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New England Patriots Logo

The New England Patriots‘ logo history begins with the team’s founding in 1960 when they were members of the AFL. Like many newer teams (founded in or after 1960) the Patriots have only seen a few primary logos and one major logo change that occurred in 1993. Other than the sole change the Patriots have only updated the logo details and colors.

This brief article displays the Patriots’ logos from their inception in 1960 all the way through to the present day from their primary, secondary, and special/anniversary logos.


Primary Logos

Original Pat Patriot Logo
Pat Patriot: 1960-1971

The Patriots debuted in 1960 and while their helmet logo consisted of a tricorne hat complete with their uniform number under it, their primary logo consisted of Pat Patriot, which first appeared in a New England-based newspaper. This version of Pat Patriot was a little different from its successors, which I’ve always liked to call Zombie or Possessed Pat Patriot due to his someone maniacal facial features but hey, it’s the 1960s.

Pat Patriot
The second incarnation of Pat Patriot, used from 1972 to 1988

Anyway, Possessed Pat remained as the team’s primary logo until 1972 when they upgraded the logo. The new Pat Patriot now had actual flesh-colored skin, and his attire was updated to a lighter shade of royal blue and darker shades of red. Also gone was the grass behind and in front of him.

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Pat Patriot 1989 to 1992
Final incarnation of Pat Patriot used from 1989 to 1992.

In 1989, the logo underwent a minor change as the team removed the flesh color from his skin once more, however, his facial expression remained the same.

Also, in 1979, the Patriots proposed to use a new logo to replace Pat Patriot that was most likely to begin with the 1980 NFL Season. The logo in question bears a strong resemblance to the Flying Elvis design we see today. The Patriots all but had their minds made up about the logo but wished to first put it to a fan vote. Whichever logo pertained more to the fans would be the one chosen. The proposed logo, obviously, lost out to Pat Patriot and he lived to see another decade.

Unused New England Patriots Logo
Unused Patriots Logo proposed in 1979.

In 1993, the Patriots did make the switch to Pat Patriot and those who helped design the unused 1979 logo noticed immediately of the similarities between the proposed logo a decade and a half ago and the new logo which is known as Flying Elvis.

Original Flying Elvis
Flying Elvis, introduced in 1993, is based on the proposed 1979 logo.

Elvis introduced silver to the Patriots’ uniform palette, much like his proposed predecessor, and in 2000 received a modest upgrade when the Patriots updated their shade of blue from royal blue to navy and the logo has remained the same ever since.


Secondary Logos

Boston Patriots Alternate Logo
1960 BOSTON Patriots’ alternate.

The Patriots have used a few alternate/secondary logos, but most of which appear to be wordmarks. The team’s first alternate logo appeared in 1960 with the tricorne hat and the team’s wordmark under it. In 1961, a football depicting the name ‘Boston Patriots’ flanked Pat Patriot and in 1969, Pat Patriot appeared in a white shield with the Boston Patriots wordmark written above it.

Boston Patriots Secondary Logo
Second alternate logo for the Boston Patriots.

The final two secondary logos appeared in 1993, which bore the Patriots’ wordmark in cursive lettering with Flying Elvis at the upper right-hand corner. In 2000, this logo was darkened and lasted another decade before the team disbanded it at the end of the 2012 season.

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Boston Patriots Third Alternate Logo
Third alternate logo for the Boston Patriots.

The Patriots also wore a number of anniversary logos, starting in 1984 with a 25th-anniversary patch to celebrate the team’s, and the AFL’s, 25th anniversary. They unveiled a second-anniversary logo in 2005, which depicted Pat Patriot and commemorated the 20th anniversary of the team’s first AFC Championship. Finally, they unveiled a 50th-anniversary logo in 2009.

Also in 2000, the Patriots have used a miscellaneous logo depicting an italic ‘NE’ with Elvis’ head jetting from the top left corner of the logo. This logo has been used sparingly since 2000.

My Take

New England Patriots 1993-1999 Alternate Logo
New England Patriots’ 1993-1999 alternate logo. The 2000-2012 wordmark featured navy blue rather than royal.

Can we please bring back Pat Patriot?

There’s some good news on this front as despite the Pats’ latest barbaric uniform failure, the NFL is looking to cease the one-helmet rule come 2021, which allows for teams to wear multiple helmets during the season. Of course, this brings back some throwbacks and it’ll be a treat to watch Pat Patriot grace the field once more.

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So, as of right now the Pats have one of the worst logos and definitely the worst uniform in football, but hey, if Pat Patriot can make his return at least the Pats will look halfway decent in 2021. Let’s hope they nix the role and bring Pat Patriot back on a part-time basis.

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  1. I started to love your website and thank you for sharing all these articles with us. The New England Patriots team always had logos that expressed personality and always strong mood. Of all the ones, I think the current one is the most beautiful. However, to understand its meaning we must first notice the Pat Patriot logo, especially in The second incarnation. It is amazing how beautiful this history is and I am very glad that these traditions are still preserved. Sport has been and will always be the best ambassador in support of physical and mental health.

    1. They do have that I agree. Flying Elvis ain’t bad, and he’s one of the better looks in the league. But Pat Patriot’s just an iconic logo that’ll never die, even nearly three decades after the Pats decided to change uniforms. 

  2. What a great journey you’ve taken us on of their logos, I cannot believe there have been so many changes actually, but I have to agree that Patriot pat needs to make a return, let’s hope the ceasing of the one helmet rule see the start of this. Perhaps they can turn to their fans again and get their opinion? I’m sure many would agree to this.

    Thanks for taking us through this, is was a fascinating read.

    1. Tons of changes, especially in years’ past. These days, the mantra has flipped with uniforms getting more change while logos tend to be more stable. 

  3. Ahh, not a Patriots fan at all, but I must say, this article has allowed me to learn a lot about this rival team. I am a Jet’s fan, but hey, the Patriots have a legacy no one can deny. I love the logo from 1960-71.. It is very creative, with attention to detail. When you get out on that football field you become a gladiator, and when the helmet goes on the mask comes off! I did not know they had started as the Boston Patriots. Very insightful information and I agree with you, can you bring back the Pat Patriot, please? The Jet’s vs. the Patriots in AFL uniforms would be a classic!

    1. The 1960-71 is my favorite one, too. And it’s intimidating as hell. Could you imagine if they put the demon-possessed Pat Patriot logo back on the helmet? That’d be sick. 

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