Tennessee Titans Uniform History

The Tennessee Titans uniform history really began in 1999, but today I’ll be relaying the history of one franchise in two different locations under two different names. Since the Titans started off in Houston as the Oilers, I want to begin this article with the 1960 Oilers, culminating with the 2019 Titans.

Let’s take a look at the winding history of a franchise’s uniforms that will take us from Houston, Texas to Nashville, Tennessee.


The Oilers’ original colors were columbia blue, red, and white. The home look consisted of columbia blue helmet shells with a white oil derrick and a gray facemask. They also had a single white stripe. The jerseys were columbia blue with white numbering and red outlines. TV numbers also appeared at the sleeves. White pants featured blue and red trim, along with blue socks with three white stripes outlined in columbia blue.

The road uniforms consisted of white jerseys, red numbering, blue outlines, white pants with blue and red trim, and white socks with red striping along with blue outlines. I couldn’t locate a full body photo, see below for the 1961 look and you’ll get an idea of what the original roadies looked like.


The team did away with the numbering outlines and outlines on the sock stripes for both the home and road uniforms.


Solid blue socks were introduced.


The team added red to their helmet stripes. A different shade of columbia blue was used. Striping was added to the sleeves just under the TV numbers. Also, three horizontal white stripes were added to the socks.


The team introduced silver helmets with a red-white-blue-white-red helmet stripe. The logo was now blue and outlined in both white and red, similar to what the team would wear on a permanent basis. The blue home uniform now consisted of white numbering with red outlines, plus white-red-white-red-white sleeve striping. The pants were now silver with red-white-blue-white-red trim. The blue socks now had red-white-blue-white-red striping.

The road look resembled the home in every aspect, except it featured blue numbering with red outlines with a blue-red-white-blue-red-white-blue striping pattern.

In a strange turn of events, three Oilers were forced to wear the Miami Dolphins’ white jerseys for a game due to jersey theft.


The blue sleeve stripes were thinner in 1968 and solid socks were re-introduced. Also, subtle differences in the helmet and pants striping occurred.


Change to the striping pattern on the sleeves, which now featured two thin blue stripes along with a thick, red stripe for the road uniform while home look featured thin white stripes along with a thick red stripe.


Major overhaul. The team re-introduced blue helmets with the white oil derrick, this time outlined in red. The helmet stripe now possessed a whte-red-white combo. The blue jersey still had white numbering and red outlines, with sleeve stripes at the base of the sleeve. The pants reverted to white and consisted of red-white-blue-white-red trim. Socks were solid blue and the shoes were white.

The road look had blue numbers outlined in red, with stripes at the sleeve base. The pantss were Columbia blue with the same pattern as the home white pants.


Changes to the sock pattern. The home socks were blue with red-white-blue-white-red striping while the road socks were white with the same striping pattern.


The team introduced white helmets with a blue oil derrick outlined in white and red. The helmet stripe now matched the sleeve, pants, and sock stripes.


The Oilers switched to white pants as well as the home socks for their road uniforms. The striping on the helmet was significantly widened.


The team re-introduced blue pants for the road uniform. The helmet facemasks were now red. Also, the team unveiled new blue socks with two thin red stripes along with a thick, white stripe.


Further changes to the socks, eliminating the thick white stripe which instead featured two thin red and white stripes in front of a blue background.


The shade of Columbia blue was slightly altered. Also, a 25th-anniversary chest patch accompanied the team as well as the rest of the original AFL franchises.


The Oilers returned to white pants for their road uniforms.


The team re-introduced blue pants for the road look for select games.


The Oilers returned to wearing blue pants full time for the road uniform.


The Oilers paired white pants with blue socks for select road games, and blue pants with white socks for others.


The stripes on the sleeves migrated to the base.


The Oilers revealed 1960s throwbacks for the NFL’s 75th anniversary.


White pants full-time in 1995.

1997: Tennessee Oilers

The team unveiled a chest patch for their first season in Tennessee. The team, however, played predominately in Memphis in 1997 and 1998. This would be the final appearance of the Columbia blue jersey as the Oilers.


The Oilers wore white for all preseason and regular season games.

1999: Tennessee Titans

The Titans debuted with white helmets, a navy facemask, and a navy blue logo emitting columbia blue and red flames. They also unveiled a navy crown stripe. The jerseys were navy with white numbering. It contained columbia blue shoulder panels with navy TV numbers at the shoulders. A secondary logo graced the sleeves. They also wore a chest patch to commemorate their first season as the Titans. The pants were white with navy and columbia trim, along with navy socks.

The road uniforms were white with navy numbers and columbia blue outlines, columbia blue shoulder panels, and navy numbers at the shoulders. The pants were navy with columbia blue and white trim, along with navy socks.


The Titans wore white pants with white jerseys for select games.


The Titans unveiled a third jersey colored Titans blue, a rendition of columbia blue. This jersey was an inverse of the navy primaries, featuring light blue jerseys, navy shoulder panels, white numbering with navy outlines with light blue TV numbers. This jersey was paired with the navy pants.


The team wore navy on navy for the first time.


The Titans unveiled Titans blue pants. The wore the pants with the white jersey and navy jersey in 2007.


Titans blue pants were paired with Titans blue jerseys. They also unveiled a 10th-anniversary patch. The team also promoted their Titans blue jersey to primary status, relegating the navy to alternate.


The team unveiled 1960s Houston Oilers throwback uniforms to celebrate the AFL’s 50th anniversary. They also wore the 50th-anniversary jersey patch. Have a look at the home and away throwbacks, with the latter featuring the New York Jets as the Titans of New York and the Titans as the Houston Oilers.


The Titans paired Titans blue jerseys with white pants for the first time, creating a look that resembled the old Houston Oilers.


The team brought back the navy jerseys as primaries, practically abandoning the Titans blue look for the season.


The Titans unveiled their Color Rush look, pairing Titans blue jerseys with Titans blue pants, along with Titans blue socks.


Drastic uniform redesign. For the first time in team history, the team unveiled navy blue helmet shells with silver crown striping and silver facemasks.

The home jerseys were navy blue with silver shoulder panels, now meant to resemble swords. The numbering is white with Titans blue outlines and side panels. The road look consisted of white jerseys silver panels, navy numbering, Titans blue outlines, and side panels. The alternate jersey is Titans blue with navy numbering and silver outlines, along with the sword-like shoulder panels

The pants are either navy, white, or Titans blue, with each featuring a silver sword sheath at the sides.

You can view all the combos here:

Navy on white

Titans blue on white

Navy on Titans blue and white on navy

White on Titans blue

White on white

Navy on navy

Titans blue on navy 

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  1. You have quite a history here about the Tennessee Titans uniform. It’s fascinating how you are able to give all the information about how they get to wear the Jersey. It’s pretty nice to me and also very educative. I love American football and I’m getting more interested in learning about how the jerseys evolved. Thank you for this.

    1. Thanks! There’s a lot of history behind the Oilers/Titans as well. Changes galore, both in the franchise’s early days and even here in 2020. 

  2. Hi! I really like today’s Tennessee titans uniform. It has so many cool details that make this uniform unique. The colors are my favorite and the small logo in their navy blue pants with the gray and white rectangles on the sides give the uniform a cool feeling. But what I like most is their helmet.

    Because I like so much their present uniform I was interested in seeing how it had evolved during the past. Thanks for this post. Just what I was looking for.

    1. I’m not saying the uniform doesn’t have its place – but it has far more of a feel of an arena football uniform, with the non-traditional numbering and pants striping. Some teams can pull off navy blue, the Bears among others. But for teams who’ve switched to the color, they’ve seen mainly backlash from their fan bases. Perhaps the Seahawks, Broncos, and Patriots can be exceptions, but each has won Super Bowls in their look. Other teams like the Chargers, Bills, and Rams have returned to more classic looks. 

  3. It’s interesting how the Oilers Became the Titans the fans must have been upset. I only occasionally take an interest in American football because I follow the AFL in Australia (which unfortunately won’t be happening this year).

    The AFL used to be the VFL or Victorian Football League, with all the teams based in Melbourne. This began to change in the 70s when one of the inner city sides was moved to Sydney because they were scratching for money.

    The history of a football jumper is interesting if you’re a fan. My team Essendon (red and black) has had a few changes over the years., and like the Titans in 2009 they do wear something from way back from time to time.

    I like how you have all those profile links down the side, and the content they link to. I bookmarked the page. The dropdowns at the top are very nifty, I’ll have to find out how that is done.

    Thank you.


    1. The fans in Houston literally turned their back on the franchise back in 1996 – the Oilers’ final season in Houston and they weren’t welcomed during their days as a lame-duck franchise when they were known as the Tennessee Oilers – playing in front of sparse crowds. 

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