NFC South Uniform Rankings

Uniform Rankings in the NFC South

Today, it’s the uniform rankings in NFC South’s, where two of the four teams are boasting new uniforms for 2020 and they have gone in opposite directions, mind you and if you’ve read my latest news regarding such uniforms, you’ll know whose look I loved and whose I loathed.

If you haven’t, don’w worry about it because you’re going to find out below anyway in my unique star-ranking system of each NFL uniform.

Categories ranked are the primary home and primary road uniforms, the alternate/color rush/throwback, uniform combos (like different pants or jersey combos that aren’t primary or alternate), and finally, longevity.

The longevity score is unique as it judges a uniform’s lifespan. Older uniforms get longer longevity scores, as do uniforms that have returned from the past, as is the case with one of ours ranked below.

Alright enough chatter, let’s rank the South.


4 – Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons helmet

Primary Home: 1 star

Primary Road: 1 star

Color Rush/Throwback: 3 stars

Combos: 2 stars

Longevity: 1 star

Rating: 1.6 stars

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I was excited to see the Falcons new uniforms only to be more than disappointed after the unveiling. These look like amateur college uniforms rather than NFL uniforms. They’re also dated, with side panels and pointed pants piping. There’s hardly a thing to get excited about with this uniform and a lot to loathe here.

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Even worse, the Jacksonville Jaguars proved gradient helmets didn’t win anyone over, but it didn’t stop the Falcons from trying a gradient jersey. Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Now we’re stuck looking at these for five seasons.


3 – Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers Helmet

Primary Home: 2 stars

Primary Road: 3 stars

Alternate 1/Alternate 2: 5 stars

Combos: 4 stars

Longevity 4 stars

Rating: 3.6 stars

The Panthers’ primary home and road uniforms are middle of the road and they scream 1990s. Worse yet, their best jersey has been stuck as an alternate for 19 seasons. Why they refuse to promote the Carolina blue to primary status is one of the world’s biggest mysteries as it would easily become one of the most unique in football.

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The team’s combos are surprisingly decent. Even strange ones like the Carolina blue jersey on black pants. But hey, they all work and it’s something only the Panthers can pull off even if other teams have tried. The only thing I ask is to either get rid of or demote the black jersey.


2 – New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints Helmet

Primary Home: 2 stars

Primary Road: 3 stars

Color Rush: 5 stars

Combos: 4 stars

Longevity: 5 stars

Rating: 3.8 stars

The team’s monochrome looks suck and for some strange reason, they go with them often. They busted out white pants last year and often paired them with their white jerseys. These pants matched the black ones in design and weren’t the color rush pants, which blend well with the color rush jersey and should be the team’s primary road look.

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Along with the color rush, the Saints’ black on gold or white on gold look is one of the best around and they SHOULD be the primary. Only the Football Gods know why the Saints are intent on snuffing out the gold pants, which is a costly mistake for the team.


1 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Helmet

Home: 5 stars

Road: 5 stars

Color Rush: 4 Stars

Combos: 4 Stars

Longevity: 4 Stars

Rating: 4.4 stars

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The Bucs would’ve been in the 1-star overall rating last season but now that they’ve changed uniforms for the better, they’ve blown their NFC South rivals out of the water. The Bucs killed it when they unveiled their new uniforms, which is really a rendition of their old 1997 to 2013 uniforms, hence the longevity score, and also unveiled a new, kickass pewter alternate color rush set.

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You can’t go wrong and even the pewter jersey rocked, something I rarely say about alternate looks.


Your Take

Alright, now you make the call and tell me how I did with these rankings. Do you agree that Tampa should be ranked first here? Do you like the Saints’ mono designs more than their color contrasting designs of years’ past? Am I being too harsh on Atlanta?

Let me know and I’ll be more than happy to justify my reasoning.

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  1. I don’t why, but my opinion is totally different than yours, you seem don’t like black color, but I love this color, I think that Atalanta Falcons helmet is the best,Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniform deserves the seciond rank, and the Atlanta Falcons helmet the first.

    Thank you for this interesting post!

    Best Regards,


    1. You’re in the distinct minority. Atlanta’s uniforms were panned by everyone including their own fan base. When a team’s own fan base criticizes the uniform the way Falcons fans did, there’s a massive problem. In all honesty, the Falcons’ classic red helmets and jerseys were unique in the NFC because they were the only combo that contained a red helmet and red jersey. Meanwhile, you already have two teams in the division with a primary black jersey.

      Black is a redundant color that only looks good on a few teams. As such, many teams have ditched either black or darker colors, including the 49ers (black), Rams (navy), Chargers (navy), Lions (black). Sensing a pattern here?

      You should. 

  2. Todd, Thank your for this uniform rankings in the NFC South post. The Falcons changing their uniform is a big mistake. I don’t think they could have been better than before. For the Panthers I could go either way and I feel the same about the Saints. The Buccaneers however, needed a change very badly. Thanks for putting this out there.  

    1. Yeah, dude, the Bucs’ uniform blew from 2014-2019, only a fool would state otherwise. I agree with you when it comes to the Falcons as well. That uniform will be axed following the 2024 season. Mark me. The Panthers and Saints are just a few tweaks away. If the Saints just stuck with gold pants they’d be fine for the most part and the Panthers need those sweet Carolina blues on a perma-basis. 

  3. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniform in my opinion is just horrible, terrible combination of colours. The one I really do like is the Carolina Panthers Primary uniform the alternates is pretty good too. I’m sure many people have their own opinions on this great subject. I can tell from reading this superb article it is something you are very passionate about. 

    1. The Bucs’ uniform was horrible and I’ll confirm it because it only lasted six seasons. But there’s a reason they brought it back. It’s a classic, iconic look that got better. Horrible uniforms don’t make comebacks and they definitely aren’t celebrated by more than just the single fan base. The Bucs’ uniform was celebrated. 

      Carolina’s alternates are severely underrated and they need to become the primaries. Plain and simple. There is no better color in the league than Carolina blue. 

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