Kansas City Chiefs Uniform History

Like the Titans, the Kansas City Chiefs uniform spans over the course of two different cities and two different team names. Unlike the Titans, the Chiefs look has remained eerily similar since the team’s inception in 1960 as the Dallas Texans. Let’s go exploring.


When the Texans debuted, their helmet shells were red with a gray facemask. Their logo consisted of the State of Texas in white with a gold star indicating Dallas’ location. The jerseys were plain red with white numbers and gold outlines. White jerseys, red numbers, and gold outlines made up the road look. The pants were white with red and gold trim running up the sides while the socks were red with white and gold striping for the home look, and white with red and gold striping for the road.


The Texans wore red socks with white and gold outlines on the road uniform. While the quality of the linked image may not be great, you can see the color and pattern on the player to George Blanda’s left.


When the Texans moved to Kansas City to become the Chiefs, they switched their helmet logo to a white arrowhead with a red ‘KC.’


Very minor striping change to the socks.


The Chiefs added sleeve striping to the base of their sleeves; a red-gold-red combo for the road whites and a white-gold-white combo for the home look. The team introduced red pants that year with a white-gold-white combo for the road jerseys, as well as white socks with red-gold-red striping; similar to what they wore as the Texans in 1960 and 1961.


Rare for the era, the Chiefs wore white shoes with their road uniforms and red shoes with the home.


The Chiefs adopted white socks with red and gold striping for their home look in addition to the road look.


Red socks with white and gold striping were reintroduced for the home look.


The team switched to white facemasks.


The Chiefs adopted red shoes to be worn with the road look.


New socks for both uniforms. The road look consisted of white socks with two connected gold stripes outlined in red. The home look adopted red socks with two connected white stripes outlined in gold. Both versions of the uniform reverted back o white shoes.


Further changes to the socks, which now consisted of a connected red-gold-red stripe on the road socks and white-gold-white on a red background for the home socks. These are the same socks the team wears to this day.


The Chiefs wore a chest patch to commemorate running back Joe Delaney.


The team wore a chest patch to commemorate the AFL’s 25th anniversary.


The Chiefs wore white pants with the road look for the first time since 1968.


The team wore a chest patch to commemorate Director of Player Personnel Whitney Dovell.


The team adopted a 35th-anniversary chest patch and unveiled throwbacks to be worn on select weekends as the NFL celebrated its 75th anniversary.


The Chiefs unveiled a 40th-anniversary chest patch.


The team brought back the red pants to be worn with the road uniform.


A 40th season in Kansas City patch was worn.


The Chiefs wore both red and white pants with the road look.


The team added a Lamar Hunt memorial patch, worn permanently after the season.


A 50th-anniversary patch was added and the team brought back Dallas Texans throwbacks to be worn for select games.


Upon switching to Nike, the Chiefs made minor changes in the striping, which now appeared at the sleeves while the TV numbers migrated to the shoulders. Here’s a look at the road version.


Red pants were paired with the red jersey for the first time. These matched up with the road socks in 2013 and in subsequent years, with the home red socks.


The Chiefs unveiled their Color Rush, simply the same red on red uniform they wore as alternates, except this uniform included red shoes.

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  1. This post should be interesting not only for fans of the KC chiefs, but for anyone who likes football, since you can get to know part of the story and how the uniform evolved, the best of all is that you have a place where being able to buy them which is excellent, very nice content, congratulations.

    1. Hi, Hector, it really is an interest to NFL fans on all levels. Uniforms have generated so much more buzz these days than in the past, where their changes were just another headline at a press conference prior to the early-2000s. Today, everyone is excited about potential uniform changes, and I’m glad to see there’s a lot of nostalgia for older, more classic looks, as evidenced by the recent unveilings of the Rams’ and Chargers’ new logos, given their brighter color schemes. 

  2. Your website certainly covered a lot of history of what the teams of the NFL were wearing over the years. It gave you a good choice of any team you were interested in to look up what they wore throughout the years. I concentrated on Kansas City since that seemed to be your team. When I clicked on the occasional link I got a redirect notice instead of maybe seeing a Jersey or some other apparel.

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    1. This isn’t your typical affiliate site – I’ll simply place affiliate links to stores affiliated with me so my readers have a direct link for their favorite team’s store when viewing an article. The Chiefs aren’t my team, though – I focus on all thirty-two NFL teams. 

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