Philadelphia Eagles Uniform History

The Philadelphia Eagles uniform history really began in 1933 with hand-me-downs from the old Frankford Yellow Jackets. The team later found their identity with a couple different shades of green, white, and silver, adding black into the scheme later on in the late-1990s. This article depicts a uniform that holds similar elements throughout its existence with numerous updates along the way, beginning with the kickoff of the modern era of football in 1960, when Pete Rozelle took over as NFL commissioner.


While most of our teams lacked helmet logos in the 1960 season, the Eagles were ahead of the curve as one of the first teams to adopt a logo, which consisted of a silver eagle wing within a kelly green helmet shell. The jerseys bore the same shade of green with white numbering, along with white pants and green trim up the sides. The socks were green with silver horizontal stripes and the shoes were black.

The road whites had green numbers, and green striping. The rest of the uniform resembled the home.

An alternate Eagle jersey depicted green Northwestern striping with TV numbers on the shoulder, rather than the sleeve as the two primary jerseys depicted.


White Northwestern stripes on the sleeves of the green jersey.


White sleeve and shoulder striping for the home jersey and green for the road, with the TV numbers nestled between the two striping patterns. Solid green socks appear for both uniforms.


The Eagles revert to plain, green home jerseys for the first half of the season before switching over to their double-striped jerseys starting in Week Nine. Ditto for the road uniform. The Eagles bore two helmets in 1969, a white shell with a green eagle wing, as well as a kelly green helmet with a white eagle wing.


The team dropped the green helmets and the double-striped jerseys, opting for the plain look in 1970. NOB plates added. Here’s a look at the home and road combos.


Black outlines for the numbers and black trim outlined a single green stripe on the pants. Here’s another look.


Green helmets return with a silver eagle wing outlined in white. White numbering appeared on the shoulders while a unique striping pattern graced the entire sleeve. Pants were silver with green and white trim up the sides. The green socks consisted of two white stripes, and the shoes were now white.

The road uniforms consisted of a white jersey, green numbering, and an identical striping pattern.


Silver striping appeared on the green socks.


Bicentennial logo appeared on the sleeves.


Truncated striping appeared. Here’s another look.


New jerseys. The green home look consisted of white numbering outlined in black. A new primary logo appeared on the sleeves. Pants were silver with green-black-white-black-green striping. The socks were white with green striping.

The white jersey included green numbers, black outlines, and a primary logo on the sleeves.


Memorial worn on the helmet to commemorate the Steelers’ owner.


Black helmet strip memorial for quarterback coach Doug Scovil.


Black shoes return.


Team returns to white shoes.


Three Jerome Brown Memorial chest patches worn throughout the season. Here’s a second look.


NFL 75th-anniversary throwbacks for select weekends.


Major uniform overhaul.

Helmets now midnight green with black facemasks. Eagle wing logo is white with silver accents along with black and white outlines. The home jerseys consisted of white numbers, black outlines, and a new primary logo at the sleeves. The pants were white with black and green trim. The socks were green and the shoes white.

The road jerseys had green numbers, black outlines, and a single green and black stripe at the sleeves. Green pants with a single black stripe appeared with the primary logo featured at the sides. Black socks appeared with this look.


The team’s road jersey now better resembled the home. Green jerseys on green pants appeared for the first time.


First game at Lincoln Financial Field chest patch. Black alternate jerseys appear for the first time, featuring a green collar and sleeve stripe at the base, with the helmet logo at the sleeve’s midpoint. The team also paired these jerseys with green pants. New pants design comprised of one green and one black stripe on the white pants while the green pants consisted of a black stripe and a thin, green stripe.


Team switches to black shoes.


75th-anniversary chest patch along with Frankford Yellow Jackets throwbacks.


1960s throwbacks.


Black pants introduced, worn with the black jersey. These pants had one green and one white stripe running down the sides. This uniform would later serve as the team’s Color Rush.


Super Bowl LIII Champions chest patch worn Week One.

My Take

While I’m a fan of the color midnight green, it doesn’t look right on the Eagles. We’re living in an era today where the brighter colors are seeing a surging comeback, note the Los Angeles teams, both of which have opted for lighter colors that have accompanied their latest logo revelations. The Eagles MUST follow suit and return to kelly green and silver. It honestly wouldn’t matter if they kept the same uniform base – the kelly green and silver would probably make an already decent uniform design look better. But for the love of God, get rid of the black and midnight green. It’s so 1990s and early-2000s. Shame the Eagles won a Super Bowl wearing that look.

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