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The Los Angeles Rams’ New Uniforms “Topped” New England’s

The new Los Angeles Rams‘ uniforms are arguably the worst uniforms I’ve seen unveiled since the 2013 Jacksonville Jaguars. Kevin Demoff insisted Rams fans would be in love with the new look, especially the logo after they saw the unveiling, which includes a shade of white called ‘bone.’

Hey, I didn’t know the Rams were intent on it being Halloween from September to January, but I guess they thought it’d make a nice touch to use a shade of white that matched that of a human skeleton. Who designed these uniforms? Tom Riddle? Hey, at least New England‘s latest duds (and they’re duds) can’t match what’s going to be the most abysmal look in the NFL over the next five seasons.

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I’ll give the Rams two plus ratings: Their helmet color finally matches the jersey color and they didn’t add any strange colors except that bone color, which supposedly is a nod to the true color of ram horns. Wait until you see the bone uniforms – I didn’t notice a different shade of white, so the bonehead who designed these things obviously didn’t do a very good job.


New Home Uniform

So, what’s new with the Rams?

You know those deep, vivid colors you play with in preschool? That’s literally what came to mind when I saw these. My God, I can smell the freaking playdoh, or however, you spell it. At first glimpse, the uniform resembles, well, its predecessor.

Then you get to look at the details.

The first boneheaded mistake the team made was the round numbering font in an era where teams are going with a classic and in the case of the Cleveland Browns and Indianapolis Colts beyond old school which is the new thing these days. The second boneheaded mistake is the fact that someone at NFL creative properties thought gradient numbers looked fashionable.

Dude, this is the NFL, not the NCAA or Division III high school. NFL teams don’t wear gradient numbers for good reason. And I don’t know if I’m missing something but there are no TV numbers. I don’t know if this is a new trend, but a lack of TV numbers only worked on alternates. Now, two teams have them. I don’t get it.

The pants are yellow with one blue and one white stripe. The white on yellow makes hardly any sense since it’s hard to contrast the colors. Oh, and for the first time in 73 years, the Rams put a new logo on their helmets.

Seriously, Kevin Demoff can’t be this stupid to have approved the new look. But if he were smart, he’d back off, throw his hands up, and say, “Never mind.”

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Given that he forced a new logo that no one wanted onto the fan base, I doubt that’s what he has in mind. Oh, and what the hell is with that really weird chest patch that looks like a jersey ad. And before I forget, if you look close, you’ll find the team actually put traces of the logo inside the numbering…who’s idea was this?!

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Road Uniforms

Okay now onto those “good old bone uniforms.” The first thing that makes these uniforms a complete laughingstock is that the road jersey doesn’t match the home. Few teams can pull it off. The Rams can’t. There are TV numbers on the sleeves, the yellow ram horns that you can barely see, and non-gradient numbers. WTF?

Oh, and about that chest patch. When you see it you can finally tell bone from white. Oh, and it gets better. Well, worse, really. The bone-colored pants contain one yellow stripe that you can kind of see since the pants are bone and not white. Okay, so this bone color is like whitish-gray if that makes any sense.


Color Rush

I’m guessing the blue on blue is the team’s color rush? I don’t know. They look like blue highlighters from the angle I’m looking at. Basically, it’s the same jersey with the weird ad-like wordmark at the chest (seriously, who the hell designed these things?). From what I can muster the blue pants have an ultra-wide yellow stripe that’s about twice as wide as the yellow stripe on the bone jerseys.

I’ve never seen a real train wreck in my life, but I’ve seen one with this uniform.

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You know that kid who slept in class all day back in high school and failed every class? Or that kid who played hooky, owed restitution hours, and just “earned” incompletes?

Yeah, I can’t even grade these things. There’s neither a grade nor a star-rating for them. So, when I update my rankings, it’s going to be 0 out of 5 stars. I can’t even treat these duds like NFL uniforms. The Rams literally went from a halfway decent color rush and an epic home uniform combination to Delaware Fighting Blue Hen (NCAA FCS) type uniforms. And the fans PANNED them.

Dear Kevin Demoff: Just do the right thing here. Your creation sucks. The fans are pissed. I’d probably find another team to root for if I were a Rams fan. Actually, I’d just go root for the Chargers, being that they know how to design a decent uniform. You just successfully turned the Rams into the “other” LA team.

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Meanwhile, the LA team that fans didn’t want in LA became THE LA team, which of course are the Los Angeles Chargers, who unveiled some beautiful modernized upgrades of their 1960s classics. As for the Rams, they unveiled a train wreck complete with bone-colored uniforms.

What a nightmare for Rams fans.

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