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History of the Indianapolis Colts Jersey

Overall, the Indianapolis Colts jersey has held a very similar look since the team’s inception in 1953 as the Baltimore Colts, not to be confused with the original Baltimore Colts that were founded in 1947 and folded after 1950.

The team’s colors have almost always consisted of a shade of blue and white, along with silver at certain times as well.



When the team was founded in Baltimore, the jerseys consisted of a royal blue look with white Northwestern stripes at the sleeves, and white numbering.

Come 1956, the team dropped the Northwestern stripes in favor of three similar-sized horizontal stripes with the same white, block numbering.



Come 1958, the team switched to shoulder stripes, familiar with what we see the team wearing today for both their home and road looks.

The home jersey was blue with white numbering while the road look was white with blue numbering, both block in nature, while the blue stripes arched the shoulders.

This look remained relatively unchanged throughout the next two and a half decades.



The Colts introduced a new road jersey along with the color silver. While the home jersey remained unchanged, the team did wear silver pants with the home blues, necessitating a tweak to the team’s road look, adding silver between the two blue shoulder stripes.

This look remained when the team left Baltimore for Indianapolis in 1984 and remained so until 1986.



The team reverted their road jerseys back to their normal look following the 1986 season, leaving the look unchanged except in 1997, when the team added the horseshoe logo to the upper chest region for one season before scrapping it prior to 1998.



Reggie Wayne wearing the Colts’ latest truncated stripes that appeared in 2002. Photo By Jeffrey Beall

The Colts made a small tweak to both their home and road uniforms in 2002, when Reebok took over exclusive manufacturing for all thirty-two teams. The shoulder stripes, which the team had worn since 1958, were truncated due to an overwhelming request from all thirty-two teams for tighter-fitting jerseys to reduce the number of holding calls seen in the league.

This led to many teams shortening their stripes, but the Colts’ jerseys were by far the most recognizable at the time due to the location of their stripes as opposed to other teams.

The team switched from royal blue as their primary color to speed blue in 2004, a slightly darkened shade of royal blue.

In 2016, the Colts joined the league in their Color Rush campaign, but unlike most teams, their Color Rush jersey was exactly the same as their primaries, pairing the look with blue pants.


My Take

You can’t get any more traditional than the Colts, and it shows through the timelessness of their jerseys. While it was disheartening to see the truncated shoulder stripes enter the picture in 2002, the overall concept of the look has remained the same, even through eras that saw other teams adopt newer trends, the Colts stood firm.

This is easily one of the best looks in the league, complete with lacking a true third jersey to utilizing only two colors. Once again, you can’t get any more traditional than the Colts.

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1950s Throwback

Colts 1956 Throwback


Prior to 2002 Throwback

Colts pre-2002 jersey featuring full striping

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  1. What I like best with Colt’s jersey is that, it remained simple but pleasing to see. The white and blue combination is also a plus for me. It looks neat and not too loud. As time goes, the Colt’s did little tweaks in their jerseys and every little tweaks done are a welcome development to me. 

    1. Simple and pleasing, Arwil, and that’s exactly what I find fascinating about it, myself. Nothing fancy, and something that links both the Baltimore Colts to their successors in Indianapolis. 

  2. When I lived in the US, I was surprised by how much people are enjoying football. At the day of a Super Bowl, my friend invited to come to a bar. There were so many people. Even I didn’t know the rule, I enjoyed the atmosphere.

    1. Hi, Koichi, I actually worked for a guy who was a US immigrant and got his first taste of football at a preseason game. He didn’t know what was going on, but ended up following the sport and became a fan of what was his hometown team. It actually is surprising how much people here in the States enjoy football, as once upon a time boxing and baseball dominated the sporting landscape and pro football really wasn’t a thing. In fact, they would play professional games at high school and college stadiums, sometimes as doubleheaders and the majority of fans left before the pros even took the field.

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