History of the Houston Texans Uniform

The Houston Texans uniform history began with the team’s founding in 1999, but a few changes were made upon their debut season in 2002.

Something unique with the team is in their short history, they’ve kept an identical uniform throughout, with only a Color Rush jersey and a tiny change to their jerseys in 2019 being the two major changes.

But, the team has seen numerous combos throughout their existence, which this article will cover on a year-by-year basis, beginning in 2002.



Houston’s original jerseys consisted of a deep steel blue base, white numbering, white nameplates, sleeve numbers, red outlines, a red collar, red midseam striping, white pants, blue trim with red outlines, blue socks, and white shoes.

The road jerseys consisted of a white base, red numbers, blue nameplates, sleeve numbers, blue outlines, a single blue stripe at the mid seam, a blue-collar, blue pants, with white trim and red outlines running down the sides, red socks, and white shoes.

Both uniforms bore an Inaugural Season patch.

The team stuck with their base look throughout 2002.



A battle red alternate jersey is introduced, featuring a red base, white numbers, sleeve numbers, blue outlines, a blue-collar, blue mid seam stripes, with white pants, blue trim, red outlines, and red socks.



In 2006, for the first time in team history, the Texans combined their white pants with white jerseys, which also featured blue socks. The team also combined blue pants with blue jerseys.



In 2007, the team introduced Battle Red Day, introducing red pants to be worn with the red jerseys. These pants featured white trim with blue outlines.



The team replaced red socks with blue on the white on blue look.



The Texans did away with Battle Red Day, eliminating the red pants.



The team added a Tenth Anniversary Patch. Also in 2012 Nike took over as the league’s official manufacturer. The collar, as with many teams, was significantly thickened.



The Texans paired their blue pants with red jerseys, along with red socks. They also added white socks for select games with their white on white combo.



Houston, along with the rest of the NFL, unveiled a Color Rush jersey, featuring a blue base, red numbers, white outlines, red nameplates, red mid seam stripes. Their Color Rush pants consisted of a blue base, with red and white trim.



Starting in December 2018, the Texans added a memorial patch to honor the late Bob McNair.



The Texans added their helmet logo above their jersey nameplates.



Texans’ 2002-2018 Home Uniform

2002-2008 Road Uniform


Texans 2009-2018 Road Uniform.


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  1. Nice history of the Texans uniform. As somebody that lives in Texas one of these jerseys would look good in my closet! Do you have a particular favorite? I remember the red on red, I actually really liked that look, was sad when they quit wearing them. I hope they bring them back at some point. As of now I enjoy the dark blue home jerseys with white pants the most, just looks nice to me.

    1. I love the red ones, myself and wish the team would make them the primary jersey color over blue; it offers more color contrast. I was never a fan of red on red, but I tend to prefer teams not go monochrome in dark uniforms other than my Browns, the Steelers, and a few other teams. Small handful. 

  2. I’m a Houston Texans fan. And even my initials HT. But there were still quite a lot of things I didn’t know about my team and I discovered them reading your post. Thanks.

    I didn’t know that the first time they jumped into the field with white pants and white shirt or blue pants and blue shirt was back in 2006. I love that combination!

    1. What’s strange here is that I thought they’d been doing so for years; I didn’t realize it didn’t happen until after the Dom Capers Era. 

  3. I don’t like the colors. Houston should pick something brighter. I think maybe two colors that are contrasting like beige and light green, or lavender and white.

    1. I’d love to see a Columbia blue primary replace the deep steel blue. For me, it’d be a nod to the old Houston Oilers, but because of legalities they can’t make it the same shade as the Oilers, but anything similar could likely suffice.

  4. Nice article. Although I am not Houston Texans fan, I still enjoy your website and reading about different trivia and history of my favorite clubs. I personally dislike the new uniforms. I think they were the best in 2002. I’m not saying I got any particular reason, they just look better in my eyes. 


    1. I agree, Strahinja. Color contrast, no BS, and just a solid all-aroundn uniform. I’m glad to see the Texans continue to wear an identical look, though I’d love to see a full-time return to red socks to be worn with the roadies. 

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