Good, Bad, and Ugly: History of the Seattle Seahawks Jersey

The Seattle Seahawks jersey has undergone three major changes in team history, with the latter two occurring in the 21st century. While the team’s helmet logo has remained essentially the same, the jersey has seen drastic changes over the course of the team’s existence for both the good and the bad.


1976-2001: The AFC Years

Seahawks 1976-2001 Home Jersey

When the Seahawks were founded in 1976, they started play as members of the NFC West while their expansion brethren, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, started off in the AFC. After a single season, the Seahawks switched conferences and remained in the AFC until 2001.

During their time in the AFC, their home jerseys consisted of a royal blue base, along with emerald-white-emerald striping, white numbering, and white TV numbers on the sleeves.

The road look was white with blue numbering, and an emerald-blue-emerald striping pattern.

In 1983, the Seahawks dropped the traditional striping in favor of wrapping the helmet logo, based on Northwest Tribal Art, around the sleeves. The TV numbers also migrated to the shoulders.

From 1983 to 2001, the look remained exactly the same except 1994, when the team adopted their original jerseys for NFL Throwback Weekends.

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2002-2011: Back in the NFC

Seahawks 2002-2011 Home Jersey

With the expansion Houston Texans joining the NFL in 2002 along with the City of Houston’s ties to the AFC, the Seahawks became the only team to switch conferences during the NFL’s 2002 Realignment.

To commemorate the move back, the Seahawks introduced a new uniform and with it came new jerseys.

A new shade of blue, called Seahawks blue and often referred to as gunmetal blue, made up the bulk of the new jersey. Navy sleeve panels featuring an updated version of the helmet logo appeared above a single horizontal neon stripe. White numbers were outlined in navy blue. Often the team paired the look with Seahawks blue pants.

The white jerseys consisted of Seahawks blue numbers, navy outlines, Seahawks blue sleeve panels, with the logo embedded, above a neon green stripe. The team’s nameplate was also Seahawks blue with a navy outline. Both white and Seahawks blue pants accompanied the look.

These heavily criticized jerseys and uniforms saw little change throughout the decade except for the addition of navy pants often worn with both jerseys, further criticizing the look.

The look became even more of a laughingstock among NFL circles when the team introduced a neon green alternate jersey in 2009, which the Seahawks abruptly retired after the game, citing the fact that the team “didn’t win in them.”


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2012 and Beyond

Seahawks Wolf Gray Alternate

In 2012, the Seahawks again changed uniforms, as well as colors once more. College navy became the basis for the team’s home jersey along with gray numbers, known as ‘wolf gray.’ Action green made up the outlines and accents on the sleeve along with horizontal striping at the midseam that wrapped around the front of the jersey with the word ‘Seahawks’ embedded.

The road look included a white jersey, blue numbering, green outlines, blue sleeve accents and midseam striping, and the gray alternates bore the same look. An action green Nike swoosh was also embedded in the sleeve accents of these jerseys.

For the NFL Color Rush, the Seahawks debuted an action green jersey, which again resembled the gray alternates and road look in every aspect, save for the numbering outlines, which consists of gray rather than green.


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My Take

Seahawks Action Green Color Rush Alternate

The Seahawks had one of the best looks in football before they had to go mess it up. The colors of the 1976-2001 look were refreshing, with a deep royal blue, silver, and emerald green, which signified the Great Northwest and in my opinion, were by far the greatest uniforms of the era.

It’s always a tragedy to see such great uniforms go to waste but when it comes to NFL fans, a rekindling of the classics is becoming more of a trend as fans start to turn away from the crazier looks, instead preferring classics. Maybe Seahawks fans feel the same. If so, it’s time to switch back to the old AFC look.


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  1. I agree, the old jerseys had some great colors and definitely defined the Northwest. The newer colors are a little too wild. That they changed uniforms 3 times throughout history is not something that I knew right off the top of my head, so that’s pretty interesting to know. I like how you save your opinion until the end, making it consistent. We’ll see what the future holds for these wild Seahawks jerseys!

    1. Way too, wild, I must say. I think the 2002-2011 look is often forgotten by many, since the Seahawks’ best years as a franchise came afterward, save for the NFC West Titles and Super Bowl appearance, but the NFL and the media really hyped them from 2012 onward.

  2. I like reading the history of these jerseys you are sharing. I read your previous post about the Helmets.

    My husband is a Seahawk fan, so that’s why I found an interest in this post. I love how you have the details of the history of these jerseys and Helmets.

    I’ll let my husband take a look at this post.

    All the best.

    1. Seahawks seem to be getting more and more popular as the years go on. I remember once upon a time they were a team that struggled for recognition anywhere else other than the Great Northwest. These days, it’s common to see Seahawks fans far and wide. 

  3. The one from the AFC years looks simple and powerful, a real football jersey, in my opinion. Everything that came after just messed things up. Is there any place where I can buy the original ’76-’01 edition?

    1. Very much so, Ivan. And yeah, starting in 2002 it got bad….real bad. 2012 to present look isn’t as bad, but still can’t even come close to the 1976-2001 look. You can get the originals over at Fans Edge.

  4. I’ll be the first to tell you that I don’t know too much about football much less the team jerseys. I do, however, like the Seahawks, especially when they almost won against the Patriots! I love rooting for the underdogs and the Patriots were getting on everyone’s nerves in NYC where I’m from.

    This is a good piece about the uniform change that the team went through. New doesn’t necessarily mean better, so hopefully, they’ll go back to the tried and true colors that evoke Sea-Hawks nostalgia.

    1. Hi, Dawn, I’m from the Pittsburgh area and Steelers fans get similar reactions to the Patriots. You’re right about the uniform changes. New definitely does not always mean better; in fact it’s a rarity that it’s better, something the Seahawks haven’t yet learned.

  5. The original uniforms are by far the best uniforms in Seahawks history. The simple jersey five stipe sleeve design was classic and they should never have messed with it.

    1. Definitely. I hope they break out the throwbacks someday or heck, I’d even be willing to see them return to them full-time. That look was one of the best in league history.

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