The Los Angeles Chargers to Wear Powder Blues

As reported by several media outlets last night, the Los Angeles Chargers jersey is taking on a new look in 2019. Or should I say, an old look returned to primary status? Yes, the Los Angeles Chargers are slated to wear powder blue jerseys for 2019 and hopefully for this uniform monitor, beyond.

History of the Chargers’ Jerseys

Photo By SD Dirk from San Diego, USA

In a later post, I’ll talk about the history of the jerseys in further detail, but for now, an overview of the subject.

From 1960-1974, powder blue dominated the Chargers’ look, along with a white helmet. Variations of the jersey existed until then, when the team made the switch from powder to navy which itself became a mainstay in its own variations from 1975 until 2018, with the Chargers making three uniform changes in that timespan.

In 1994, the team brought the powder blues back as an alternate and in the early 2000s, regularly wore the alternate along with the historic white helmet.

In 2007, the team returned to wearing the white helmets full-time, but stuck with navy as their primary color with the powder blue jerseys retaining alternate status.

At Fans’ Demand

Per the Chargers, fans have been asking for a switch back to powder blue for over a decade, and while I’m not a fan of the Bolts, I’ve long wished for the same being the uniform purist that I am.

According to, the team is 20-16 while wearing their powder blues, and a perfect 4-0 under current head coach Anthony Lynn.

Chargers players such as Keenan Allen, Adrian Phillips, and Denzel Perryman chimed in on their support of the switch back to powder blue, with Phillips being perhaps the most vocal about the team’s return, stating “the powder blues are the best in sports.”

Another Change?

Per the team’s Twitter video that reintroduced the long sought after look, it appears there’s another change to the Chargers’ helmets I can support. The helmet looks to be reverting back to the yellow-gold facemask, last seen on the 1975-1987 helmet, often called the Air Coryell look.

I can’t wait to see these uniforms in action come preseason in August.


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