Jacksonville Jaguars Uniform History

The Jacksonville Jaguars uniform has seen three radical changes since joining the NFL in 1995, and you can even add in four major changes when you consider the absolute original uniforms, which can be viewed here.

Definitely a little bit of a different look than what we’ve become accustomed to when the team debuted in 1995.

Anyway, let’s take a look at the team’s history in a little bit more depth with the following timeline. I’m going to divide the uniforms into incarnations in this post, since there are many minor changes with each along with major changes highlighted at each checkpoint.

Incarnation I will be the 1995-2008 look, which are the original threads.

Incarnation II will be the short-lived 2009-2012 look, the first major change in team history.

Incarnation III will be the highly infamous 2013-2017 look.

Incarnation IV will be the 2018-present look.


Incarnation I

The Jaguars’ debut uniforms featured the familiar black helmets with the gold, snarling jaguar, teal jerseys, white, block numbers with black and gold outlines, numbers at the shoulders, a crawling jaguar secondary sleeve logo, white pants, along with black, gold, and teal trim down the sides, black socks, and black shoes, along with gold and black bases at the sleeves.

The road look was an exact inverse, consisting of a white jersey and teal numbers along with black and gold outlines.

Both jerseys also contained a commemorable inaugural season patch.

1997 saw a minor change in the look, with the numbering font changing as well as black side panels running down the jerseys. Also in 1997, the pants trim changed to a thicker black and teal stripe while relegating gold to a simple strand.

In 1998, the Jaguars removed the side panels.

In 2001, the shoe color changed to black.

In 2002, the Jaguars added an alternate black jersey with white numbers along with teal outlines. With the black jersey came black pants with teal and black trim at the sides. The Jaguars wore five different uniform combinations in 2002.

In 2004, the Jaguars switched to black numbers on the white jerseys with gold and teal trim. The Jaguars also removed the teal striping from their black pants, replacing the stripes with the helmet logo on the right side. Also, the team wore a Tenth Anniversary Patch.


Incarnation II

Prior to 2009, team owner Wayne Weaver felt the team had too many uniform combinations and decided to clean up the look. The team unveiled a simple uniform consisting of a black helmet which glowed teal when it hit light at a certain angle. The black alternates were abandoned in favor of teal, which included white numbers, black outlines, block numbering, shoulder numbers, white and black vertical trim at the midseam, along with the helmet logo and a similar midseam design on the white pants. The team also wore black socks and black shoes.

The white jerseys included black numbering, teal trim, black and teal at the midseam, black pants, black socks, black shoes, along with white and teal midseam pants.

In 2010, the striping on the pants was simplified.

In 2011, the Jaguars paired white pants with the white jerseys.

In 2012, Shahid Khan bought the team and added a black jersey with teal and white trim at the midseam. With Khan in control of the Jaguars, they once again turned to several uniform combinations, five total.

Incarnation III

In 2013, the Jaguars radically redesigned their uniforms, featuring a two-toned helmet for the first time in league history, with black in front and gold in the back, along with an updated Jaguar logo.

The primary home look included white numbers with a unique font, teal and gold outlines, shoulder numbers, teal at the base of the shoulders, a logo patch at the chest, black pants, black pants, teal striping with a unique truncated design with gold trim on the top end and white on the bottom. The helmet logo appeared atop the stripe. The team also sported black socks and shoes.

The teal alternate consisted of black numbers with gold and white outlines, shoulder numbers, black panels at the shoulder base, white pants with the same truncated striping, with teal trim on top and gold on the bottom, along with black socks.

The white jersey consisted of the same design as the teal alternates, except with teal numbering with gold and black trim.

In 2014, the team added a Twentieth Anniversary patch.

In 2015, the team added a gold Color Rush jersey which included white numbers, teal and black trim, and black shoulder panels at the base of the shoulders. They also added gold pants with the same striping pattern, except it was black this time, along with the helmet logo atop the stripe.

Also in 2015, the team abandoned the teal alternates until 2017, which returned with the black pants.


Incarnation IV

Finally eligible for a redesign, the Jaguars didn’t hesitate, ditching what many uniform critics refer to as the worst uniform in NFL history. They left the infamous two-tones in the history books and resurrected the all-black shells, but kept the updated logo.

The new uniforms consist of primary black jerseys with white numbers and teal striping at the base of the sleeves with a two-toned black and teal collar. TV numbers are featured on the shoulders. The helmet logo also appeared on the chest.

The teal alternates are practically an inverse of the black primaries.

The white jerseys included black numbers, black stripes at the sleeve bases, and the same two-toned collars, except they featured black and white, with no teal.

The pants consisted of black, teal, and white bases with only a teal swoosh on the black pants, a black swoosh on the teal and white pants.

The new socks are black with a teal swoosh at the bases.



2005 road.


2007 home.


2013-2017 road.




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  1. Hello Todd

    This is an amazing and insightful post on the history of the jacksonville jaguars uniform.

    Of all the redesigns i like the Incarnation IV primary black Jersey with white numbers. It is simple and with team jerseys, i feel like retro designs and simple ones like this are the in thing at the moment.

    As long as the logos remain the same, i am great with it.

    1. I can take Incarnation IV over Incarnations II and III any day. I do love Incarnation I, however. It was my favorite NFL uniform while growing up – well, until they started adding an insane number of combinations. 

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