo Bills 2002-2010

Buffalo Bills: 8-8


AFC North

2002 Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers: 10-5-1


2002 Browns

Cleveland Browns: 9-7


2002 Ravens

Baltimore Ravens: 7-9


2002 Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals: 2-14


AFC South

Alright, please welcome the Houston Texans, everyone. Notable fact regarding the Texans is that their helmets were originally going to be white. However with the official uniform unveiling, they threw the NFL a curveball and have since donned the navy blue.

2002 Titans

Tennessee Titans: 11-5


2002 Colts

Indianapolis Colts: 10-6


2002 Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars: 6-10


2002 Texans

Houston Texans: 4-12


AFC West

2002 Raiders

Oakland Raiders: 11-5


2002 Broncos

Denver Broncos: 9-7


San Diego Chargers 1988-2006

San Diego Chargers: 8-8


2002 Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs: 8-8


NFC East

Like their cross-town brethren, the Jets, the Giants threw back to an earlier era. The blue shell is lighter and more metallic, with the old lowercase ‘ny’ script taking the sides of the helmet.

2002 Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles: 12-4


2002 Giants

New York Giants: 10-6


2002 Redskins

Washington Redskins: 7-9


2002 Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys: 5-11


NFC North

2002 Packers

Green Bay Packers: 12-4


Minnesota Vikings 1983-2005

Minnesota Vikings: 6-10


2002 Bears

Chicago Bears: 4-12


Detroit Lions 1983-2002

Detroit Lions: 3-13


NFC South

New shade of gold and slightly tweaked logo for the Saints.

2002 Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 12-4


2002 Falcons

Atlanta Falcons: 9-6-1


2002 Saints

New Orleans Saints: 9-7


2002 Panthers

Carolina Panthers: 7-9


NFC West

Gold helmet stripes for the Rams, which would become synonymous with their stay in St. Louis. The Seahawks return to the NFC West after spending 25 seasons in the AFC West and redesign their entire uniform, featuring the infamous ‘gunmetal’ blue. The second image was the proposed helmet the team planned to wear for their home games before the NFL shot the idea down, forcing the Seahawks to choose between silver or blue in a fan vote.

2002 49ers

San Francisco 49ers: 10-6


2002 Rams

St. Louis Rams: 7-9


2002 Seahawks

2002 Seahawks Proposed Helmet

Seattle Seahawks: 7-9


Arizona Cardinals 1960-2004

Arizona Cardinals: 5-11


NFC Championship

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 27

Philadelphia Eagles: 10

2002 Buccaneers

The Buccaneers met the Eagles seeking to earn their first Super Bowl appearance for their first appearance in team history while the Eagles sought their first Super

2002 Eagles

Bowl appearance since 1980. The Bucs took a 17-10 lead going into the half and never looked back, clinching a Super Bowl berth while in Philadelphia Lore the game became known as Black Sunday.

Despite a strong start from the Eagles in which they scored during their opening drive, the Bucs responded with 10 unanswered. The Eagles knotted the game up with a field goal but the Bucs went on to score once more before the end of the half, taking a 17-10 lead.

With a minute left in the third quarter, the Bucs opened the game up with a touchdown and leading 24-10 before a final field goal sealed the game.


AFC Championship

Tennessee Titans: 24

Oakland Raiders: 41

1999 Titans

In an offensive showing, the red-hot Raiders looked good during the opening quarter, taking a 14-7 lead before a trading of blows entered the second with each team putting 10 on the board, leading to a Raiders’ 24-17 advantage at the half.

2002 Raiders

A botched punt, the Raiders took good field position in the third which led to a field goal, allowing them to take a 27-17 lead before the Titans responded with touchdown, cutting the deficit to 3 with the score 27-24. The Raiders responded with another long drive and took a 34-24 lead before taking full control with yet another touchdown drive in the fourth quarter.

This has been one of the more significant AFC Championship Games through the 2018 season. It was the last AFC Championship that featured neither the Steelers, Colts, Patriots, Ravens, or Broncos. It was also the last playoff game to be played in the O.Co Coliseum as well as the final playoff game featuring the Raiders until 2016.


Super Bowl XXXVII

Oakland Raiders: 21

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 48

2002 Raiders

It was a Super Bowl that featured the NFL’s #2 offense in points for and #1 defense in points allowed battling for NFL supremacy.  After a defensive first

2002 Buccaneers

quarter, the Bucs jumped ahead in the second, taking a 20-3 lead at the half. The Bucs would increase their lead in the 3rd to 34-3 before Oakland responded with a touchdown and failed 2-point conversion to cut the deficit at 34-9.

Throughout the 4th, the Raiders mounted a comeback, with two more scores, with the score now 34-21 by the middle of the fourth. Two pick sixes sealed the deal and the Bucs took their first Super Bowl in team history. This is also the most recent Super Bowl appearance for both teams.

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