Washington Redskins Uniform History

The Washington Redskins uniform history is literally one of the good, the bad, and the ugly. As with some of the NFL’s oldest franchises, we’re going to begin with the team’s uniforms in 1960 and advance all the way through to today. While the team has boasted one of the most iconic for some and most controversial name and logos in sports history, its uniform history has seen dozens of changes. Here’s the modern era.


The Redskins’ burgundy and gold look has remained a staple since the modern era began, boasting burgundy helmets, gray facemasks, and a crown design featuring a Native American feather. The home jersey was burgundy featuring white TV numbers at the sleeves. The pants were gold with zero markings, along with burgundy socks and black shoes.

The road jerseys were white with burgundy numbers and a single burgundy shoulder stripe. The pants were white with no markings.


The gold pants now contained a single burgundy stripe and were featured on both uniforms.


The helmets now contained a gold and white arrowhead logo.


The collar on the white jersey switched from burgundy to white.


The team’s helmet shell darkened.


The shade of burgundy lightened to a dark red color. The gold now switched to something closer to a yellow shade. The red jerseys now contained yellow and white Northwestern striping, identical to the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers. The yellow pants now contained red and white trim. The red socks also included the same Northwestern stripes as seen on the sleeves.

The white jerseys contained red numbering along with a red-yellow-red-yellow-red striping pattern.


The helmets were now light gold (practically yellow) featuring an ‘R’ within a red circle along with two feathers hanging from the rear. A red helmet stripe appeared.

Here’s a look at the white jersey.


The helmet shells were burgundy once more and now contained the familiar Native American logo within a gold circle. The helmet striping changed to white-burgundy-gold-burgundy-white. A look at the helmet with the white jersey.


The team adopted red shoes.


The shoes switched to white.


Uniform redesign. The burgundy jerseys now featured gold outlines outside the white numbers as well as the TV numbers. The sleeve striping now featured one white and one gold stripe. The white pants featured burgundy and gold striping, and the facemasks were now gold.

The whites contained gold outlines outside the burgundy numbers. The sleeve striping consisted of one burgundy stripe and one gold stripe. The pants were burgundy with one white and one burgundy stripe. The white socks also featured burgundy and gold striping.


50th-anniversary chest patch.


Throwbacks worn for select weekends, featuring an all-burgundy shell, gold facemasks, a burgundy jersey, gold numbering with white outlines, a classic team logo at the sleeves, gold pants, no markings, burgundy socks, and white shoes. The light uniform consisted of burgundy numbering and gold outlines.


Jack Kent Cooke Memorial Chest Patch.


Sleeves migrate to the bottom of the sleeves. A look at the burgundy.


70th-anniversary chest patches.

Modified throwback uniforms worn for most home games and all preseason, featuring helmets with the arrowhead logo and gray facemasks. The burgundy jerseys contained shoulder numbers, a gold-red-white-red-gold sleeve pattern, gold pants with burgundy-white-burgundy trim, and the arrowhead logo appeared both within the sleeve stripes and pants stripes. The burgundy socks contained gold and white Northwestern stripes.

The Redskins did not wear their primary home uniform in 2002.


Gerald S. Snyder memorial chest patch.

The team paired white pants on the white jersey for the first time.


The Redskins paired burgundy socks with burgundy pants for the first time.


75th-anniversary chest patch, burgundy for the road jersey and red for the home jersey. Sean Taylor Memorial chest patch. Black shoes return. 1970-71 road throwback worn.


Another version of the Sean Taylor chest patch worn during Taylor’s induction into the Redskins’ Ring of Honor. Burgundy pants on burgundy jerseys worn for the first time.


The Redskins paired white jerseys with white pants and white socks for the first time.


Gold pants return as a uniform option featuring red and white trim. Also, burgundy socks with Northwestern striping returned with this combination. A look at the white uniform.


White pants worn with the red uniform just once while the team refrained from wearing the burgundy pants for the season. Throwbacks featuring a unique helmet resembling leatherheads was worn, along with a uniform combination reminiscent of the 1994 throwbacks.


Due to the NFL’s one-helmet rule, the Redskins wore their regular helmets with their throwback uniform. Gold pants worn for all sixteen regular season games.


Burgundy pants appear after a five-season layoff with the road uniform.


Redskins’ Color Rush unveiled. The team was initially to wear gold jerseys and pants but declined to wear them, instead opting for burgundy on burgundy.


White shoes return, as did the white pants. The gold pants and Northwestern socks only appeared in Week Seventeen.


Gold pants discontinued.

My Take

Bring back the gold pants for 2020 and beyond – I love the look. Wearing predominantly burgundy at home has been something that’s grown on me over the years as well, except when they play Dallas. There’s just something unique about the Redskins wearing white when they play the Cowboys and it’s always been aesthetically-pleasing. At the same time, I’d love to see the gold pants and striped socks on the look full-time while discarding the white and burgundy pants.

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