Minnesota Vikings Uniform History

The Minnesota Vikings uniform has remained fairly consistent since the team’s inception in 1961, especially in the color department. But the team has held some unique looks throughout its existence, beginning with unique purple helmets and jerseys.

Starting with 1961, let’s explore the History of the Minnesota Vikings’ uniform.



When the Vikings debuted in 1961, the team possessed purple shells, gray facemasks, a white viking horn with gold trim at the base.

The purple jerseys contained white numbering, gold trim, as well as TV numbers at the shoulders, along with Northwestern gold-white-gold stripes.

The white jerseys had purple numbers and gold trim, and gold-purple-gold Northwestern stripes.

The pants were white with purple-gold-purple trim, and the purple socks contained three gold stripes along with black shoes.



The team introduced purple pants with their road uniform containing gold-white-gold trim along with socks containing the same striping pattern as on the jersey sleeves.

Earlier in the season, white socks contained three thinner stripes.



The team abandoned the Northwestern sock stripes on the road uniform.



Northwestern stripes returned to the road socks. The Vikings also wore mono-purple in a game against the Lions. Not knowing the Vikings intended to wear their white jerseys at home, as they had done often during the season, the Lions showed up at the Old Met wearing white jerseys. Prior to the second quarter, the Vikings changed into their purple jerseys. The trim on the purple pants also changed to white-yellow-white.



The Vikings switched to white on white for their road uniforms. Also, solid purple socks appeared.


For one game during the season the Vikings wore a unique purple jersey featuring no markings or trim, just white numbering. In preseason, the team wore a similar white jersey.



The pants striping widened on both the home and road looks. Also, the Vikings did away with the Northwestern stripes on their road whites, instead going with vertical striping over the shoulders featuring purple-gold-purple striping.



The team did away with their plain, purple jerseys.



The team wore black bands on their arm sleeves honor late assistant coach Jocko Nelson.



The Vikings switched to white facemasks.



The Vikings switched to a lighter shade of purple on the jerseys and socks.



The team switched to white shoes.



The Vikings adopted a 25th anniversary logo patch. They also adopted purple facemasks.



The Vikings wore a 20th anniversary patch commemorating the team’s 1969 NFL Championship.



The team slashed the Northwestern stripes.



The Vikings threw back to their original threads for select weekends.



The team wore a patch to commemorate their 35th season.



The team added in gold outlines to their numbering on both the home and road jerseys. Also, the primary Viking logo appeared at the sleeves while the TV numbers migrated to the shoulders. The striping on the home jersey now appeared at the sleeve base.



The Vikings added a jersey patch for former offensive coordinator Chip Myers.



The team adopted a 40th anniversary patch.



The team wore a chest patch to commemorate Korey Stringer, who died of a heat stroke prior to the season.



The Vikings wore a 45th anniversary patch.



The team overhauled their uniforms in a radical redesign, featuring a horizontal stripe at the sleeve that morphed into side panels. This stripe was white with gold trim on the home purple jerseys and purple with gold on the road whites. The collar on the purple jersey was now gold and the whites contained a collar. The primary team logo appeared on the back near the nameplate. The white pants had a purple viking horn-like stripe running down the pant legs with gold trim. Purple pants featuring a white horn and gold grim appeared as well.

The socks were solid purple and the team switched again to black shoes. The purple helmet remained, but more detail was added to the helmet logo.



The team paired purple on purple for the first time in 43 seasons. The team also brought back a modified version of their 1961 throwbacks.



The team added a 50th anniversary patch.



Another radical redesign. This redesign consisted of a uniform closer to the original 1960s look, but with modern upgrades. The helmet remained purple but the facemask now switched to black. The jersey now consisted of two stripes, white and gold for the home purple jerseys and purple and gold for the white roadies. The stripes swooshed upward to closer resemble a Viking flag.

The pants were either purple or white, with the purples containing a thin gold and thick white striping. The white pants consisted of a thin gold stripe and thick purple stripe.



The Vikings unveiled their Color Rush, featuring purple jerseys, gold numbering and striping, along with purple pants with gold striping. The team also added a jersey patch to commemorate their first season at US Bank Stadium.



The Vikings made a slight modification to their helmet color.

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