Las Vegas Raiders Uniform History

The Las Vegas Raiders uniform may be one of the most consistent looks in the NFL today, but it wasn’t always this way. This article will show you the radical change that took place early in the team’s existence and the evolution of the uniform throughout the decades.


The team originally known as the Oakland Senores (though they never played under that moniker) debuted with plain, black helmets, white facemasks, black home jerseys with white numbering and gold outlines along with gold jersey stripes and white outlines. The white pants consisted of gold and black trim while the black socks held similar striping to the sleeves.

The white road jerseys had black numbers, gold outlines, white pants with black and gold trim, along with sleeves and socks with a black striping pattern with gold trim.

The shoes were black and the players’ full names donned the nameplates on both uniforms. The numbering font was a unique gothic font, which can be seen here.


The Raiders added a single gold stripe to the helmet crown and changed their facemasks from white to gray. The name plates and numbering on the home jersey was now gold numbering and striping. The road uniform ditched the gold outlines. The font on both jerseys changed to a more traditional block form. Meanwhile, the black socks paired with the home black jerseys now consisted of simply gold stripes while the white socks on the road uniform consisted of black stripes.


The Raiders made a drastic uniform change, which now more closely resembled what the team wears today. The home jersey was still black but with now-familiar silver numbers and TV numbers at the sleeve. The pants were silver with a single black stripe, and the black socks were now solid.

The road jerseys now featured silver numbers with black outlines along with TV numbers on the sleeve. The nameplate on this jersey was black.

The helmet logo was now the familiar Raider logo seen today except with a silver background. The helmet shell was also silver along with a single black stripe running down the crown.

An alternate uniform consisted of a white jersey with black numbering and nameplates. An alternate set of black socks consisted of silver Northwestern stripes.


The helmet logo now consisted of its current black background while the Northwestern stripes became primary on the road uniform socks.


The numbering on the white jersey was now black and the team abandoned the Northwestern-striped socks on the road uniform.


The Raiders returned to road jerseys featuring silver numbering and black outlines.


The team returned to black numbering on the white jersey.


The Raiders added silver outlines to the numbering on the road uniform.


The Raiders switched to white shoes.


The team adopted a 25th anniversary patch for the pants.


The team adopted 1963 throwbacks for select weekends as the NFL celebrated its 75th anniversary, which was ironically the 35th anniversary for the AFL.


The Raiders again adopted 1963 throwbacks for select weekends as the AFL celebrated its 50th anniversary. Along with the throwbacks came a 50th season patch for both the Raiders and the AFL.


The Raiders returned to wearing black shoes.


The team returned to wearing white shoes.


The Raiders adopted a Color Rush uniform, featuring a modernized version of the throwback 1963 jerseys and white pants with a black stripe.


The team used a chest patch to commemorate the 50th anniversary of winning the 1967 AFL Championship.


The Raiders paired their Color Rush jerseys with their silver pants. This closely resembled the team’s 1963 look, creating a faux back.


Not uniform-related, but the Raiders played in the final game on a football field shared with a baseball field for the foreseeable future as the team headed to Las Vegas in 2020. This marks the end of a long era where football and baseball teams shared a field.

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