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New York Jets Jersey History

The New York Jets jerseys received a makeover for 2019 and while many have had mixed to negative reviews about the look, I applaud the near-minimalist approach for a look whose only flaw in the primary home and away jersey is the overlarge ‘NEW YORK’ typescript.

Other than the one flaw, the jerseys themselves are solid, minus the black alternate which we’ll get to later today during the latter portion of this article.


Titans of New York (1960-1962)

Titans of New York Jersey
Modernized version of the Titans of New York Jersey

When the franchise debuted as a chartered member of the American Football League (AFL) in 1960, they were then known as the Titans of New York, citing that Titans were a stronger breed than Giants, the name of the rival NFL’s New York Giants.

The Titans’ colors were navy, gold, and white, featuring a navy blue jersey with gold numbers and white shoulder stripes flanking gold.

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The away look consisted of white jerseys with navy numbers and shoulder stripes flanking a single gold stripe.

Note that in 1960, both jerseys lacked the vertical shoulder stripes, instead consisting of a base navy blue and white jersey with numbering at the sleeves. The shade of blue was lighter, as was the shade of gold.

This look held until the team was sold and changed their name to the Jets in 1963.


Joe Namath Era (1963-1976)

1963-1977 New York Jets Home Jersey
1963-1977 New York Jets Home Jersey

The team abandoned the navy and gold in 1963 for kelly green and white, which became the team’s basic color palette in many forms until 1998.

This uniform consisted of kelly green jerseys at home with a white shoulder stripe followed by more green and a widened white stripe containing sleeve numbers.

The light jersey was simply an inverse of the kelly green.

This look remained during the entire Joe Namath era plus one additional year in 1977 when the team’s legendary quarterback played a year in Los Angeles as a member of the Rams.

Probably one of many reasons why fans refer to the jerseys as the Namath-era look.

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Kelly Green Era (1978-1997)

New York Jets 1978-1989 Home Jersey
New York Jets 1978-1989 Home Jersey

The team drastically changed their uniforms in 1978. While sticking with kelly green, they opted for just two sleeve stripes, giving the uniform a simpler look.

Like the previous uniforms, the away look was simply an inverse of the home, featuring kelly green numbers and sleeves.

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In 1990, in order to enhance visuals for television viewers, the Jets added black outlines to the numbers and sleeves on both the home and road look.

Updated Throwbacks (1998-2018)

1998-2018 New York Jets Home Jersey
New York Jets 1998-2018 Home Jersey

Under the direction of new head coach Bill Parcells, the Jets brought back a uniform resembling the team’s 1963-1977 look but instead used a shade of hunter green for the jerseys in favor of kelly.

These jerseys were near-exact replicas of the Namath Era look except for the color.

The team also brought back their former Titans of New York throwbacks during this time, wearing the look during select weeks until the NFL banned the use of multiple-colored helmets, forcing the Jets to retire the throwback beginning in 2013.

However, it’s rumored that the NFL may be nixing the one-helmet rule so if this indeed becomes the case the Jets and other teams who’ve worn throwbacks consisting of different colored helmets in the past may be able to bring them back.

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Gotham Green/Sam Darnold Era (2019-Present)

2019 to present New York Jets Jersey

In 2019, the Jets unveiled a new look and new shade of green, called Gotham green, a slightly darker shade than the classic kelly greens. This jersey incorporated the classic white block numbers with black outlines that was featured during the 1990s and the single shoulder stripe is reminiscent of the futuristic jet seen on the team’s helmet between 1978 and 1997.

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The new road jersey is an inverse of the home, featuring green numbers, black outlines, and green striping at the shoulders.

With a new home and road jersey came the addition of a black alternate, the first of its kind in the team’s 60-year history.

The black jersey consists of white numbers with a green outline and green shoulder stripes.


My Take

I’m generally a fan of the new look as it sparks a lot of resemblance to my favorite look the team wore through 1997, but then again, green is my favorite color and Gotham green has just dark enough of a shade to pique my interest even more, so I’m giving the new look a ‘yes’ vote.

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While I’m not a fan of the black alternates, it’s a look that will rarely be seen unless the team decides to make the mistake of wearing the look exclusively, which I don’t think we’ll see but in the NFL, who knows. I’m just glad to see a bit of a homage paid to the past with a unique, modern twist, sort of like what the Minnesota Vikings did with their own uniform redesign back in 2013.


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1963-1977 Road Jersey

New York Jets 1963-1977 Road Jersey


1998-2018 Road Jersey


2019-Present Road Jersey


2019-Present Color Rush Jersey

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  1. I’m loving this history of the New York Jets Jerseys, I have a son who loves American Football which is weird as we are from the UK where the NFL isn’t really a huge sport but he is going to love reading this

    It doesn’t look like the New York Jets jerseys have change that much since they first started playing as the Titans of New York  in 1960 but you can see that over time the jerseys have evolved into a designer looking piece of clothing

    I would love to get my son a jersey of the old New York Jets from the 1960s, do you know where I could get one? 

    1. I think the UK might be the next big place for American football. For each year the NFL goes to London, it seems more and more fans are getting into the game. You can simply click through my banner and you’ll find an awesome selection, including the old 1960s-era jerseys. Those ones are timeless and I’m glad to see them in the team stores. 

  2. I really like the Bill Parcell era Throwbacks. I am not as keyed in as you are with all the detail. So I never knew that the the Parcell era and up until 2013 were throwbacks. Nice touch Bill. Among other things. ha ha! 

    I agree with you as well on these new Jerseys. I would give it a 7.8 to 8 out of 10. But if they win they will certainly look better and better! As is always the case. 🙂

    1. The Parcells-Era look would’ve been fantastic had they simply kept the Kelly green. If they did that, I’d be lobbying perhaps for this look to stay, but I love the new look here. While it’s been panned by critics, I think it looks fantastic for the City of New York and the Jets, along with their unique color combo. 

  3. Love the post. Tons of information. You’ve really done a lot of homework on this one. Myself I like the blue and gold from way back. But the green is a great color. I think the new look is good and clean though. A nice modern look. You’re right though. The logo could be a little smaller. I was not aware though that there was a ban on multi color helmets. Any idea why this was put into place?

    1. Thanks, Arron. These posts take me about 2-3 hours to create when one counts the research and links that need to be added. I liked the New York Titans look as well and was always pumped when the team wore these uniforms a few seasons back. 

  4. Green is my favourite colour as well but I never did really like the Kelly Green jersey.  I very much agree with you that the darker shades provide much more appeal especially the latest gotham green.  Frankly, going through the entire history, I didn’t know there were that many variations of such close colours of green!  God forbid that they got to the black, though.  I don’t really like that one at all!

    I really liked the layout of your post.  It was very informative and explained the differences of the style as well as the coloration with pictures that made it very easy to see the differences.  Anybody that is a fan of the jets would certainly want to have the entire collection of the transformations in these jerseys.

    I especially liked your gallery at the bottom!  GO JETS!!!

    1. The Gotham green is just sick. I liked the Kelly but the Gotham is a good upgrade. I’m ordinarily not a fan of newer uniforms or color changes, but the Jets really hit a ringer here. It’s a fantastic upgrade over the 1998-2018 look. 

  5. Wow what a great detail article!! You broke this down better than my husband  haha.

    I will save this article as a reference and act like I’m a pro when I talk with my husband thanks to this article lol.

    The changes of the Jerseys is amazing I never knew the background behind it.

    My intake on the New Jersey I must say that I agree with you I love it . It seems classy and clean and less distracting.

    The color seems rich , I agree I don’t care for the black alternatives but the Jersey is beautiful!!

    Thank you for adding the source on this article! 

    Thank you for this informational article!!

    1. I think the Jets have seen the good, the great, the bad, and the good. I wasn’t a fan of their 1998-2018 look; it resembled a Wal-Mart kind of knockoff for what was a great uniform from 1965-1977. But I love the modern upgrades the team made for a uniform that resembled the 1978-1997 look. 

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