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This article will be updated on an as-needed basis starting this month in April and lasting throughout the 2020 NFL Season. This is The Helmet and Jersey Stop’s official 2020 NFL Uniform Database and here, you’ll find updates to your favorite team’s uniforms and any uniform update will be posted here in the section below.


Logo and Uniform News

May 13th, 2020: Los Angeles Rams New Uniforms “Top” New England’sBrace yourself, these are pretty damn bad.

April 21st, 2020: Los Angeles Chargers New Uniforms are Here!And the best just got better. Easily the best uniform unveiling of the 2020 offseason.

April 20th, 2020: Patriots New Uniforms are Absolute Trash…: When the XFL went bankrupt, at least we know who bought the uniforms during the fire sale. Wait until you see the Pats’ XFL-inspired new uniforms that are reminiscent of the New York Guardians and Houston Roughnecks.

April 15th, 2020: They’re Here! Cleveland Browns New Uniforms Unveiled!The Cleveland Browns nailed this one five seasons after the team unveiled arguably the worst uniforms in team history. Returning is a complete classic look that the Haslams and everyone involved got right. They’re beautiful.

April 13th, 2020: BREAKING! New Uniforms and Logos for the Indianapolis Colts!The Indianapolis Colts unveiled new uniforms and a new logo. While the uniform changes are subtle at best (which is a good thing), a new alternate logo and wordmark are sparking buzz all over the sports world.

April 11th, 2020: 2020 NFL Uniform Rankings Preview: How I Rank the UniformsA sneak preview of my annual uniform rankings. Here, you’ll discover the rankings criteria and what I’m looking for when I rank each uniform from worst to first.

April 8th, 2020: New Falcons Uniforms are a Complete LaughingstockTwenty-four hours after their division rival, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, unleased a thing of beauty, the Falcons responded with something that should’ve remained a concept. Wait until you witness this trainwreck.

April 7th, 2020: Buccaneers New Uniforms Revealed! The Buccaneers have returned to a much-needed state of normalcy, drastically changing their uniform to resemble the team’s Super Bowl era look that debuted in 1997.

March 26th, 2020: Los Angeles Chargers New Logo Unveiled! The Los Angeles Chargers have ditched navy blue and have updated their colors to a modernized powder blue and gold look. Click the above link for a brief description on the new logo and wordmark.

March 24th, 2020: New Los Angeles Rams’ Logo Isn’t Half-Bad. The new logo has been met with criticism and wouldn’t be pretty if not for the return to a modernized version of the original ram colors. Bye-bye navy and millennial gold, and hello royal blue and sol!


What this Page IS

Any time an NFL team unveils a new uniform or a significantly tweaked uniform, this article will be updated accordingly. With the Tampa Bay Buccaneers set to release their new uniforms on April 7th, they will be the first in the uniform timeline. I’ll place a heading, which for the Bucs will be, “Tampa Bay Buccaneers Uniform Unveiling,” provide a brief description and I’ll post a link to both my article and my article’s primary source where you can view the unveiling.

Due to copyright concerns, any photo that I can’t find on places like Wikipedia Commons or licensed for Reuse will ALWAYS be provided with links to the source. That protects me. However, helmets, jerseys, and logos will always be pictured on the site, along with a link to my original source.


What this Page ISN’T

This page is NOT a database depicting what each team wore for any given week of the season. With three other blogs, an urban fantasy series with another one on the way plus business obligations toward my author career with freelance gigs on top of it, I have neither the time nor energy to do this. However, you can always visit the Gridiron Uniform Database – where I confirm much of my own research on uniform histories – if you do want a visual of uniforms your favorite team wore on any given week.

And for the latest and most up-to-date news regarding NFL uniforms (my site is more dedicated toward historical matters), you can visit or, two blogs that bring you the most up-to-date information regarding the NFL and sports uniforms has a whole.


Starting with the Most Recent

Okay, so the most recent news will ALWAYS be posted first – it’ll be the first thing you see on this page after the brief, introductory paragraph. For example, you see the Rams’ new logo plus the Chargers’ new logo, but starting April 7th you’ll find the first link will be to the Buccaneers’ uniform unveiling.

The most recent news will always come first – so when the Browns unveil their uniforms in April, they’ll be ahead of the Bucs. When the Rams unveil theirs to coincide with the opening of SoFi Stadium (probably when COVID-19 lets up), they’ll move ahead of the Browns, and so forth.

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