Kansas City Chiefs Helmet

Kansas City Chiefs Helmet History

This might be my shortest article despite the fact the Kansas City Chiefs helmet history consists of two helmets. Well, one, really, but two logos under two different names, might I add. So, it’s really a history of the Dallas Texans AND Kansas City Chiefs.

Yep, two different names, two different cities, one single franchise.

Ain’t That Ironic?

Wait, didn’t I already state the Indianapolis Colts were the remnants of a franchise called the Dallas Texans?

True, I did, but there was yet another Dallas Texans who sprung up in 1960 as a founding member of the AFL.

After just three seasons, the Texans moved to Kansas City and became the Chiefs, with only the team’s primary and helmet logo changing.

Yes, the NFL-AFL has a long history with teams named the Texans….by the way, none of these franchises are linked to the current Houston Texans, in case anyone’s trying to keep score here.

And if you’re new to the NFL, this article, if you don’t take anything else from it, is the fact that very, very strange relationships and coincidences occur here all the time over the course of the league’s first 100 seasons of existence.


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The Dallas Texans

The Dallas Texans served as the first incarnation of the Kansas City Chiefs.

When the Texans debuted in 1960, they used a similar shade of red the Chiefs possess to this day. The helmet logo consisted of the State of Texas with a lone yellow star marking the site of Dallas.

As a fun fact, team owner Lamar Hunt originally chose for the Texans to be Columbia blue and orange, but Houston Oilers owner Bud Adams had already chosen Columbia blue to be the main color of his franchise.

Since Day One, red, yellow, and white have been the color combo for the Dallas Texans/Kansas City Chiefs while the old Oilers moved to Nashville and have since adopted navy as one of their primary colors as the Tennessee Titans.


The Kansas City Chiefs

From 1963-1973, the Chiefs wore a gray facemask before switching to white.

Now that the Texans left the City of Dallas to the Cowboys, owner Lamar Hunt got to work conceiving a new identity for his renamed Chiefs. His inspiration for the interlocking KC logo inside an arrowhead came from the San Francisco 49ers, who use a similar logo with a white SF interlocked within a red oval.

Sketching the new logo on a dinner napkin, Hunt merely reversed the colors with a white arrowhead and red KC. Also like the 49ers, a thin, black outline traces the logo’s perimeter.

Another fun fact about the Chiefs’ logo is that the KC changes direction in the logo. Viewing from the left-hand side, the KC faces away from the arrowhead, while viewing from the right, the KC faces the arrowhead. It’s something few know about the Chiefs’ logo.

Also, the popular uniform blog Uni-Watch has spotted further inconsistencies with the logo, stating there are times the C in the interlocking KC is open, and other times it is closed, depending on which type of merchandise the logo appears. Click here to get a better idea of spotting the Chiefs’ logo inconsistencies.


My Take

The KC on the left-hand side of the Chiefs’ helmet is actually reversed, facing toward the arrow shaft.

The helmet and logo remain one of the best in the NFL and they’ve stood the test of time. In fact, in my uniform rankings for 2018, the Chiefs took first place over the Oakland Raiders due to their logo and overall color scheme outlasting their division rivals.

The Chiefs should have zero plans to change the iconic interlocking KC logo and should keep the color palette the same for years to come. The sea and shades of red that accompany this logo are priceless and I believe a radical redesign would result in fan negativity across the NFL.

Okay, so maybe there are some slight inconsistencies with the Chiefs’ logo, which many might dock them a few points for here or there, but to be honest, once one notices the inconsistencies they appear to be very minor in nature, to the point most have never taken notice of the inconsistency within the logo.

Further, the Chiefs haven’t necessarily made a fuss regarding the logo, either, and again very few (if anyone) took notice until a lifelong Chiefs fan’s father pointed out the distinction. Mind-blowing indeed, but at the same time, not much fuss.


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So, there you have it, with one of the greatest if not the greatest helmets in the NFL today. Logo inconsistency or not, something must ring iconic when the same look is kept throughout the ages, from Dallas to Kansas City, Texas to Missouri.

Something also tells me that this design isn’t going to change anytime soon, even as the team’s AFC West rivals have changed color shades and helmet logos in the past; with the Chiefs’ only change coming along with their relocation and subsequent name change after the 1962 season.

Definitely a timeless look both today and yesterday, something Chiefs fans I’m sure are very happy about and for that, let the Sea of Red live on.

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  1. I like to hear about history, I’m not an NFL fan, I’m an NBA fan, but I know it is a huge sport in the USA, with your great describe, I really have some interest to learn more history about the NFL for not just a helmet but maybe team history, or player history!

    That’s a really awesome story! Thank you for that!

    1. The NFL’s one of those sports that’s yet to reach a global level, but definitely growing by the year! One of my goals here at this site is to provide a complete history on both helmets and jerseys of all 32 NFL teams.

  2. Awesome history information. I agree that the helmet, thin outline colors and the interlocking KC inside the arrow logo is the best and they should keep it. But, just my personal view the Chiefs may try other background colors that identifiable like white.

    1. It’s definitely one of the best in the NFL. The arrowhead is timeless. If they were to ever experiment with another logo, it’d be gone in five years because I think we’d see a fan revolt!

  3. Ain’t just a helmet. That’s the thing about branding. It’s more than the sum of its parts. Red has always been a powerful colour and arrows go way back and stand for many things. The sharpness of an arrowhead combines with the striking shade of red. When you look deeper into why certain ‘brands’ are the way they are you can see the that those that choose the designs aren’t just pretty faces. I enjoy the history of how things have become the way they are. Some things just need to be left alone. Interesting point about the letters being reversed, nice find.

    1. Hi, Twack, I wish I could share your comment with several NFL owners who feel the need to change things up every few years to a decade. Some looks (most looks) either need to be or should’ve been left alone. The Chiefs are one of those teams, but those whose owners haven’t left them alone, need to switch back to some classic concepts. 

  4. Hi, I am from the UK so American Football isn’t really a popular sport but my 12-year-old son watched a football game on sky tv back last year, I think it was between the New York Jets and the Los Angeles Rams and was instantly hooked!

    He now watches football games whenever he can and has started collecting all the team helmets and as we don’t get any football apparel in the shops over here I have to order them from overseas which can cost a bit more than they normally would

    He already has the Dallas Cowboys, New York Jets, Chicago Bears and the New York Giants helmets so I have been looking around for a new one to surprise him with for his birthday next week

    Can you still buy the old Dallas Texans helmets or can you only buy the new Kansas City Chiefs helmet now?

    It would be great to get them both but if they don’t make the Dallas Texans helmets anymore he will have to just have the new one.

    Thanks if you can help 🙂

  5. Really interesting history on the Kansas City Chiefs and I had no idea that The Dallas Texans existed before Kansas Chiefs.  I personally like the KC red and white branding and think they should keep their classic logo which is now definitely an iconic NFL logo. As you said, I don’t think the fans would be happy if there was any major changes to it. Interesting article! 

    1. Hi, Jamie, there was actually a Dallas Texans franchise even before the Chiefs’ franchise, in 1952. The remnants of which later became the Baltimore, now Indianapolis, Colts. 

  6. I used to be a big NFL fan back in the late 80s and early 90s during my college and university days when I was able to stay up late to watch games (I’m in UK timezone). A combination of starting work full time and my favourite team – Houston Oilers – disappearing to Tennessee meant that I sort of lost interest.

    It’s interesting to learn that KC are another team that has relocated and I agree that the KC logo is one of the best in the NFL. In fact I’m surprised more teams dont try to update their logo into something more marketable

    1. Hi, David, speaking of the old Houston Oilers, I wish the NFL did what the NHL does; basically, they take the nickname back when a team relocates, which explains how the Winnipeg Jets’ name returned to the league when the team moved from Atlanta and ceased being the Thrashers. If this were to happen in the NFL, the Oilers, and not the Texans, would be Houston’s team. 

      Speaking of the UK time zone, I dig the London games since I’m in the Eastern US, I can catch some football at 9:30am, which makes for a twelve-hour day of football! 

  7. Again you prove to be the authority on this subject. You know your football history!!! When I first started reading this I was confused with the Dallas Texans and the chief’s in the same sentence. I was unaware that my favorite team started in texas! Your right though. If they changed the colors at all. I, as well as many other fans, Would not approve!

    Keep up the good work!!! I love reading your articles. I’m learning more about my favorite sport every day!!!

    1. Thanks, Aaron, I try to get more in each and every day. And yep, very early in their history they were the Texans, during the old AFL days. The shade of red on this team is beyond amazing, and I think it’ll stick around a while. 

  8. Hi Todd!
    Very interesting article! I know barely nothing about football, not even say about the equipment and the helmets. However, I am really big history enthusiast, so I really enjoyed reading about the Kansas City Chiefs Helmet. 

    It’s kind of funny to see that the Dallas Texans actually put the state in the helmet, a very unique style. But I rather prefer the renewed version from Lamar Hunt and it makes sense the logo changes depending on the side of the helmet, so both arrows point to the same direction. 

    I didn’t know how interesting it can be to learn from the origins of this helmet. 



    1. I’m big on history, myself, and while most of my football fanatic friends focus on the here and now, the historical portion of the NFL has always captivated me more, and was a huge factor behind my creating of this site. Lots of history here and I’d love to do an overall history of the NFL helmet article, from the old leatherheads to today’s technology. 

  9. Great and interesting content that I did not know about the Kansas City Chiefs. I will definitely be on the lookout for the different logo positions on the helmet when I watch them play on T.V. this year. I found this to be a really interesting article, I had no idea about the Texans being there first either, but I do agree that not too many KC fans would be happy if they were to change the look of their logo.

    1. Hi, Kyle, it’s definitely one of the strangest concepts I’ve seen regarding any team, and something I didn’t notice until I buckled down and really started some research on the helmet. And yep, the Texans are the original Chiefs! I agree, there’s no way this team is changing their logo or for that matter, even their uniform any time soon. 

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