NFC West Uniform Rankings

Uniform Rankings for the NFC West

This final divisional uniform rankings article won’t be as complete as the other seven since the Los Angeles Rams have yet to unveil their new look to the public. Not to worry though, as we do know a few things about the Rams:

1) Their colors are royal blue and sol an updated scheme of their 1973 to 1999 look.

2) The ram horns are staying on the helmet (even if they use a different design).

That said, I’ll judge the Rams on an incomplete grade, but I’ll still give them the same 1 to 5-star rating for categories which we already know about, including 4 stars for longevity since it appears these uniforms will resemble the old 1973 to 1999 look.

Once the uniforms are unveiled, I’ll update and decide where the Rams truly fall in these rankings.

But now, let’s talk about uniforms. Again, the grades are in the longevity, primary home, primary road, combos, and alternate/throwback/color rush categories.

Incomplete: Los Angeles Rams

1999 Rams

Primary Home:?

Primary Road:?

Alternate/Color Rush:?


Longevity: 4 stars

Rating: 4 +/-

The Rams’ grade is incomplete until their unveiling later this year at SoFi Stadium.

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3 – Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals Helmet

Primary Home: 1 star

Primary Road: 1

Alternate/Color Rush: 1

Combos: 1

Longevity: 3:

Rating: 1.4 Stars

Longevity saved the Cardinals. They have kept these uniforms for what’s going on 16 seasons and they’re entering their third decade in the look, which they adopted in 2005. There’s also nothing pretty here about any of the uniform combinations. The numbers on the black color rush jerseys are impossible to read, the black alternates are so 2000s-early-2010s, and the strange jersey piping went out of style years ago.

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The Cardinals are in need of a complete overhaul and need to restart from the bottom up. The team’s red and white color scheme actually works, so ditch the black, ditch the strange uniform accents and piping, and you’re halfway there. Just don’t stagnate the look like Atlanta did.


2 – Seattle Seahawks

2002-2011 Seattle Seahawks

Primary Home: 2

Primary Road: 4

Alternate/Color Rush: 1

Combos: 1

Longevity: 2

Rating: 2 stars

Not every day you see the Number 2 uniform garner just 2 stars but the Seahawks have done it (expect them to drop when the Rams’ new uniforms are released). These uniforms are downright college-like and they should never grace an NFL field. The colors are okay, but they could be better, but nothing works here, from the front and sleeve panels that make this uniform look like an updated Reebok design to the strange feathering on the numbers, helmets, collars, and pants.

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It’s time to scrap these uniforms and start over. They’re horrendous. Perhaps something like the 1983 to 2001 uniform would be a good place to begin? Or just to return to the look. Whatever they want. Returning completely to the look would be great.


1 – San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco 49ers helmet

Primary Home: 5 stars

Primary Road: 5 stars

Color Rush: 5 stars

Combos: N/A

Longevity: 5 stars

Rating: 5 stars

Finally, there’s a team in the NFL with a perfect 5-star rating. And it totally has changed my uniform rankings as in 2020 the concept you see before you. It’s no surprise that the 49ers are at the top of my list as for one, there’s no one else in the NFC West worthy of even coming close and for another, the two basic uniforms plus the throwback color rush points to one thing: Tradition.

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The current uniform came about in 2009, however, the Longevity score earns 5-stars since this uniform was based on the 1964-1995 look, with the only difference being the helmet logo. However, the difference is so minute it didn’t affect the rankings. Interestingly, the old helmet logo was seen on the team’s color rush uniform in Week 8.


Your Take

Now you make the call. Do you agree with the 49ers’ high ranking? Was I too tough on Seattle? For those who display blatant recency bias, I want to know why you think this way and subsequently explain why teams tend to return to older looks in favor of the newer ones?

For that matter, I ain’t wrong and my point has been proven here in 2020 when the Chargers, Browns, and Bucs all dropped their former non-traditional looks in favor of something far more classic. You might have a point with Seattle since they did win the Super Bowl in their current look so therefore it is regarded as a ‘Championship Look.’

But then again, New England ditched their old threads that won them 6 Super Bowls for something far worse, so this argument is only somewhat valid.

Anyway, let me know what you think and we’ll go from there.

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  1. Hi, I enjoyed reading your article on the Ranking the NFC West Uniforms.  There’s a lot of great and helpful information about the NFC West Uniforms. 

    Wow, I did not know that the Los Angeles Rams will have a new look.  They are one of my favorite teams.  I can’t wait to see what their new look will be like.

    Thank you for the great article!

    1. Hi, Margaret. They will. We don’t know much about the new look except the color concept returns to normal, which is why I felt the new logo was at least somewhat decent even if the aesthetics were off. 

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