Tampa Bay Buccaneers Uniform History

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniform has seen two drastic changes throughout its existence, going as far as to change their entire color scheme. From the infamous Bucco Bruce creamsicles to the pewter makeover to the 1980s digital alarm clock numbers we see today, the Bucs’ uniforms have literally seen bad, good, and ugly…in that order.



The Bucs’ original uniforms consisted of an orange (creamsicle) jersey, white block numbering, red outlines, sleeve numbers, a red-white-red sleeve pattern, white pants with a red-orange-red trim, orange socks with red-white-red striping, and white shoes. The road look consisted of an identical palette, with white jerseys, orange numbers, red outlines, and a red-orange-red sleeve striping pattern The socks were white with a red-orange-red striping pattern. The white helmets included an orange facemask, the Bucco Bruce logo, plus a red-orange-red helmet stripe.

Also in 1976, the Bucs only wore their orange jerseys during preseason, and white in each regular season game.



The Buccaneers switched to solid orange socks on both uniforms and switched to red numbers on the white jersey with orange outlines. The home jersey also appeared in a regular season game for the first time.


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The team added a 10th Anniversary Patch to their jersey.



The Bucs added orange pants to the road jersey with red-white-red striping.



The team adds a chest patch for the late Hugh Culverhouse.



The Buccaneers revamped their entire uniform, from the pants to the helmet to the jersey. The new red jerseys consisted of white block numbering in front and on the shoulder, with orange and black outlines. A secondary ship logo appeared on the sleeves. The pewter pants held a black-orange-red-orange-black striping pattern, along with black shoes and socks. The new pewter helmet had a black facemask and a red jolly roger became the new logo.

The white jersey included red numbering with orange and black outlines, plus the secondary logo.

Both combinations also featured a set of white pants.


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The team adopted a 30th Anniversary chest patch.



The team brought back the old Bucco Bruce throwback for select games.



For the first time in over a decade and a half, the Bucs again redesigned their uniform. This uniform kept the red jersey, but the numbering font changed to what is supposedly inspired by old buccaneer writing. Pewter shoulder panels came about with red shoulder numbers and a horizontal creamsicle stripe appeared at the midseam. The team’s wordmark, written in red, appeared on the sleeve and the secondary logo appeared on the other sleeve. With the new uniform came either white or pewter pants with an uneven pewter stripe with a creamsicle trim at the top, along with the team’s helmet logo. The pewter pants consisted of a red stripe with a creamsicle top. Socks were either pewter, red, or orange, depending on the week.

The road look was identical to the home, except with a white jersey and red numbering.

The new helmets featured more metallic pewter with a chrome facemask and a larger jolly roger.

The team also wore a memorial patch for former owner Malcolm Glazer.


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The Bucs were a 40th-anniversary patch and introduced a red Color Rush jersey, which removed the shoulder panels and consisted of pewter numbering and midseam stripe. The red pants bore simply a pewter stripe with the helmet logo. This look was paired with red socks.


On April 7th, 2020, the Buccaneers unveiled a new uniform set. The primary home and road looks resemble the team’s 1997-2013 uniform almost to a T with the exception of the helmet which retains the 2014-present logo. The facemasks switched from chrome to black and a new Color Rush jersey debuted.

This new jersey is pewter and bears resemblance to the primary home and road look. It’ll be paired with a special set of pewter pants for all Color Rush games.

You can view the full gallery at this article.


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