1. I always love articles where a little bit of history is shared with us for even as simple things as a logo. Everything has a story to tell and it’s nice to see how the New York Jets logo has progressed through time to what it is today. Thank you for such a nice reading on a Monday morning!

    1. I find the new logo captivating, but the helmet logo generic. I’m glad to see the football-shaped oval return plus a spinoff of the original kelly green. The Jets needed it. 

  2. I am a complete Jet’s fan, and this is my all-time favorite team since the Mark Sanchez era.  I am from Tennessee, in my opinion, these were the original Titans of the 60s. I love how this article breaks down the history of the world’s greatest football team! (biased) I got an opportunity to learn more about the changes in the logo over time, and the updates that were made. You are right, I agree with you about the new logo, it is quite boring, and not a classic like the rest. Do you think the Jet’s will change their logo again in the near future?

    1. It’s not the best logo, that’s for sure. The best one in team history was the 1978 to 1997 logo. Something about it always captivated me. I hope they do eventually switch over to this and if they do, they’ll really resemble those Jets. I was never a fan of the olive-like green that came with the uniform, but they nailed it with Gotham green. 

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