History of the Jacksonville Jaguars Jersey

The Jacksonville Jaguars jersey has evolved substantially over the team’s 25 seasons of existence. In fact, let’s start with this link, which shows the unused road uniform shown sometime between 1993-1994, before the team debuted in 1995. Or we can take a look at the team’s unused home jersey, shown here.

So, prior to 1995, the team had already redesigned their jerseys due to Ford Motor Company, then owner of the Jaguar, believing the team’s initial logo being too resembling in nature.



Original Jaguars Jersey

The team debuted in 1995 with teal home jerseys, white, block numbering with gold and black outlines, and a crawling jaguar across sleeves, something unique in the NFL at the time.

The away whites consisted of teal numbering with gold and black outlines and the crawling jaguar at the sleeve.

Both uniforms consisted of gold and black striping at the base of the sleeves.

For a season in 1997, the team added black side panels to both jerseys along with black drop shadow before dropping the look in 1998.

Also during this time, the team dropped their traditional block numbering font in favor of a curved font.

In 2002, the team added an alternate black jersey to be worn twice a year. They held an identical look as the primary teal look, except the outlines on the white numbers consisted of gold and teal along with gold and teal shoulder stripes.

In 2004, the team tweaked their white jerseys, switching from teal to black numbers with gold and teal outlines.



Jaguars 2009-2012 primary home jersey

In 2009, owner Wayne Weaver reportedly wanted to ‘clean up’ the look, feeling the team had too many uniform combinations, as the Jaguars wore either white or black pants with all three jersey styles.

These uniforms bore a simpler look during a time when accents and side panels were a thing in the NFL.

The home jersey consisted of teal with a single black and white vertical stripe running down the midseams of the jerseys with white, block numbering and black outlines.

The road whites included black, block numbering with teal and black vertical striping down the midseam.

For both jerseys, the wordmark ‘Jaguars’ ran across the front above the numbers.

For this look, the team all but dropped the gold on both jerseys.

In 2012, the team added an alternate black jersey with teal and white stripes running down the midseam. During this time, Shahid ‘Shad’ Khan bought the team and announced the team would instead use the alternate black jersey as a primary, relegating the teal to alternate.



Jaguars 2013-2017 home jersey

Khan decided to completely overhaul the Jaguars’ uniforms for the 2013 season, granting all the creative power to the NFL’s new designer, Nike.

The uniform was unveiled on April 23rd, 2013, days before the NFL Draft. These uniforms consisted of three different jerseys, a black, white, and teal.

The unique look saw the primary black jersey include white numbering with a teal and gold outline and new font. Teal shoulder panels were added along with gold accents at the collar. Marks appeared on the shoulders along with TV numbers, supposedly resembling claw marks. A chest patch was added featuring the Jaguars’ logo and the wordmark ‘Jags’ above the logo.

Jaguars 2013-2017 alternate jersey

The alternate teal jersey consisted of black numbers with white and gold outlines, black shoulder panels, along with gold accents at the collar. Scratch marks also appeared on the teal alternate with the ‘Jags’ chest patch.

The white road jersey consisted of teal numbers with black and gold outlines, teal shoulder panels, black accents at the shoulders, and the chest patch.

When the NFL debuted their color rush, a gold version of the jersey debuted. Black shoulder panels along with black accents at the collar appeared here, along with teal and black outlines.

At the very least, these uniforms were said to have consisted of many complicated details, including the strange numbering font, partial collar accents, and scratch marks on the shoulders, making the look reminiscent of the Arena Football League.


2018 to Present

Jaguars 2018-Present Alternate Jersey

After five seasons, the team was finally allowed to ditch their 2013-2017 design, which many have stated were the worst uniforms in NFL history, with many NFL purists agreeing with the new consensus.

The overall unveiled uniforms similar to the 2009-2012 design, but without the vertical stripes running midseam or ‘Jaguars’ wordmark above the numbers.

Block numbering returned to the team for the first time since 2012. The team’s primary jerseys are black with white numbering, no borders or outlines, a teal stripe at the base of the sleeve, and teal accents at the collar, the only feature similar to the 2013-2017 design. The ‘Jags’ patch was retired, replaced by the team’s helmet logo at the chest.

The teal alternate jersey is similar in design, featuring a black stripe at the sleeve’s base along with black collar accents.

The white jerseys feature black numbers, black collar accents, and the black stripe at the base of the sleeve.


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My Take

Jaguars 2018-Present road jersey

As a purist, I love plain, but even I’ll say the Jaguars’ took it too far in terms of plainness with their latest look. It’s become one of the better looks in the league, but would it have killed them to have added more striping?

Overall, these jerseys (and the helmet) are far better than the debacle worn between 2013 and 2017 and are an upgrade over the team’s 2009-2012 design.

Personally, I’m a fan of the original 1995-1996 look and I’d love to see them return as a throwback in the future. While the latest look may qualify as timeless as the original look and the look of the early 2000s scream their respective eras, there will never be anything quite like the team’s debut uniforms ever again.

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1998-2008 Home

Jaguars 1998-2008 Home Jersey



Jaguars 2009-2012 Alternate


Jaguars 2009-2012 Road



Jaguars 2013-2017 Road


Jaguars 2013-2017 Color Rush


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