Uniform Rankings in the NFC North

My last article covered uniform rankings in the NFC East and today, I’m touching on the beautiful and I mean beautiful NFC North. This is the first division I’m covering that doesn’t boast a single bad uniform, even if there are a couple of bad uniform combos.

The competition is close in the NFC uniform race, even closer than what was done in the NFC East, where I had a surprise victor in those rankings.

Anyway, assuming that I have new readers each day, here’s how I rank the uniforms:

From a scale of 1 to 5 stars, you’ll see results in the Primary Home combination, Primary Road, Alternate/Color Rush/Throwback, Combos, and finally, longevity. Longevity refers to the number of decades a team’s uniform has been in existence, so older uniforms have the edge here.

However, newer uniforms that resemble their older counterparts receive higher longevity scores, which bumps up the Vikings and Lions in this case, both of whom either possess uniforms that somewhat resmeble a classic look or have returned to classic colors, as in Detroit’s case.

I add the stars and average them out. They can be as low as 1 or as high as 5.

This is new for 2020 and will make my uniform rankings quite different from in the past, where I simply graded home, away, and alternate/color rush/throwback.

So, where does your favorite NFC North team rank?


4 – Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings 2006-2012

Primary Home: 4 stars

Primary Road: 4 stars

Color Rush: 2 stars

Combos: 2 stars

Longevity: 4 stars

Rating: 3.2 stars

The Vikings have a fantastic color scheme and arguably the most unique in the league. Problem is, they love to use purple pants at the wrong time and it totally takes away from a rather solid look. Another gripe about the Vikes is their strange numbering fonts that appear to be contradictory.

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For Minnesota, simply get rid of the purple pants and return to a more traditional numbering font. At least a 4-star look awaits.


3 – Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions 2009-2016 Helmet

Primary Home: 4 stars

Primary Road: 3 stars

Color Rush/Throwback: 3 stars

Combos: 5 stars

Longevity: 4 stars

Rating: 3.8 stars

The Lions have an amazing color scheme. You can’t go wrong with Ford blue and silver, but the problem for them is that they not only have far too many uniform combinations, but they often choose the wrong combinations to wear as a primary. The blue pants need to go, as does the color rush. If they ax those two distractions, the team will boast a top-10 uniform. Luckily, they didn’t wear all-blue in 2019.

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T – 1: Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers 1961-1979

Primary Home: 5 Stars

Primary Road: 5 Stars

Color Rush/Throwback: 4 Stars

Combos: N/A

Longevity: 5 stars

4.75 stars

The Packers are way up there in the rankings and you’d never think a team with a yellow helmet could do it but Green Bay does and they do so well. There’s really nothing to gripe about except for the fact I wish they’d wear their Super Bowl-era throwbacks over their blue and gold throwbacks. If they ever did, I’d give them a perfect score.

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T – 1: Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears 1962-1973

Primary Home: 4 stars

Primary Road: 5 stars

Alternate/Throwback: 5 stars

Combos: N/A

Longevity: 5 Stars

Rating: 4.75 stars

The Bears are going to be tough to beat and they might just have the best uniforms in the NFC along with Green Bay. They’re classics, and the only thing stopping them from a perfect 5-star rating is the fact I like the orange alternate better than I do the primary navy due to color contrast.\

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Navy and orange doesn’t work well with a lot of teams, but the Bears made it work and it couldn’t be better.


Your Take

Alright, I know the drill and I love hearing about it. Go ahead, take a look at the rankings, tell me why you disagree and I’ll tell you why the trendy, fad, or soon-to-be-dated look you embrace will be gone in a few seasons.

And I’ve never been wrong on the subject, even if some teams love to upgrade from their past uniforms by botching new looks. Just wait until I judge the NFC South tomorrow.

So, tell me why you think Minnesota should be and Chicago/Green Bay should be last. I’ll tell you that Minnesota will ditch their look long before Green Bay or Chicago do and ditto for Detroit, even if both looks would be rated higher in other divisions.

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  1. Very unique site. I like the uniform ranking. A little totalitarian with you as the only judge but still cool. Maybe you could incorporate a little input from your readers. I think that would make for a very interesting read. I’m not much of a color coordinator myself though so I would have to take your word for it. Great Stuff.

    1. Yeah, I wish I get a larger panel to judge these things in the future. Or at least get a few others on board and we have several opinions tied into one. 

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