Indianapolis Colts Uniform History

Okay, so we’re kicking off the Indianapolis Colts uniform history with the team’s “official” inception in 1953. I say official because the Colts’ history can be traced back to 1913 as a team known as the Dayton Triangles. Following a slew of relocations and name changes, the original Triangles emerged in 1952 as the Dallas Texans who existed for a year before the team was sold to Carroll Rosenbloom, who revived the name Baltimore Colts, after a team that had folded following the 1950 NFL Season.

So, the Colts have had virtually a similar uniform set since the 1950s but they have seen some substantial changes over the years, especially early on and in the 1980s.

Let’s take a look at what we uncovered.


The Baltimore Colts debuted in 1953 with white jerseys, blue numbering, blue Northwestern stripes on the sleeves, white pants, a white pants stripe, blue socks, black shoes, and blue helmets. The team also wore a white helmet with a blue crown stripe – crossed blue crown stripe for select games that sort of resembles the Flag of Finland.

The team also wore blue jerseys, white numbering, white Northwestern stripes, along with plain, red jerseys in a game against the Detroit Lions.


The Colts adopted stripes on their blue socks as well as adding a horseshoe logo to the rear of their blue helmets (white helmets were worn for select games). A new blue jersey featuring three horizontal sleeve stripes also debuted. The red jersey again appeared in a game against the Detroit Lions.


The white jersey tweaked, dropping the Northwestern stripes for horizontal blue stripes that now matched the team’s blue jersey. Also, white socks featuring blue horizontal stripes also came about during this time. The helmet shells were exclusively blue during the season.


The Colts switched to a white helmet with a blue horseshoe logo at the rear of the helmets. TV numbers came to the sleeves.


The team adopted a uniform that now closely resembled their current threads, with two white stripes at the shoulder on the home blue jerseys, white pants featuring two blue stripes, and blue socks with two white stripes. The white uniform followed the same pattern. The horseshoe logo now graced the side of the helmet. This logo resembled the current logo, but some photos shoe that the logo was thinner and wider.


The striping on the socks was widened.


Solid blue socks appeared for the first time.


Striped socks returned. The facemasks were now white.


Silver now invaded the color scheme. On the home jerseys, the team adopted silver pants with a single blue stripe. The team’s helmet logo appeared at the top as well as the uniform number. The blue socks now bore two silver stripes.

The white jerseys now had silver outlines, silver between the two blue shoulder stripes, and silver between the blue trim on the white pants.


The team dropped the silver pants, but silver remained part of the color scheme.


Silver was dropped from the color scheme. The team adopted white socks with two blue stripes for both uniforms.


Solid blue socks returned, the pants striping was now significantly thicker. The team also adopted a chest patch to commemorate their tenth season in Indianapolis.


NFL 75th anniversary chest patch. The Colts simply used blue socks with two white stripes as their “throwback” while the rest of the uniform remained the same.


The team adopted blue facemasks. They also revived the white socks and blue striping with the adoption of blue pants with two white stripes, an inverse of their primary white pants. They also returned to wearing black shoes.


The team dropped the blue pants.


The team adopted a Bob Irsay Memorial chest patch.


White shoes returned.


Upon the growing demand for shorter and tighter fitted jerseys, the Colts’ shoulder stripes became truncated. They also unveiled a chest patch celebrating the team’s 50th anniversary in their current incarnation as the Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts.


The team wore a 1950s-themed throwback during a Thanksgiving affair with Detroit. They also brought back the black shoes and striped blue socks.


The Colts returned to wearing blue socks.


The Colts wore a chest patch celebrating the grand opening of Lucas Oil Stadium.


The team again adopted 1950s throwbacks in a road contest against the Eagles, this time featuring the blue helmet.


The Colts adopted their Color Rush uniform for the first time, featuring blue pants on a blue jersey for the first time in franchise history.

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