New York Jets Uniform History

The New York Jets uniform history begins in 1960 with a team known as the Titans of New York, predecessors to Gang Green, so we’ll start our study today with the Titans.

It wasn’t until 1963 did the Titans of New York become the Jets. Since 1963, the team has seen three radical uniform overhauls which seem to occur every decade and a half to two decades. The first major uniform overhaul came in 1963 when the team rebranded as the Jets.

The second occurred in 1978 when the Jets switched from white helmet shells to green. In 1998, they reverted back to a modernized version of their 1963-1977 look. Finally in 2019, they reversed course and adopted an updated 1978-1997 uniform combo.

Below is a detailed timeline.


The Titans of New York debuted blue helmet shells with a single gold crown stripe, along with gray facemasks, as were the norm at the time.

The home jerseys were blue along with gold numbers in front and back, along with gold TV numbers at the sleeves. The white road jerseys had blue numbers in the same location. The pants were gold with a double line of blue trim and the blue socks were solid with black shoes.

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The gold was reduced to a lighter shade.

The home jerseys now held shoulder striping consisting of a white-gold-white combo, gold numbering, as well as white and gold striping at the sleeve’s base. The gold pants now held white-blue-white striping and the blue socks consisted of white-gold-white triple striping.

The white jerseys now held a similar striping pattern with blue-gold-blue vertical and sleeve striping.


The Titans name was retired and the team now became known as the New York Jets. The color scheme changed to white and kelly green, necessitating a full rebranding.

The Jets’ original look consisted of white helmet shells, a single green helmet stripe, a green jet in flight with the wordmark ‘JETS’ written inside it.

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The jerseys were either green or white, with the green jerseys consisting of white numbers, and green TV numbers. A sleeve striping pattern consisting of two thin white stripes and one large white stripe embedded the TV numbers at the sleeves. The white road jersey was a complete inverse of the green.

The white pants now consisted solely of green trim while the socks were green with two horizontal white stripes and black shoes.


The helmet striping now consisted of two green stripes and the logo was now a white football outlined in green featuring the JETS wordmark atop a smaller green football.


The logo changed to an inverse of the 1964 design, now featuring a green football with a white JETS wordmark atop a white football.


Due to jersey theft, six players of the Jets were forced to wear road Cincinnati Bengals jerseys during a Week Five contest in Cincinnati.


The team wore plain white preseason jerseys in a Week Two contest versus the New England Patriots. These jerseys bore only green numbers and nameplates.


The Jets wore an updated version of preseason jerseys for the first month of the season. These jerseys better resembled their regular road jerseys at the time.


The Jets switched to white shoes.


The team introduced solid green socks.


The first radical uniform change since 1963. The helmets were now kelly green with a new JETS script below a futurized jet. The facemasks for this helmet became white.

Kelly green also took over the jersey, leaving just a white collar and two white sleeve stripes while TV numbers migrated to the shoulders. The pants were white with a solid green stripe while the white socks bore a thick green stripe.

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The road jersey was an inverse of the home, with green numbering, striping, and collars.


The socks became solid green.


The Jets, along with the rest of the old AFL, wore 25th-anniversary patches.


Black becomes an accent color, outlining the numbers and sleeve stripes on both jerseys. Black also outlined the facemasks, pants stripes, and sock stripes. Green pants with a white stripe debuted for the road uniform. Also, new socks debuted for both uniforms – white with green stripes and black outlines for the road look and green with white stripes and black outlines for the home. Also, noticeable were changes to the collar, which featured black as well.

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The Jets wore a 25th-anniversary patch commemorating their Super Bowl III victory and also wore a modified throwback uniform against the Cincinnati Bengals.


The Jets again wore throwbacks for select weekends. These throwbacks were the same modified variety, featuring green helmets with the classic Jets logo.


The Jets adopted a chest patch honoring GM Dick Steinberg.


Under the urging of coach Bill Parcells, the Jets returned to a modernized version of their classic 1965-1977 look. This time, the football-shaped helmet logo was now an oval, featuring hunter green as well as green facemasks. Both the home and road jerseys closely resembled that seen during the Joe Namath era, again featuring hunter green. The team’s helmet logo appeared on the jersey as a chest patch as well. Another tiny change is that the socks were solid green.


The team wore a Leon Hess memorial chest patch.


The Jets switched to wearing black shoes.


The Jets went green on green, adopting green pants with white striping, for the first time in team history. With this look came alternate white socks with green striping.


Green pants were paired with white jerseys on this uniform set for select games.


The team brought back the New York Titans uniforms to be worn as alternates.


The Jets wore a 40th-anniversary patch, commemorating their Super Bowl III victory.


The Jets adopted a 50th-anniversary patch and a road version of the New York Titans throwbacks to celebrate the AFL’s 50th anniversary.


The team wore white socks with green stripes for each uniform combination except the home green on white combo. They also wore a chest patch to honor the first game played at New Meadowlands Stadium (now Met-Life Stadium).


The team adopted their Color Rush uniform, featuring a green on green look that more resembled the classic kelly green. With this jersey came shoulder striping reminiscent of what is seen on the Indianapolis Colts jerseys. The helmet for this look adopted a metallic green logo.


The Jets wore white facemasks and plain white socks in a game against the Buffalo Bills. This game was intended to be a repeat Color Rush game of last season, which would’ve required the Jets to have worn their Color Rush uniforms.

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However, due to color blindness in the viewing audience (which also came against the Bills), the NFL mandated that if two Color Rush uniforms were too identical in color, the road team would compete in either their normal or modified road uniforms.


Like they did twenty years prior, the Jets again introduced new uniforms, this one being a modernized version of the 1978-1997 base, with closer resemblance to the 1990-1997 look, which featured black. Black again became part of the color scheme, on the facemasks and as outlines.

The Gotham green jerseys featured white numbers, black outlines, a single, stylized horizontal sleeve stripe. NEW YORK emblazoned the front of the jersey, atop the numbers. The white pants now have a stylized single stripe identical to what is seen on the Denver Broncos’ pants, except the stripe is Gotham green. The socks are green and shoes are white.

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The alternate uniform features black jerseys and pants. The numbering on the black jerseys are white with green outlines while the pants feature a green stripe. Black socks accompany the look. This alternate look is supposedly the team’s new Color Rush design even if the Color Rush itself is no longer mandated. Black shoes are worn with this uniform set.

The road jerseys feature green numbering, striping, and black outlines.

Green pants with white striping are also part of this look.

You can view the combos here.


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