Miami Dolphins Uniform History

The Miami Dolphins uniform has kept an identical color scheme throughout the team’s existence, but changes to the logo, striping, and even the addition of a new color have kept the uniform fresh over the decades. Today, I’m discussing changes made to the Dolphins’ uniform, some of which may have gone unnoticed by football fans everywhere.

I’m talking facemask color, shoe color, and I’ll even point out how the team’s logo position has changed throughout the years.

Let’s take a look at the changes the Dolphins have made throughout the years:


When the team debuted in 1966, they bore white helmets with an aqua leaping dolphin in front of an orange sunburst. The crown stripes were of an aqua-white-orange-white-aqua combo, and the team had gray facemasks.

The primary white jersey had block, aqua numbering with orange outlines along with numbers at the sleeves. They also had a sleeve stripe pattern as well, featuring an aqua-white-orange-white-aqua-white-orange-white-aqua combo. The pants were white with an aqua-orange-aqua trim while the aqua socks possessed a white-orange-white-orange white pattern with black shoes.

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Yes, lots of stripes here.

The alternate uniform resembled the primary, with aqua jerseys, white block numbering, orange outlines, an a white-aqua-orange-aqua-white-aqua-orange-aqua-white sleeve pattern.

Note the images attached are of the current Dolphins donning the throwbacks, however, they’re for the most part historically accurate with modern-day upgrades.

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The leaping dolphin’s head now migrated near the top of the sunburst full-time.


Dolphin head returns to the center of the logo.


Solid aqua socks debut for both the home and road uniforms.


The team eliminated all striping on the jersey. Note that the photo linked is from preseason, showing a logoless Dolphin helmet. During the first few years of the team’s existence, they went logoless during preseason.


Striping returns to the socks.


Striping returned to the white jersey. Solid socks return for the season.


Striping returned
to the aqua jersey. Also, orange socks with a white-aqua-white-aqua-white pattern debuted. White shoes debuted.

The leaping dolphin on the helmet logo returned to the top of the sunburst. Also, aqua socks with striping returned.


The Dolphins only wore aqua jerseys in the preseason.


The orange on the pant stripe siginifcantly widened.


The gray facemasks changed to aqua.


The orange became more vibrant.


The team made changes to the striping pattern on the pants, which now featured an aqua–orange-aqua trim.


Major changes. The orange outlines on the numbers moved outwards, giving the alternate look an aqua-orange outline and the primary look a white-orange outline. TV numbers migrated to the shoulders and the helmet logo now took refuge on the sleeves. The solid aqua socks were revived and the sleeve stripes were moved to the base.


Aqua pants, featuring a white-orange-white trim, appear for the first time. Also, new socks for the combination appeared, with aqua-orange-aqua striping.


The team added a 25th season patch and bore a black memorial band on each jersey to honor the late Joe Robbie.


The team introduced a throwback to commemorate the NFL’s 75th Season.


Major uniform change.

The leaping dolphin on the helmet now held a more serious expression and was now accented with navy blue. The sunburst was simplified as well.

The primary white jerseys now featured aqua numbers with navy drop shadow and an orange outline. Also, the sleeve bases contained a single aqua band.

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As for the secondary aqua jerseys, the white numbering also contained a navy drop shadow with an orange outline. The sleeve bases were white-orange-white.

The helmet and pants stripes also contained a hint of navy.


The team wore a 30th Anniversary logo in December, commemorating the team’s perfect season from 1972. The Dolphins only wore their aqua alternates once all season long, pairing them with aqua pants for the first time in team history.


The team unveiled 1973 throwbacks against the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day. They also unveiled an orange alternate jersey which was basically the same as their aqua jersey, except with aqua outlining the navy drop shadow on the number. This jersey was also worn with orange socks.


The team adopted a 40th Season Patch.


The Dolphins switched to black shoes.


The team reverted to white shoes.


Major uniform change.

The historic leaping dolphin logo was modified to a faceless horizontally leaping dolphin with sleeker features including both aqua and navy blue. The striping at the helmet was now navy and aqua with a tiny hint of orange. Also, the sunburst was modified. For the first time in team history, the Dolphins bore white facemasks.

As in the past, the white jerseys acted as the primaries since Miami tends to wear white both at home and on the road while the aqua continued as alternates.

The new white jerseys included a different numbering font with aqua numbers outlined in navy and orange with TV numbers at the shoulder. The helmet logo appeared on the sleeves.

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The aqua jerseys held white numbering with navy and orange outlines.

Pants were either white with orange-navy-aqua-navy-orange trim or aqua with orange-navy-white-navy-orange trim.

Socks were aqua and shoes were white. One version of the socks had a navy stripe toward the top.

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The team added a 50th Season Patch and also brought back the 1966 throwbacks.


The Dolphins busted out an orange Color Rush jersey, featuring white numbers with navy and aqua outlines. Orange pants with an aqua-navy-white-navy-aqua trim and orange socks accompanied the look.


The team abandoned navy, except for the tiny accent in the helmet logo.


The Dolphins broke out in a white version of the 1966 throwbacks.


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