New York Giants Uniform History

The New York Giants uniform history dates back to 1925 but took on a rather uniformed concept beginning in 1960, where the look has maintained its familiar palette with a few major changes throughout the decades. This article documents all the small and few major changes since the dawn of the modern era in the NFL.


The team’s 1960 look depicted blue helmet shells, a red helmet stripe, and gray facemasks. The blue jerseys included white numbers on the front and the sleeves. Silver pants with red-silver-blue-silver-red striping accompanied the look along with blue socks and black shoes.

The road jersey consisted of red numbering and Northwestern stripes at the sleeves. The socks were red on this uniform.


Helmet logos depicting a lowercase ‘ny’ appeared on the helmet.


New striping for the pants, featuring simple red and blue trim.


Numbers on the road jersey were now blue. The sleeve striping was now blue-red-blue, along with the striping on the white socks. A modified version of the pants striping appeared along with white pants.


Socks on the road uniform were now blue.


Striping now appeared at the sleeves’ base. NOB plates appeared.


The team adopts white shoes.


Helmet logo now blue with white outlines, featuring an uppercase N and lowercase y. White stripes now flank the red helmet stripe.

New jerseys were blue with white numbering and red outlines. Two white sleeve stripes outlined in red rested under the TV numbers. The white pants consisted of a blue stripe flanked with two red stripes. Socks were blue, featuring the same stripes seen on the jersey.

The road jerseys were white with blue numbers and red outlines, as were the sleeve stripes. The road pants were blue with a white stripe flanked with two red stripes, along with white socks that featured two blue stripes outlined in red.


Helmet logo changed to the GIANTS script.

Red socks with three white stripes and blue outines became an option for the road look. New blue socks featured three white stripes along with red outlines.


Team discards the red and white striped socks.


Giants discard the blue pants, pairing white jerseys on white pants. New blue socks featured four stripes.


Helmet reverts back to the single red stripe.

New jerseys introduced, the home being blue with white numbers and red outlines. Sleeve stripes migrate to the bottom of the sleeve. Collar design matches the sleeve stripes. White pants with blue and red trim remained, and the socks became solid blue.

Identical look for the road uniform, featuring white jerseys, blue numbering, and red outlines. Collar and sleeve stripes at the base matched on the road jersey as well.


Carl Lockhart Memorial Chest Patch. Home look. Road look.


Throwbacks worn for select weekends. Here’s a sneak peek at the road look.


75th-anniversary chest patch.


New uniforms. The home uniform is basically a reincarnation of the 1960s look, with plain, blue jerseys, silver pants, and red and blue trim. Socks were blue with white shoes. Another notable difference between this jersey and the 1960s jersey is the TV numbering, which was moved to the shoulders. Here’s a second look.

The road look consisted of a white jersey, red numbers, blue outlines, a blue collar, blue NOB plates, and red socks. And a second look.

GIANTS script remained at the midchest for both uniforms.

Facemasks reverted back to gray and the old ‘ny’ logo was revived.


George Young chest patch worn from December 15th to the season’s end.


Alternate red jersey introduced, paired with red socks.

80th-anniversary chest patches for the home look.


William T. Mara and P. Robert Tisch Memorial chest patches.

The road uniform discarded the blue and revived red Northwestern stripes. For all three jerseys, the ‘ny’ replaced the GIANTS script on the midchest. Striping difference for the road pants, which consisted of a similar pattern as the 1960 uniform.

Team reverts to black shoes.


The Giants paired the road pants with the home uniform for select games.


First game at New Meadowlands Stadium chest patch.


Team pairs home uniforms with the former road pants on a permanent basis.


Team introduces alternate white pants for the home uniform. These pants would be paired with white shoes.


90th-anniversary chest patch.


Color Rush uniform introduced. This uniform was a near-replica of the 1980-1999 design, except it was paired with solid white socks.

White pants become primary for the team’s home uniform.

White shoes reintroduced with each uniform combination.


Joan Tisch Memorial chest patch worn from November 1st-onward.

My Take

Overall, the Giants’ uniforms are rather boring but at the same time, they’re classic, so I’d put them in the middle of the road. However, I dig the team’s Color Rush look and I love how it’s a nod to the 1981-1999 base look. I’d love to see it, plus an identical home uniform, become the primary which will send shockwaves throughout my annual uniform rankings, which take place when each team’s new look for the upcoming year is set in stone.

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