Pittsburgh Steelers Uniform History

The Pittsburgh Steelers uniform has ironically seen some wacky changes despite recent stability in the look since the early 1970s. Today, we go back to 1960 where the modern NFL era kicked off to dissect one of the most stable uniforms in recent NFL history.


The Steelers sported yellow helmets, a solid black stripe, gray facemasks, black numbers on the shells, black jerseys, yellow numbering, yellow Northwestern stripes, black and yellow trim, and black socks with yellow Northwestern stripes.

The road uniforms consisted of white jerseys, black numbering, along with black and yellow Northwestern stripes.

Black shoes were worn with the look.


The helmets now included the ‘Steelmark‘ logo on just a single side. In January during the Playoff Bowl, the Steelers switched to black helmets and never looked back.

A yellow sleeve panel was added to the road jerseys. Also, the roadies sported yellow outlines on the numbering.


The team switched to their now-infamous Batman jerseys. The pants were now yellow with a thick, black stripe, and solid black socks.

The road Batman jerseys.


The Steelers adopted their now familiar jerseys featuring white numbering on the black jerseys, yellow Northwestern stripes with white trim, and the TV numbers migrated to the shoulders.

The road jerseys now consisted of the same striping pattern with black numbering.


The team wore white pants with black striping with their road uniforms.


The Steelers switched to wearing gold pants full time.


The team switched to white shoes.


The team switched to black facemasks.


The Steelers wore a 50th anniversary chest patch.


The team adopted another chest patch.


60th anniversary chest patch.


The team introduced 1930s throwbacks for select weekends.


The Steelmark chest patch now appeared on the jerseys. Also, the numbering now became sleeker and less block-like. Numbers now migrated to the very top of the shoulder.


The team adopted a chest patch for their final game at Three Rivers Stadium.


75th-anniversary chest patch plus revival of the 1962 threads as a third jersey.


The Steelers unveiled their infamous “bumblebee” throwbacks along with an 80th-anniversary chest patch on the throwback only.


The team wore a 40th-anniversary Super Bowl champion chest patch.


The team unveiled their Color Rush uniform, consisting of classic 1960s-era jerseys, the Steelmark chest patch, yellow numbering, black pants, gold striping, and black shoes.


Another chest patch.

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  1. Interesting how the team changes up their uniforms a lot over the years. Do you have any idea why they feel the need to do so? Is it because they like to stay in style with the times? I have a friend that is a big Steelers fan and I’ll have to forward this to him. He should find it interesting. 

    1. Some teams are looking for a change in identity or definition while others might just want to sell more merchandise, and a new logo and uniforms are the way to do so. Some want to modernize to keep up with the times but others are so classic they fit regardless of the era. 

  2. It was interesting to see the timeline of how the Pittsburgh Steeler’s uniform changed over the years in this article. I never realized how much a team’s uniform could change over the years, even when they have kept the same colors. It would have been cool to see pictures of the different chest patches that they have included over the years.

    1. Hi, Amanda, the Steelers are especially surprising since their uniform has essentially maintained the same look since the early-1970s. I’m actually placing the chest patches with the logo history articles. It’ll be a minute before I get to the Steelers, having done the Cowboys’ today, but once I get all thirty-two teams done, I’ll link the logo history articles where you can then view the chest patches. 

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