Seattle Seahawks Uniform History

There have been two major changes in the Seattle Seahawks uniform history, with the first coming in 2002 and the second in 2012. There have been minor changes throughout the years, which will be documented in this article from the team’s inception in 1976 to today, as the team continues to be a power in the NFC.



The Seahawks debuted with one of the better looking uniform schemes in the league, featuring silver, royal blue, and emerald green in their color scheme, symbolizing the Great Northwest. Their silver helmets consisted of a unique helmet logo of a bird’s head resembling what one might see at the top of a totem pole, with gray facemasks.

Their inaugural home jerseys were blue with white, block numbering in front as well as the sleeves. Their sleeve striping included a thin, white stripe flanking a green-white-green pattern while the white road jerseys bore royal blue numbers, and a green-blue-white-blue-green striping pattern.

The pants featured a silver base with a green-white-blue-white-green striping pattern. The blue socks also held a white-green-white-green-white pattern as well.


The team switched from black to white shoes.



The Seahawks switched to blue facemasks, solid blue socks, moved their TV numbers from the sleeve to the shoulder, and switched to the helmet logo sleeve stripe. They also added a unique striping pattern to the collar.

You can view the changes here and here.



The team added a Tenth Anniversary patch to the hip.



Seattle made a minor change to the striping pattern on the pants, going with a thinner blue stripe in the middle while thickening the outside green.



The Seahawks brought back their 1976-1982 look.



The team added a 25th Anniversary patch to the chest.



Seattle made their first radical uniform redesign in team history upon returning to the NFC. The entire color scheme received a makeover, with Seahawks blue (gunmetal blue), navy, and neon green serving as the new colors. The jerseys were now Seahawks blue with white numbering outlined in navy, also featured on the shoulders. Navy shoulder panels featured the helmet logo at the sleeve. The sleeve bases held a navy-green-navy pattern, as did the collars.

The home look was paired with white pants featuring navy-green-navy during the preseason, but by the regular season, used the Seahawks blue pants on a regular basis. The socks were also navy.

The white jersey featured Seahawks blue numbering and navy outlines, Seahawks blue shoulder panels, with the helmet logo nestled in between. The same striping pattern was used for the jersey base and collar. This jersey was paired with both white and Seahawks blue pants.

The helmets were now Seahawks blue, having won a fan contest over silver. Initially, the team planned to wear silver helmets at home and blue helmets on the road, but the NFL bans the use of multiple colored helmets on a full-time basis. Also, the logo was tweaked to feature a fiercer-looking seahawk.



The Seahawks unveiled their one-off infamous lime-green alternates and added navy blue pants to their uniform palette.



The Seahawks made their second radical uniform change, keeping navy and ditching the Seahawks blue in favor of wolf gray. The neon green is now considered to be action green.

These uniforms featured navy helmets with a unique striping pattern at the crown. The jerseys were blue, with gray numbers and green outlines. The sleeve panels were action green and the shoulders featured gray TV numbers. A horizontal stripe at the mid seam was gray, with the wordmark ‘Seahawks’ featured on the left.

Here’s another combo featuring the home blue jersey.

The road jersey featured blue numbers and green outlines, with blue sleeve panels and shoulder numbers, as well as blue mid seam stripes. Here’s another look. A wolf-gray alternate was also introduced, which resembled the whites.

All jerseys now consisted of a unique design on the collar.

White, blue, and gray pants also came with the new look, featuring green trim on the blues and blue trim on the white and gray along with the same unique pattern within the striping. All pants are paired with navy socks.



Seattle added a lime-green Color Rush uniform, featuring an action green base, with the rest of the uniform resembling the road and wolf gray jerseys. Green pants with the same blue striping and features appeared, as did green socks.



2000 Seattle Seahawks



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