History of the Green Bay Packers Jersey

The Green Bay Packers jersey, much like the Chicago Bears, has remained almost constant since the dawn of the NFL’s modern age. However, like the Bears, the ‘last of the small town teams’ saw a turbulent past when it came to not just their jerseys, but overall uniforms.

Like the Bears, I’m going into more detail of the team’s look before the modern age began before smooth sailing hits in the 1960s.



ACME Packers Throwback
ACME Packers Throwback

The Packers’ first jerseys carried the team’s sponsor, the ACME Packing Company, also known for a time as the Indian Packing Company. The 1921 jerseys were blue with yellow writing and white numbering.

From 1922 to 1924, yellow became the predominant jersey color with blue numbering and blue horizontal stripes running up the sleeve.

Come 1925, the Packers ditched the horizontal stripes and instead opted for blue shoulder panels.

In 1927, they adopted a look that was paramount to the NFL in the 1920s, vertical blue and yellow striping. On one jersey, blue was dominant and on another, yellow was dominant, with the secondary color making up the jersey stripes. The Packers also adopted a yellow third jersey with blue numbering.

In 1929, the vertical striping left and blue returned to being the dominant color on one jersey, yellow on the other, with the opposite color providing the team’s numbering.

From 1931 to 1934, blue became the only jersey with yellow numbering still in the team’s uniform repertoire.

This link provides a visual look at each uniform.



In 1935, the Packers switched from blue to green as a primary color. Plain green jerseys with yellow numbering made up one combination, while green with yellow sleeves and numbering made up another.

In 1936, the Packers dropped the plain green jersey.

In 1937, they returned to blue as the dominant color, featuring blue jerseys, yellow numbering, and yellow shoulder panels.

Green returned in 1938 on the new white jerseys as a numbering color. The plain, green jerseys from 1935 returned as well.

The team dropped the greens again in 1939 and instead opted for the 1937 look. However, the white jersey kept the green number.


1940 to 1949

From 1940-1943, the Packers only wore the blue jersey with yellow shoulder panels and numbering.

In 1944, another white jersey debuted, this one keeping the yellow numbering and shoulder panels.

In 1947, the white jersey was dropped in favor of plain yellow with green numbering.

The blue jersey with yellow shoulder panels and numbering and the plain yellow was only worn in preseason during the 1949 season, with a plain blue jersey with yellow numbering debuting for a year.



Packers Throwback

The Packers had a very turbulent time in the 1950s, opting for a warehouse worth of jersey combinations, so please take the time to bear with me here.

From 1950 to 1952, the Packers opted for green jerseys with yellow horizontal striping at the sleeves and yellow numbering. Also, debuting was a pale yellow jersey with green numbering. The plain blue jerseys from the year before was worn only in preseason.

In 1953, The team introduced a third jersey. White, with green numbering, to accompany the two primaries that debuted in 1950.

In 1954, the blue returned with yellow Northwestern stripes at the sleeves and yellow numbering. However, the same sleeve pattern remained with the pale yellow combo while the green jersey was only worn in preseason.

In 1955, the team debuted a similar jersey, blue but with white Northwestern striping and numbering to go with the primary jersey. The green jersey with yellow horizontal sleeve striping and yellow numbering returned while the pale yellows were only worn in preseason.

In 1956, the team dropped the green and pale yellow jerseys. Shoulder numbers appeared on the jersey for the first time.

In 1957, the Packers dropped the blue jerseys with white striping and numbering, instead they inverted the design to a white jersey to comply with the NFL’s mandate that each team adopt a white jersey. This jersey featured blue northwestern striping and numbering.

In 1958, the Packers dropped yellow from the color scheme during the regular season, instead reviving the blue jerseys with white numbering and Northwestern sleeve striping and keeping the white jersey constant.

Finally, in 1959, the Packers debuted what would later become their modern look, with green jerseys, white numbering, and a sleeve stripe combo consisting of yellow-green-white-green-yellow-green-white-green-yellow. On the white jerseys, a green-yellow-green-yellow-green striping debuted, along with green numbering.


1960s and Beyond

1960s Throwback
First variation, featuring the nine-stripe throwback.

Other than minor changes to the striping on the sleeves, the team’s jerseys have remained essentially the same. The change in striping become most apparent when the Packers narrowed their striping on the jerseys in 1997, something that became common during the NFL at the time since more and more teams requested tighter-fitting jerseys, which led to truncated striping on many teams.

The Packers have worn their throwback uniforms on occasion, the most notable being during the 1994 season when they revived the blue jersey, yellow shoulder panels, and yellow numbering on the home look while adopting white with yellow shoulder panels and blue numbering for the road.

In 2010, the Packers revived their ACME Packers throwbacks and in 2015, debuted throwbacks similar to what they wore as throwbacks in 1994.

In 2016, as part of the NFL’s Color Rush, the Packers debuted white pants to be worn with their white Color Rush jerseys.


My Take

Packers 1990s

There’s a lot of history here with the Green Bay Packers and I’m glad to say there’s not a single team here today that hasn’t stood the test of time better. Their alternate jerseys are their throwbacks, and their Color Rush look simply added white pants to an already magnificent white jersey.

To be honest, even this team’s throwbacks aren’t half-bad.

I’m a fan of these uniforms through and through and it’s my hope they never change the look for anyone. From 1959 until present day, the team has seen little change in their look, and it’s my hope it stays as such.

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