History of the Denver Broncos Jersey

The Denver Broncos jersey has seen change after change over the team’s 60-season existence, starting in 1960 as members of the AFL, with the most recent change coming in 2012, coinciding with the start of the Peyton Manning era.

Not only has the team seen jersey changes, but the Broncos have also changed color schemes over the course of the team’s existence, beginning not long after the 1961 season.


Broncos 1960-61 Throwback
By Jeffrey Beall


When the team debuted, their color scheme was brown and mustard yellow. They featured plain yellow jerseys with no stripes or markings with brown, block numbering both on the front and back, and on the shoulder region.

The road jersey was white, with brown, block numbering in the same locations as the home jersey.

These infamous uniforms lasted until 1961 and the team chose not to don them during the 1994 season, when NFL teams regularly wore throwback uniforms as part of the NFL’s 75th Anniversary. The team did, however, return the jersey to the playing field in 2009 when the original AFL teams celebrated their 50th anniversary.



In 1962, the Broncos abandoned their infamous color scheme and jerseys, opting for orange and a shade of sky blue, identical to what the team used over the next few decades.

The new jerseys were orange with white, block numbering and horizontal stripes at the sleeves. The road whites featured blue, block numbering and stripes on white jerseys.

In 1965, the team again mixed up the jersey, dropping the stripe pattern in favor of royal blue sleeve panels on the orange jersey with a white outline. Blue also outlined the block numbers, too. The white jerseys received orange sleeve panels with a blue outline, with orange outlining the blue numbers.



Broncos 1967-1996 Home Jersey

In 1967, the jerseys were again upgraded, this time dropping the blue shoulder panels in favor of a blue-orange-white-orange-blue combination of horizontal striping at the sleeves.

The whites were given a blue-white-orange-white-blue striping.

This look remained consistent, except for a minor change here and there, mainly in the shade of orange used, until the 1996 season and the stripes connecting in 1991.


1997- Present

Broncos current alternate


The team radically redesigned their jerseys in 1997, adopting a deeper shade of orange and switching from sky blue to navy, following the trend of adopting darker colors as was seen in the late 1990s.

For the first time in team history, the Broncos wore blue jerseys at home, with orange striping down the midseam. The block numbering was dropped in favor of a round font, featuring white numbers and orange outlines.

The white jerseys featured navy numbers, orange outlines, and vertical striping at the midseam.

In 2002, when the NFL urged teams to adopt a third look, the Broncos debuted an orange jersey, with white numbers, blue outlines, and blue running down the midseam.

In 2012, the team again made orange their primary home jersey, relegating the navies to alternate status.

During the NFL Color Rush, the Broncos debuted a jersey identical to what they wore between 1967-1996, but with navy striping rather than sky blue to match the team’s helmets due to the NFL’s rule of allowing only one helmet color per team which began in 2013.


My Take

Broncos Current Road Jersey

The team’s logo and jersey are dated, dated, dated, dated, dated. However, I dig the Color Rush jersey and would love to see a nice blend of innovation and tradition for years to come. While I’m a traditionalist, the color contrast wearing the historic orange jerseys along with the navy helmet works for this team. Best yet, when the Broncos wear their Color Rush look, they revert to the old logo as well; another plus.

So, while the jerseys themselves aren’t my thing, if they continue with the Color Rush jersey, I will definitely say that look is one of the better ones in the NFL.

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Broncos 1991-1996 Throwback


Color Rush

Broncos Color Rush

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