New England Patriots Uniform History

The New England Patriots uniform history begins in 1960 along with seven other franchises who formed the successful American Football League (AFL) where ten of the sixteen AFC teams found their origins. One such team is the NFL’s most championed franchise of the 2000s, the New England Patriots, whose look went through two radical redesigns in route to the most championed uniform in NFL history.

Let’s begin.


The team debuted with white helmet shells, gray facemasks two red crown stripes, a tricorne hat for a logo above red, block numbering. Red jerseys featuring a white-blue-white shoulder stripe combo along with white numbering made up the home jerseys. The road jerseys consisted of red numbering and a blue-red-blue vertical shoulder stripe. TV numbers flanked the sleeves. The white pants consisted of five stripes: blue-white-red-white-blue. The socks were red with a white-blue-white-blue-white striping combo along with road socks depicting a blue-red-blue-red-blue striping combo.


The ‘home socks’ were now featured on the road jerseys while the iconic ‘Pat Patriot’ helmet logo was introduced.


New socks, these socks featured a double combination of white-blue-white striping.


A thin, blue crown stripe now invaded the helmets in between the red.


New striping combos for the vertical shoulder stripes, now white-red-blue-red-white on the home look, and red-white-blue-white-red on the road look. Also, striping combos appeared at the sleeve bases.


New socks, featuring white Northwestern striping with blue trim.


The team ditched the vertical shoulder stripes. Solid red socks appeared for the first time.


Blue and white striping appeared at the base of the socks.


White shoes appear for the first time. New sleeve striping appears for both jerseys; red-blue-white for the road and white-blue-white for the home. Numbers on both jerseys now outlined in blue.


Red pants appear for the road uniform, consisting of a white-blue-white pants stripe. New socks for the combo as well, white with a red-blue-red stripe pattern.


Red pants dropped from the road uniform.


White facemasks appear.


25th-anniversary patch; shoulder striping returns to the jerseys, and the red pants return. The team dropped the red socks in favor of white with a red-white-blue-white-red striping pattern.


The team again drops the red pants in favor of white on the road look.


Red pants return.


Red facemasks introduced.


Major, major, major overhaul.

The helmet shells were now silver with a new logo nicknamed ‘Flying Elvis.’

Blue became a primary color while red was reverted to secondary, as seen in the blue home jerseys featuring red numbering and white outlines. TV numbers in white migrated to the shoulders while Flying Elvis graced the sleeves. The white jerseys had red numbers outlined in white and blue with blue TV numbers. The pants were silver with a strange vertical striping pattern I’m not even going to try to describe while the blue socks featured red striping at their base.


The numbers on the home jerseys were now white with red outlines. Also, the pants striping was simplified to just a red and blue stripe adjacent to one another. The facemasks also returned to their red color.

The Patriots also brought back the Pat Patriot uniform for select throwback weekends.


New, italic numbering fonts. Numbers were white on the home jersey with red dropshadow and red on the road jersey with blue dropshadow. TV numbers now appeared on the sleeves as Flying Elvis graced the shoulders. Light and dark vertical striping was also seen on the jersey.


Another overhaul.

The jersey was now navy blue for the home look, with white numbering and red outlines. TV numbers again appeared at the shoulders while a silver shoulder stripe separated the TV numbering from Flying Elvis, which once again appeared at the sleeve. Red vertical lining outlined a blue side panel.

The road jersey had blue numbers, white and red outlining, navy side panels, navy shoulder striping, and TV numbers along with Flying Elvis at the sleeve.

Home pants were silver with a red-navy-red striping combo, along with blue socks.

The road pants were navy with two thin white and red vertical stripes flanking navy. White socks consisted of three horizontal navy stripes.


The Patriots paired the navy pants and road socks with the home jersey. They also brought back the Pat Patriot uniform in a Thanksgiving Day tilt with Detroit.


The team unveils a silver alternate jersey which featured the same design as the road jersey.


50th-anniversary patches for both the team and the AFL. Also, the Pat Patriot look was revived once again for select games.


Silver alternate jersey discontinued, replaced by Pat Patriot uniform as team’s alternate.


Myra Kraft chest patch to commemorate the late wife of owner Robert Kraft.


Pat Patriot alternate discontinued due to the NFL’s helmet rule banning multiple colored helmets.


Color Rush uniform unveiled, featuring a blue jersey with red-white-red shoulder striping and Pat Patriot at the sleeves. Numbers were white with red outlines and the navy pants consisted of two thin red vertical stripes flanking a thick, white stripe. Solid blue socks were worn with the look.

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  1. So I am going to be brutally honest with you, I am not really into football or anything related to sports but I have a step-brother now and I am trying to be in good in terms with him.

    And his passion is football, so I thought maybe I can try and see if I like it myself.

    Patriots is the team that really caught my eyes, so I guess I can call this my favorite team now. Thanks for the information, I am definitely going to print that inside my head. hahha

    1. Hi, Isaac. I’ll actually be updating this post within the month since the Pats are destined to get some new threads – or updated threads, to be more accurate. Anyway, they’re a good franchise to follow. Six Super Bowls in twenty seasons – you can’t beat that. 

  2. Hello Todd, I have been watching American footballs from a couple of years back now and its been really fun watching these team play. The New England Patriots happen to be one team that I love so much but I never had a shot to read about the history of their jersey and frankly, all these little changes have led to this current nice jersey they have. One major feature of the jersey i like is the traces of red on it and its cool. My love for Julian Edelman has been keeping me glued to this team

    1. You must be from somewhere across the Atlantic! Yes, I’m seeing the game gaining in popularity over in Eurasia and it’s great to see. I think soon, you’ll see more over there garner interest in team history, and it includes uniforms. 

  3. I remember the 2003 silver alternate jersey, and how I and my friend bought ours so we would watch the games in door but feel like we were in the game, I still have it up to now and it has lots of great memories, I wonder why older days always feel like they were much fun and greater than the current times. The Patriots have over the years made some changes but I still see the same old Patriots and hope the current uniform stays a little long I’ve been growing to like the looks and it gives a sense of history and devotion to the team.

    1. You know, Donny, it’s funny that you mention it. I feel the same – back in the early 2000s when I was in middle school, I longed for the older days of the mid and late-1990s teams. Then here I am in 2020, feeling nostalgia every time the years 2005 to 2009 spring up. God, I’m dreading to see what happens in 2030. 

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