New Orleans Saints Uniform History

The New Orleans Saints uniforms have remained essentially the same since the team’s founding back in 1967, with minor changes here and there. Therefore, this article won’t be as long as my previous ones, but there is still enough change to go around in regard to versions of the Saint’s uniforms. This article depicts the team’s minor changes since their inception, and they are MINOR changes at that.

However, unlike most NFL teams, the Saints’ uniform combinations have all looked relatively decent compared to changes made by other teams, with a collage of unique logos and combinations.


The Saints debuted with old gold helmets, a black fleur-da-lis with a white outline, a black and white stripe at the crown, and gray facemasks.

The home black jerseys consisted of gold numbers with white outlines, shoulder numbers, a white-gold-white-gold-white shoulder pattern, gold pants, black-white-black trim up the sides, and black socks with an identical pattern as the sleeve pattern.

The road uniform was the same as the home, except with white jerseys, gold numbering with black outlines, and a black-gold-black-gold-black sleeve pattern.


The team modified their sleeve pattern and for preseason, wore black helmets. However, they failed to notify the NFL in time, leading to the league to bar the black helmets for use in the regular season.


The Saints switched to white shoes on a permanent basis.


The team wore white jerseys for all fourteen regular season games.


The Saints switched to white pants featuring black and gold trim. Here’s a look at the home uniform (1976 version).


New Orleans introduced black pants with a gold-white-gold trim for their road uniform. As with much of the NFL, the team switched from gray facemasks to black.


The team switched to a double-outline for both their home and road looks. Also, solid black socks appeared for the first time.


The team switched back to gold pants with a single black trim down the sides with the State of Louisiana in gold with the helmet logo residing inside. On the jersey, the numbers moved to the shoulders along with the State of Louisiana at the sleeves. The State logo on the home blacks was gold while on the roads the logo was black. The black socks also contained a single gold stripe.


The Saints added a 25th Anniversary patch to their chest.


The team unveiled their 1967 throwbacks for select weekends to celebrate the NFL’s 75h Anniversary.


The Saints abandoned their State of Louisiana logo, instead opting for their helmet logo at the sleeves, gold on both jerseys. They also switched to gold numbers with white outlines on the home jersey along with gold with black outlines on the road. The team also inserted the helmet logo within the pants stripe. Also, the Saints added a 30th Anniversary Patch.


The team switched to black numbers with gold outlines on the road jersey. The helmet logo on the sleeves changed from gold to black. They brought back black pants for the first time since 1986, along with a gold stripe, with the helmet logo inside.


The Saints made a minor change to their helmet logo, adding an outline to the fleur-da-lis.


As with most of the NFL, the team busted out in a short-lived third jersey, which was basically an inverse of their home blacks. This jersey was gold with black numbering. Also in 2002, the Saints wore their throwback uniform in Week Thirteen of the season.


The Saints adopted a commemorative logo to commemorate Hurricane Katrina.


The team brought back their 1967 throwbacks again.


In 2016, the Saints added a 50th season patch to the chest and unveiled their Color Rush uniform, which was basically an updated rendition of their 1967 throwbacks, except with white pants and a black-gold-black trim up the sides.


The Saints added a memorial patch for late owner Tom Benson.

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  1. Hello! I assume a lot of thought goes into these uniforms, so I was wondering if you knew why the Fleur de lis was chosen for the New Orlean’s Saints. I know various places use it as a symbol, so I’m wondering about its significance to New Orleans, or how it relates to Saints. 

    Thank you!

    1. I think the Fleur-de-lis is more of a New Orleans, or even a French-based thing – where the City of New Orleans does have a large French population. I say this because the NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans have also inserted the logo into their uniforms, as did the old Quebec Nordiques of the NHL prior to their move to Denver, Colorado. 

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