Uniform Rankings for the NFC

With the divisional uniform rankings complete for each NFC division, this article gives you the overall rankings for the National Football Conference.

In an earlier article I completed the rankings for the AFC, so go ahead and click the link to view the AFC’s rankings.

16: Los Angeles Rams: 1 Star

The Los Angeles Rams unveiled their new uniforms ahead of the opening of SoFi Stadium, and THEY BLEW IT! These are by far the worst uniforms in football and just when we thought the NFL got rid of designs that made absolutely zero sense, here comes the Rams! I still can’t get over the ‘bone’ colored road uniform set. Just a laughingstock of a uniform all around.

How bad is it? Check out the combinations for yourself.

15 – Arizona Cardinals: 1.4 Stars

The Cardinals have a lot of work to do here. Their current duds, and they’re duds, are stuck in the early-2000s Reebok era. This team has a fantastic traditional look, however, that served as their predominant uniform from 1960 to 2004. While that uniform won’t break the top-10, it’s far better than what they have now.

Click the links below to view each of the team’s uniform combo:

Primary HomePrimary RoadAlternate HomeBlack AlternateColor Rush

14 – Atlanta Falcons: 1.6 Stars

I said for years the Falcons needed a change and I got my wish in 2020. Unfortunately, the new uniforms scream college football and are no better than the old uniforms. Hey, you live and you learn. Be careful what you wish for, because it just might be hideous.

View all of the uniform combinations for yourself.

13 – Philadelphia Eagles: 1.8 Stars

The Eagles’ uniform screams 1990s and as more teams realize their mistake and ax their darker colored uniforms, the Eagles have held pat, despite demand from the fan base to return to the classic kelly green and silver look of years’ past.

Click the links below to view each combination:

Primary HomePrimary RoadColor Rush

12 – Seattle Seahawks: 2 Stars

These are college football uniforms, plain and simple, and they don’t belong anywhere near an NFL field. When your primary color is college navy, it should tell you everything you need to know.

Primary HomePrimary RoadColor RushLime Green AlternateDishwater Alternate 

11 – Minnesota Vikings: 3.2 Stars

A 3.2-star rating should put the Vikings near the middle of the pack rather than where they are in the conference. The Vikings don’t have a bad uniform, but they have some horrendous combinations that they love to wear.

Primary HomePrimary Road – Color Rush

10 – Carolina Panthers: 3.6 Stars

The Oregon Ducks of the NFL actually don’t look half bad in some of their combos. They’d be ranked much higher if they just axed the black jersey or catapulted Carolina blue to primary status. They’d probably have a 4-star rating.

Primary HomePrimary RoadAlternateBlack on BlackWhite on BlackBlue on Black 

9 – New Orleans Saints: 3.8 Stars

The Saints have the same problem as their NFC South rival, the Panthers. Decent uniform, good colors, bad uniform base. For the Saints, I can’t get over their fetish for wearing black pants with their black jersey. Some teams can pull off black on black. The Saints can’t.

Primary HomePrimary RoadColor RushAlternate HomeAlternate RoadAlternate Road II

8 – Detroit Lions: 3.8 Stars

Yet another team with a good uniform and bad combos. The blue pants have to go and they look horrific with both the blue jerseys and white jerseys. Also, their all-silver (gray?) color rush doesn’t do them any favors. They may have the best color scheme in the NFC, but their combos drag them down.

Primary HomePrimary RoadAlternate RoadThrowbackDishwater

7 – New York Giants: 3.8 Stars

The Giants would rank higher if they got rid of the gray pants for good. They look like someone washed their white pants with a load of darks and the gray pants were the endgame product. Get rid of them.

HomeRoadColor Rush

6 – Dallas Cowboys: 4.2 Stars

The Cowboys have the best helmet logo in football but their uniform combos aren’t the greatest, even if they look good on the field. The metallic pants with the white jersey need to go, and the blue jersey needs to sooner or later match the white, something that hasn’t been done since 1994. Not a big deal; they’re just annoying.

PrimaryAlternateColor RushAlternate 2

5 – Washington Redskins: 4.25 Stars

The Redskins would probably rank even higher if they kept their gold pants and striped socks. They’re far better than the burgundy and white pants and add to an already classic look the team is known for.


4 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 4.4 Stars

They would’ve ranked 16th in these rankings last year but given the fact they introduced new uniforms in April 2020, they hit a ringer and catapulted to 4th. The unveiling was so successful, even their all-pewter color rush looks good. For a traditionalist like myself, that says a lot about the Bucs’ new uniforms.

View the Tampa Bay Buccaneers New Uniforms

3 – Green Bay Packers: 4.75 Stars

One of the best looks in the NFL would get a five-star rating if only they wore a better pair of throwbacks. I’d prefer the 1960s Super Bowl-era look.

HomeRoadThrowbackColor Rush

2 – Chicago Bears: 4.75 Stars

My only gripe about the Bears is that they’re wearing the wrong home jersey. Their alternate orange jersey needs to be the primary to evoke more color contrast. Something I crave in a uniform.


1 – San Francisco 49ers: 5 Stars

Three years ago the Niners would’ve probably had something like 3.8 stars. But when they ditched their ugly all-black color rush for a throwback color rush, they catapulted. Not only did the color rush become the best alternate in the NFL, but their uniforms became the best. They’re the only team on either the AFC or NFC list to garner a perfect score. They are the best uniforms in football.

HomeRoadColor Rush

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